Organic Gardening Tips For Beginners-Tomatoes-Companion Gardening
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Organic Guide For Tomatoes

Companion Gardening
Tomato and Basil

We plant specific plants together depending on what critters they attract or repel. Getting more of your harvest depends on using a guide to ensure a successful, mostly pest free Organic Garden.

My preference in Tomatoes is Indeterminate. This kind of Tomatoes fruit at different times and for longer periods. Heck, if you dug up your Tomato plant in the fall and brought it into the house, you would also have Tomatoes all winter.

Determinate Tomatoes will fruit all at once then die. That’s great if you plant enough to preserve some, but most beginner gardens have two types of Tomatoes. Cherry, and some other larger Tomato.

Read my article on Growing Tomatoes Indoors, and you will be able to choose which ones you want to start with. Also, How Many Calories In A Tomato has a lot of information about Tomatoes.

Plant Tomatoes With
This one has Tomatoes besides Beets, besides lettuce with Parsley and Chamomile.
    • Parsley-Attracts Swallowtail Butterfly. Allowing the Parsley to go to seed will attract Hoverflies which lay their eggs on the leaves. the larvae are known to eat Aphids, Thrips, and other pests.  Repels harmful Beetles.
    • Nasturtium-Flower-Provides Low Growing protection for Ground Beetles, Spiders. Also, traps Aphids by providing shelter to predatory insects. Repels Whitefly, Cucumber Beetles, Squash Beetles, Colorado Potato Beetles, Mexican Bean Beetle. Plant between rows of Tomatoes. For Beginner Garden with only two Tomato Plants, plant in between both Tomato Plants. Doesn’t compete with Nutrients. Makes an excellent Garden Edging. May self-seed.
    • Borage-Flower-Great Deterrence of Tomato Hornworm and Caterpillars. Improves Pollination. Improves Tomato Health and Flavor. May self-seed. Use leaves in salads.
    • Garlic-Natural Insecticide. Bury cloves 1 in underground around Tomato Plant to deter Spider Mites. Far enough away from the spread of the Tomato Plant so it won’t cover them when they start to grow.
    • Basil-Improves Vigor and Flavor of Tomatoes if planted side by side. Repels Aphids, Mites, Flies, Mosquitos, Tomato Hornworm.
    • Chives-Plant a few near the Tomato Plant to repel Aphids.
    • Marigolds-French-Repels Nematodes, Tomato Worms, Slugs and other garden pests. Bees love Marigolds.
    • Lettuce-This vegetable gets the benefits of the plants that attract predatory insects that are beneficial in fighting insect infestation on this veggie.
    • Peppers-This vegetable gets the benefits of the plants that attract predatory insects that are beneficial in fighting insect infestation on this veggie.

Prodriver – Contest your Violation

Let’s Break It Down A Bit
Tomato Worm….Oh Yuck

You need to keep in mind that you have to plant some necessary plants that attract predatory insects to kill off the ones we don’t want in particular to the Tomato Plant.

Lettuce and Peppers will thrive simply because the predatory insect attracting plants are beneficial to these veggies too. So you can grow them in your same area as your Tomatoes and have decent pest control. A must for Organic Gardeners. You want to have all your ammo ready.

Predatory Insect attracting plants will keep your veggies safe from insect infestation to a point. As with all Organic Gardeners, there is a little more work to it, but so worth it.

Planting with Companion Plants that attract and deter unwanted pests will make your garden successful. Also, many plants complement the flavor and health of some other plants, so good to know which ones, Right? I thought so…..

Don’t plant all the plants on this list together. Pick a few good ones. Here’s my choice, and you will be able to pick yours next.

Tomatoes-Two Types, both Indeterminate

Basil-Planted on both sides of Tomato Plants

Nasturtium-As edging around my Garden area.

Chives-few clumps around the Tomatoes.

Parsley-Near my Tomatoes

Peppers-Because I like them. They will be protected by my predatory insect attraction  and repelling plants

I choose this group because of the attraction and deterrence values. Grouping this list of plants should be a winner. Now pick yours, but be sure to pick a couple that attracts and deters the pests you don’t want on your Tomatoes.


Never plant your Tomato Plant near a Walnut Tree. They produce a toxin that will kill the Tomato Plant. Juglone is produced through the leaves, roots, and Nuts. It is used to kill other plants that compete for its nutrients. Walnut Trees are pretty smart.

For more information about soil and how to prepare your planting beds, refer to the articles I posted above about Tomatoes. You Can Also Read Getting Ready For Spring

Old, Old Tips and Tricks From the Elders
Give it a try, It’s worth the extra effort

When Planting Tomatoes, due to their acidic needs, there are few things you can throw into the hole before you put the Tomato Plant in the ground.

  1. Sprinkle Baking Soda around the base of the plant. This will lower acidic level and make Tomatoes taste sweeter.
  2. Aspirin-2-3 down the hole will ward off diseases and boost plants immunity.
  3. Egg Shells- 1/4 cup down the hole will boost plants Calcium.
  4. Bone Meal-Handful down the hole will provide much-needed Phosphorus, an excellent component for healthy Tomatoes.


Pass this information on to anyone who can benefit. Pay your new knowledge forward. Teach the next person what you learned and what worked for you.  Thank You..
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Any Questions? Please leave a Comment, I would love to hear from you. I will get right back to you for any questions you have. Go ahead give it a try. You might get a little healthier and like it.

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