Waking times posted 52 wild plants you can eat

I recently, while researching came across a site that had a post called 52 wild plants you can eat. While I was scrolling through the list, I found many, many errors in the post. Many of the pictures that are posted  are actually not the plant discussed. I found that the information on this site can be dangerous and possibly deadly.

Please do not believe everything you read on the internet. I found this post to be very insulting to those of us who take the time to research and bring our visitors good quality and true advice. I scrolled to the bottom and looked at some of the comments and they are not happy ones.

Please be advised, there are many many wild and free edible plants. I will only discuss on my site plants that I have tried and researched myself, and I know they are good and hold nutritional value. I am sure for survival purposes, some of these can be eaten, though without nutritional value, what is the point?

The only plants that I personally hold an interest for are plants that are nutritious and the vast majority of them also have healing power. Those are the only ones I will discuss here on my site.

So, please only eat plants that you have researched. I will show you how and tell you which ones I favor. Don’t take anything for granted that you read on the internet. It’s full of un-informed people who are looking to put content on their site so that it will rank. Sadly, it could be at the expense of the people who read it.

Because I care about each and every one of you, I will be working on an e-book of edible plants. I will let all of you know when I have it done. It will be jam packed with pictures  so you can identify the plants that I am talking about all in one simple book. So sign up for my email and I will make sure you get it. Oh, and it will be free.

     Have a Bountiful Day

Kitty Clark

Founder of Bountiful Harvesting

2 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. This information that you posted on all types of dry beans usage has really sold me ,because the sodium intake in can beans or can vegetables period is a killer for me so I guess no I know fresh is much much better to consume into my body . He information that u always post on your web site is always on point , keep up the good work sharing healthy advice.

    1. Hey Jeanetta Sue. Thanks so Much for stopping by. I am so glad you enjoyed my post. Did you see my most recent one? About a half hour ago I posted about freezing fresh fruit. Check that out when you have time. I believe we can take a lot of the sodium out of our food by preserving it ourselves. Not to mention the savings of freezing fruits and veggies in season. So much healthier for you. Especially for people who have problems with blood pressure, home frozen foods take about 90% of that sodium out of the foods. Factory packed foods are full of sodium because it is a preservative. We don’t need that in our diets. We can omit salt from our frozen food and it still tastes heavenly. Or we can add a little it’s totally your call when you freeze your own. I hope I inspired you to start freezing your own. Hope to see you again. Thanks again for stopping by

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