Organic Gardening Tips For Beginners-Onions-Companion Gardening
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Onions And Companion Gardening
Plant the Onions Just like this

As I explained in the previous series of Organic Gardening Tips For Beginners, you must plant certain plants together to have a successful Organic Garden. These plants are chosen by their ability to attract or repel certain insects and pests particular to chosen plants.

As for Onions, they attract a variety of unwanted pests. What you plant with them will determine your success.

The following plants have been chosen for their benefit to the Onion plant.

Plant Onions With,

  • Chamomile-Herb-German Variety- Besides being a very useful Herb for many reasons, and a beautiful flower. This Herb will improve the flavor of the Onion.
  • Summer Savory-Herb-Used the same way as Sage. This herb also improves the flavor of the Onion.
  • Dill-Same insects attracted to Onions.
  • Lettuce-Same insects attracted to Onions. Also, Lettuce won’t compete for
    Lettuce and Onions

    underground soil space.

  • Leeks-Same insects attracted to Onions. Leeks can confuse Onion Flies, therefore, deter them.
  • Strawberries-Onions help fight off diseases that can hurt the Strawberry plant. Excellent Companions.
  • Carrot-Carrots do well in tight quarters as they have a different depth
    Onions and Carrots

    than Onions. Onions repel the Carrot Rust Fly, so a Carrot Plant will benefit by being planted with Onion.

Now for the Ammo

    • Onions repel the Carrot Rust Fly
    • Yarrow-Herb-Scent repels Aphids. Attracts Hoverflies, Lady Beetles, wasps.
    • Alyssum-Flower-Attracts Pollinators. Useful as a mulch to keep weeds down. Provides shelter to Garden Critters, Ground Beetles, and Spiders.
    • Thyme-Repels Cabbage Moths

Prodriver – Contest your Violation


Never plant Onions with Beans or Peas. Onions will stunt the growth of any kind of Bean or Pea variety. Who Knew?

Choose Your Picks

Then Happy Planting. Please refer to other articles on this site to complete your Spring Gardening Experience. Getting Ready For Spring, also Planting Your Seeds. Then in the late summer, make Seed Saving a worthwhile project.

Easy Pest Control For Your Garden in case you need more Ammo.


Pay Your new knowledge forward, as I am doing for you. If you attempt to have an Organic Garden this spring, I know it will be an enjoyable experience. Help the next person trying to grow healthier food for their family
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