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Re-Growing celery all winter from a stalk you purchased from the store?

Yes, you can grow celery indoors. I do it. It’s easy and will save you money.

All you need is a sunny window and a small pot of garden quality soil. Do you grow celery outdoors? If you have the room, wonderful. But remember, having fresh celery year round that is home grown is a very hard endeavor unless you have a warm house or a greenhouse that can survive harsh winters. Most of us don’t.

There are several reasons why I like to re-grow my celery.

I enjoy the act of growing, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with doing something from beginning to end. Watching it grow from seed and becoming a flower or a fully mature vegetable is a feeling of pride in yourself that you did this with your own hands.

My feelings about re-growing that stalk of celery is this, I saved it from impending rot and inevitable death. This plant had more to give. I also consider the fact that if I had a large family, how much money I would save on having to buy bunches of celery on a weekly basis. It could save minimal, but were on baby steps here. We are building a foundation on saving money and feeding our family good sustainable, healthy food.

This is only one step in saving money and like I said in the beginning, you will evolve by doing the steps you enjoy. I am sure you will come back and try more projects, once you are comfortable in the ones you started. Pretty soon, these techniques and tricks will come naturally and you will enjoy them. eventually, when the plant stops producing as much celery, then you can discard or put in your compost pile and start another one.

Buying just a few bunches a year, as opposed to many is always a plus.

Ready? Let’s get Started on This One: Your Growing Celery Garden

  • Buy a bunch of celery from your grocer or local farmer. Cut the end off. What you have left is the bottom with the old root. It looks brown now, but it will regrow. This is the most important step in learning how to grow celery


  • Stick the bottom in a glass or jar for a week.
  • Plant in a pot or an old can, (that”s what I use.) I always use my red tomato cans, they match my kitchen lol. and it is a conversational piece. Leave most of the top with the sections showing as that is where the celery will start growing from.
  • The leaves will be yellow when they start coming up but will turn green when they get bigger.
  • If you use a lot of celery, you can plant several cans or



  • When the celery is tall enough to pick, carefully cut or tear it off and store in an airtight bag in the fridge until you need it. Don’t worry, more is growing.
  • What I like most about this endeavor is when I buy celery, I can’t use the whole bunch before it gets soft. Using this method, there is no waste at all, you only pick what you need. Congratulations, you now have a growing celery garden.

I know you will enjoy this project as much as I do. I only buy one stalk of celery a year, and I eat it all winter.

If you want to teach small children how to grow their own food, this would be an excellent project. It’s fairly quick and you will see results very soon, This kind of knowledge will last a lifetime. The only thing you must do is cut the bottom off for them and let them do the rest!

This is an easy project. If you decide, and I hope you do, that this would be interesting to try, please do, I know you will get excited as I did when I saw that first stalk pop through and up toward the sun.

Please enjoy the many fun projects I have on here geared to get you to eat healthy food that you grew yourself. Heck, who knows? It might inspire you to try more projects, and I have a whole lot. Look around this site on the starter project tab. They are here for you.

You can also check out the other tabs when you’re done. There is a lot of good information all free, all basic step by step ways to get healthy and have fun doing it. Just keep reading, education is the key to awareness. These are articles for your health and longevity.

This site was born in Sept 2013 and went online in Jan 2014. it is full of free information.

Reading is Education.

Please leave me a comment or question. I am always here to help you by providing you with information that you can use to sustain your health.

Thank You and have a bountiful day


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