Make Ahead Freezer Smoothies and Blender Mixes

Make Your Smoothies And Blender Drinks Ahead For Winter

Making your smoothie freezer packs saves Money and Time.
Buy In Bulk

When fresh fruit and veggies are plentiful in the summer months, it’s so easy to just pull them out of the fridge and pop them in your blender. Not so true in the winter time. So, Let’s freeze them in serving size bags to have fresh Smoothies and Blender drinks through the winter.

There are easier ways to have your nutritious smoothies and blender drinks by freezing them in serving size, to just pull them out of the freezer and pop them in the blender. Very little ice needed when they are

Fruits and veggies are plentiful and cheaper in the summer months. So making them and freezing them ahead of time makes sense, doesn’t it?

It’s really so much simpler and makes so much sense, Plus it is very cost effective because you buy in bulk in the summer and freeze ahead for winter. Besides what you freeze for meals, you can also have fresh frozen Smoothies and Blender drinks all winter.

Let me suggest a great machine for Smoothies and Blender Drinks. Magic Bullet Pro 900 Blender

If you are on a budget, and want a good machine to start with, or are new to making Smoothies and Blender Drinks, Try a smaller, less expensive machine like Magic Bullet Refurbished.  I am sure you will absolutely love juicing the delicious drinks made from fruits and veggies so much, you will continue to make them everyday.

Not to mention the nutrition value of blending these drinks and the taste is simply refreshing. May be the only way to get veggies like Kale and Spinach in the little one’s

I am very fortunate where my Grandson Kenny is concerned. He loves most all vegetables. He eats my Kale and Tomatoes right off the vine. We munch on Kale, Purslane, Clover, Lambs Quarters, Dandelions, and Plantain. I know right?

Just outside while Sadie is Romping in the backyard, we walk around and  look for them and wrap them in Kale and munch on them. I am so Lucky.  I love how he knows so much about Edible Weeds, and he also knows how good they are for him. When he is visiting me for the weekends, he carries a pocket full of Kale to munch on at all times. He can’t get enough of it and I am so pleased with that.

I wrote a Post about Edible Weeds. Please check it out. You may want to add some to your Make-Ahead Freezer Drinks. 

Don’t eat anything that has been sprayed, like weed killer or lawn maintenance chemicals. Or, if you have a dog. Look for plants that are away from animals areas.

Immediate Results

Blender Drinks will add energy, vitality, health, and longevity. Every time you drink a health packed blended drink filled with all the goodness that goes with it, you will immediately notice the difference. You can almost hear every tissue in body sighing with relief and rejuvenation. Side effects are increased energy, alertness and a general feeling of well-being.

Drinking a blender drink often, at least 3-4 times a week is a guarantee that you will be reaping the benefits of drinking your fruit and veggies this way.


What You Will Need

Quart Freezer Bags


Permanent Marker

Ice Cube Trays

Your Favorite Fruit and Veggies

Fruit Or Veggie juice (Frozen In Ice Cube Trays) You can freeze these ahead of time a few days early so they are ready to pack in freezer bags. You can also freeze these separate in the quart bags by placing them in baggies inside the quart bags. Or you can put them right in with the mixes you make. It may be harder to get all the air out with the bulky cubes. I found it easier to add a baggie of juice into the bag after I fill it.
Can be chopped and add water to fill, or puree and poured into trays

Chopping Kale and Spinach and freezing it in Ice Cube Trays works real good also. Just chop your veggie up and place in ice cube trays, pour in water or juice and freeze that way.

Many ways to make it easier to have fresh blender drinks all winter long.

Please buy if possible, from your local farmer. Many fruits and veggies are from other states and countries that use GMO seeds to farm their land, so pay attention to what you buy. Of course, exotic fruits that can’t be bought fresh in the Eastern areas, or fruits that are grown in different countries can’t be avoided. For Example, Mangos, Pineapples, Pomegranates, and other exotic fruits. If you live in the Western States of U.S. you can get fresh Pomegranates all year long. Different Countries have different fruits that are exotic to them, so each area is different.

Preparing Your Freezing Project

Decide how you want to do this. If you are freezing ice cube trays of juice or veggies mixed with juice or water, you will need to do this in two parts. First, freeze all your ice cube trays. This could take a couple days to a

Be sure to label your bags of frozen ice cubes so you know what bags have what in them.

Now that you have all your cubes in order and are ready to start the freezing process, decide how much you will stuff in your bags. For single-serve, it will be less. If you plan on making multiple drinks at once, it will be considerably more.

I try to put at least 5-6 different combos of fruit and veggies in one drink. My measurement is handfuls. One handful of each will make one drink and so on. If you are making more than one drink, add another handful of each to the bag.

Put Kale, Spinach, Banana, blueberries, and Carrot Juice in every drink for maximum nutrition. Add your favorite fruit or veggie to that.

Blender Drinks Choices

Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Carrots, Snow Peas, Garbanzo, Wheatgrass.

Oranges, Lemons, Limes,Peeled and De-Seeded. Bananas (can be bought fresh and added to frozen drinks, Bananas rarely fluctuate in price so you can use fresh Bananas, or frozen.

Melons, Honeydew, Muskmelon(Cantaloupe), Watermelon(Watermelon is 99% water, so use less water.) Basically all Melons.

Blueberries, Apples, Peaches, Nectarines,Pears, Plums, Seedless Grapes (Leave skins on all, except Fuzzy Peaches.)

Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Elderberries

Pomegranates, Mangos, Kiwi, other Exotic Fruits

There are lots more, these are just the most used Fruits and Veggies.

Nuts and Seeds (Only when using an Extractor Blender)

There is an endless list of combos and many are specifically made for different reasons. Lower Cholesterol, Improving Skin, Energy, and Vitality. Refer to your favorite online Recipe Source for ideas to make special blends for your particular needs.

For Beginners, start out small to get the feel. When you discover all the benefits of juicing, you will be a lifelong juicer. Blending these foods together where otherwise you wouldn’t eat them is necessary to obtain optimum health benefits of these wonderful fruits and veggies.
Starting kids very young gives them the goodness that they will grow up to love. Kids love Blended Drinks

Besides getting your small children to chew on a piece of Kale is next to impossible. If you put this in a blender drink and the taste is so delicious, they won’t even know they are eating it.
Great Grandma, You are Sooo Sneaky

I learned my sneakiness from my Mother. She put everything I would not eat in sauces and stews. I hated veggies and would sit at the table for hours and push that crap around my plate, even though she said I would sit there till I ate it, I still didn’t. She finally gave up, just as most mothers do. I never did wonder why she never forced me to eat that past age 5, I just figured I won the battle. Little did I know, I was eating it in everything I ate. It was in the stew, the spaghetti, the scrambled eggs, literally everything

So, I did it to my kids, they never knew. Surprisingly, when they were at the age of eating fresh fruits and veggies, they liked it, probably because it was in their food. I made a lot of their baby food in my blender to save money.
Save Money. Make Your Own Baby Food

I had twins and the cost of baby food was crazy, so my friends and I would make a lot of it ourselves, and shared many recipes of deceit . I wonder if my mom smiled while I devoured my dinner like I smiled when my kids were eating spinach mashed with bananas and blueberries.

The only thing I didn’t do that my Mom did was march my children to the food cupboard for that horrible dose of Cod Liver Oil. YUUCCKK. That is one memory I can live without. Why Mom, Why?

Day Of Freezing Ahead

Get your choices of fruits and veggies, along with your frozen ice cubes and drop by handfuls the choices you made into your quart bags. Remember to freeze your ice cubes in a separate baggie mixed in with the quart bag to necessitate the ease of getting all the air out.
Roll tight to get all the air out.

Squeeze as much air out of your bag by  rolling the bag. Spinach and Kale and other leafy veggies can be literally squashed while doing this because there is a lot of air between the leaves that need to squeezed out. You can also squash most of what you put in the bag. Make sure the air is out. Rolling it while you seal it helps alot.

Adding Yogurt to drinks adds more nutrition if you like the taste of Smoothies. Personally, I do not like Yogurt with my drinks, but you may and yogurt Smoothies are popular drinks, so try it once to see if you like it. I would only add yogurt to fruit only, so trial and error till your reach your perfect blend. DON’T FREEZE YOGURT. Buy fresh for the day you use it.

Making Your Blender Drinks

Simply pull a bag out of your freezer, pop it in the blender, add ice and juice, or frozen juice and blend. Add Bananas if you didn’t freeze them. I use 1/2 banana per serving. If you have a Bullet Blender, make one serving at a time. For the bigger blenders you can add all your servings at once. I like my bullet because it is fast, and you can drink from the blended cup. Usually you get 4-6 single serving cups per machine and the option to buy more.

Extra Tips

Buy on sale, and in season. Try to buy Organic. If you can’t, then make sure you wash your fruit and veggies well. I can’t say enough about this. Prices are so much better when fruit is purchased in season. If you get really good at this and decide you absolutely love the way you can get this nutrition in one delicious drink, plus get your kids to drink it, you will be planning to make more very soon.

Wash for Fruit and Veggies

Rinse well in strainer, soak for a few minutes in Apple Cider Vinegar to remove all of Chemicals that may be left on skins. You can also soak in water with Bleach Solution. One tsp to one Gallon water. Rinse well after soaking. This will remove all the chemicals on the skin.

Buy Peaches and Melons by the peck or bushel. Apples come in season in Sept, Oct each year. So timing is important. Buy bulk and freeze in serving size baggies until the other fruits and veggies come in season and add to the bag as you get them.

What you have left- over, you can freeze bags of mixed fruits or single fruits for desserts or just snacks for lunch. Great way to pack lunches with fresh frozen fruit. Also helps keep everything in lunch bag cold.

Don’t go all out until you decide that this is something you like. Blender drinks are so awesome for your body and full of nutrient rich goodness. But, it is not for everybody. I’m pretty much sure that you will, but no sense doing all this work if the nutrient rich food is just going to sit in the freezer. Getting Healthy and Staying Healthy is a commitment.
You can find these awesome storage bins at the Dollar Store

Buy a basket to keep your mixes together so they don’t get lost in the freezer. I found some great ones at the Dollar Store. Just measure the width of a quart freezer bag and find a perfect basket. You can also get more baskets for different ones or different serving sizes and stack them in the freezer. Easy Peasy, Right? Make sure the width of the basket is smaller at the base so they can nest when they start to get empty. Saves room in the freezer for more make ahead goodies.

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