Winter Squash-Healthy Food For Cold Winters-Hobo Soups And Stews
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Warm And Toasty Food For Winter

If you live in North Eastern areas where snowfall is imminent in winter, you need to eat healthy hearty food, like savory soups and good winter squash. There is nothing more satisfying to a sore throat or a headache from colds and flu than soothing food.

You can still buy squash at the market. Or if you grew squash this past bountifulharvesting.comsummer, you have it wrapped in newspaper in your cold storage. Yummy. I just finished up my squash supply. I only had 6-quart bags stored. Made me sad when I pulled the last bag out the other day. But the goodness those 6 bags gave me was priceless. Now I have to get the remainder of my Squash from the market myself. I eat a lot of Squash in the winter, along with the many kinds of soup that I make. Nothing says warm to the tummy than a big bowl of soup. Try it sometime. You will stay warmer longer just by eating hot soup.

What Ingredients You Put In That Soup

Here’s a list of Hearty Soup Ingredients

Squash, Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Celery, Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, Beans, cooked or raw.      Leftover Anything.

The other day I was dog tired from cleaning my carpets. I didn’t feel like cooking. I grabbed some potatoes, an onion, some garlic, and a half bag of carrots. I cut them up and piled them in my slow cooker. I had some leftover chicken broth, about a cup and a half and threw that in too and filled the rest up with water, salt and pepper and set it on low.  meanwhile, I grabbed two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to hold me over.

I woke up at 4 am to the most delightful smell. It tasted so yummy and I felt warm down to my toes.

You can make soup out of anything.

Simple Additives. Frozen Corn, Green Beans, or Canned. Spinach, the rest of that Kale, Carrots, Celery

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Squash In You

You can do this many ways. There are several types of Squash For Specific Soup.

For Example,

Spaghetti Squash can be eaten with butter and parmesan cheese, or cooked and stored in zip-lock quart bags to add to soups.

Butternut, Pumpkin, Acorn, Kabocha, Hubbard, and Delica can be boiled, bountifulharvesting.combaked, cubed or mashed and frozen. Add cubes to soups and stews. Puree after cooking for smooth soups.

Sweet Squash includes the Pumpkin, Hubbard and Delica. Add these to soups and stews for a savory sweetness. Or you can make a pie.

There Is No Rocket Science To Making

If you’re just throwing together a soup for a meal. It’s just too darn easy.

Easy tips to remember. If it’s hard, throw it in now. If it’s soft, throw it in later.

When I make soups and stews, I do not measure anything. I put in my pot what I have.

Throw handfuls of your Herbs in the pot. If you’re not growing your own Herbs, Go Here to learn how

If you need meat in your stew, start saving that leftover roast, or hamburgers, or steak, or whatever meat you have. Soups can be made from any kind of meat. Doing it that way makes meals interesting. Soup on demand. Don’t throw that away, make soup with it.

Always put Squash in your soup for the hearty goodness of it. You can make a creamy soup or chunky soup. Your choice.

Now, Don’t Lie To Me
My fridge, with Minnies Containers.

I know right now you probably have stuff in your fridge that can make a good hearty soup. That leftover celery you have sitting there in your veggie bin, or that leftover roast. How about that bag of carrots that you only used half of. Spaghetti or rice leftovers, main dish leftovers. Pull that out and throw it in a pot.

Add to that some onions, potatoes, Squash, garlic and some seasonings. If you have leftover potatoes, several different kinds, the big ones, the small red ones, a sweet potato, cut it up and throw it all in a pot and make soup.

Serve it as is or puree it in the blender. It’s a good any way you like it.

Cut it, slice it, chop it. You choose

The important thing is, it will help keep you warm this winter. And you can save a ton of money by making a habit of using up all your leftover bits of whatever you made for dinner that week.

Great Savings Having a Crock Pot.
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Always keep cans or containers of any type of broth handy to make the soups or stews even yummier.

Money Saving Idea….
Store Broth in Freezer bags. You can freeze by cubes, or in muffin cups for single servings. Broth itself is very tasty

What I have done many many times. I boiled my leftover turkey, skin, bones and all to get broth. You can do this with chicken too. I just simply pile the bones, bits of food, skin and all, boil for a couple hours and strain into quart bags. Best broth you can get. I get usually 6 quarts for the turkey and 2 quarts for a chicken.  You can feed your animals with the bits of meat that you strained, but never the bones. Dogs love it.

My cat pumpkin, loves turkey and chicken. This is so good for them too. Baby Cat, who is no longer with us, used to slide the turkey off your plate so stealthily every Thanksgiving. It was uncanny how much this cat loved Turkey Day. We always remember him, especially on that day…RIP Baby Cat. Rut Rowl.

bountifulharvesting.comSide Effects Of Making Your Own Bone Broth….Reduced Inflammation and general well feeling

Cutting And Cooking Your Squash
Use a Potato Peeler for the outer skin

I must insist you have a sharp, sharp knife. The skins on Winter Squash are impermeable and I have the scars to prove it. This can be very hard if you don’t have the proper tools.
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I try to do it as easy as I can. For Acorn and other hard Squash, I simply
Bake on cookie sheet, or add raw to soups and stews

cut in half, take out all the seeds. (save seeds if replanting)  place on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees until tender. You can simply eat this half for dinner as a serving with butter and spices, or you can make a couple extra and save for soups and stews.

Saving the Squash for soups. Simply cut off the peeling. It will be real easy once it’s cooked. Mash or cube and put in freezer bags to save for later.

I do this on a larger scale. If you want to save money……Grow yourself, or buy on sale, make a bunch, freeze a bunch. For a family of four, it would be safe to say that 150-quart bags in your freezer would supply your family with good delicious squash for the year. 300 bags if you regularly eat squash. Some prefer mashed Squash to mashed potatoes. It is much healthier and heartier to use Squash in any dish. Not to mention all the different pies you can make.

Why not Shepards Pie with Mashed Squash instead of Mashed Potatoes? That’s only one example. There are hundreds of ways to use Squash.

Bake it, Boil it, Slow Cook it. Any way is good.

I can’t give you recipes for this Hobo Soup. It’s whatever you have left bountifulharvesting.comthat makes a soup. No shopping list, nothing to pick up at the market. You can make soup with Squash out of anything, literally, except your guitar, don’t throw that in, seriously….Don’t.

Never use a recipe when making Hobo Soups or Stews. It’s all about variety. It will be different each time. These soups are made with leftover this and leftover that. I have a bad habit of not using recipes for a lot of things that I make regularly.

There have been times, though not many, LOL where I have made drastic mistakes when going by memory. I was making cupcakes for my twins birthday celebration at their school. Of course, they were in separate classes, so my work was double. 65 cupcakes. Well, I am going to make this story short, like my cupcakes, because I forgot the ingredient that makes them rise. Yes, I forgot to put in the baking powder. Needless to say, they were awful. I had to start over again. What a time consuming and wasteful day that was. All was not lost, though, I remade the cupcakes and gave the other ones to the birds. They were white cupcakes, so it was ok to give to them. The remade ones were a success. So……When stuff has a recipe……..Follow it.

That is not the case with Hobo Soups and Stews. 

That is the total beauty of these. It’s made with leftovers of any kind.

When using Potatoes, Always leave the skin on. Chop, Dice, or slice, but leave the skins on. Nutrition in the skins

Beans, onions, potatoes, carrots, kale, garlic, celery, Squash, all can be made into a delicious savory soup or stew. Don’t let the name Hobo deter you. Some great soups have come and stayed because of this method of making soups.
Whatever you have, throw it in the pot.

Just always make sure to throw in Onions, Potatoes, Squash. That’s your base. Then add whatever you want. cook till tender. Add seasonings, like salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, chives, parsley, anything your family likes.

Try Cumin, Ginger, Turmeric and Garlic to increase the Healthiness of your soups. Please read my other posts on the medical miracles of these spices. It will shock you. The Benefits of Turmeric I bet you will be adding these spices to all your foods when you find out how good it is, and how it can actually increase longevity and even cure some horrid diseases you have lurking in your body. Another eye Opening fact about tea while we are on the subject of Healing food. Read my Tea Article. It will open your eyes.
Super Spices. Use these to Increase Health


Last, but not least

When making your Hobo soups or stews, always fill your pot with whatever you have. Fill with liquid, water, broth, leftover gravy or sauces, tomatoes, or Ketchup. Just slightly cover with liquid, all the goodies you have in that pot. Boil for a few minutes, then simmer for several hours or until everything is tender. If you have a really sharp knife, cut up raw Squash in chunks or cubes and add to that. Otherwise, use the cooked Squash. Spice it up and you have Delicious Soup or stew. If using raw beans, Quick soak them for an hour by boiling them in the pot before you add the rest of the food. Add enough liquid to cover entire contents and you will have a tasty soup.

If you are new to Cumin, Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric, try adding to one bowl and letting it sit for a few minutes. Taste it. If it’s good, add it to rest of soup. If you can incorporate your meals with these spices, You will be serving what I consider a life-saving meal to your family.

Grate your Garlic and fresh Ginger before you add to soups.

I’d like to leave you with a smile.
Really? Couldn’t you resist? Go Away, miserable tree branch


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