Why Yo Yo Dieting Is Detrimental To Your Health

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Hazards Of Yo Yo Dieting

People whose weight fluctuates drastically from year to year. Obese tobountifulharvesting.com underweight, again and again, year after year.

We all know someone who in the blink of an eye, appears way too thin, only to notice in a few months to a year, pack on weight once again. Then with another blink, their body of girth be once again, underweight.

It’s a vicious cycle….And Very Hard On The Body
The Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome: How to Heal and Stabilize Your Appetite and Weight

Here is what Yo-Yo Dieting does to your body.

Health Risks of yo-yo dieting….bountifulharvesting.com

  • Arterial degeneration-Due to increased and decreased weight loss over time. This will usually show up in Post-Menopausal women.
  • Low Metabolism-This is caused by gaining and losing weight over and over again. The problem recurs because most Yo-Yo dieters are not changing their eating habits, but by losing weight from diet pills or fad diets. Then when their desired weight is obtained, they go back to their bad eating habits. The metabolism gets confused and starts storing fat again. The only way to stop this is simple. Develop a good eating habit and stick with it.
  • Heart Disease/Coronary Death- Heart Disease is inevitable, though some researchers disagree, stating that weight loss is better whether it is repeated many times and that obesity has more risks. However, more studies being done recently has determined that Heart Disease is more evident in post-menopausal women who have a history of Yo-Yo dieting. Sudden Coronary Death is also been studied and is linked to women and men who have fluctuated their weight more than 10 pounds year after year.
  • Diabetes-Studies have also shown that women and men who have Yo Yo dieted many times are more susceptible to Diabetes.
  • Yo-Yo dieting affects the whole body, via wrinkles, premature aging inside and out. Skin, hair, and nails.

Ways to Stop The Madnessbountifulharvesting.com

Fad diets don’t work. I am living proof. I tried many. I didn’t start maintaining a healthy weight until I started eating right, everyday not once in a while, every day. I also tried the diet pills. They were great, worked great until I was at the weight I wanted. Immediately after stopping the pills, I went right back to Big Macs, Whoppers, Fries and sweet stuff. Also, immediately gained my weight back and then some.

I Figured It All Outbountifulharvesting.com

I didn’t like the sluggish way I felt. I attributed it to age, but no, It was what I was eating. My son Kenny actually got me thinking about healthy eating. He was vegetarian. He is the one who basically got me thinking about Fast Food.

We started cooking healthy food. I started remembering how good I felt as a kid growing up with healthy food. I was thankful I had a good start. The things I learned when I was young started coming back to me, and my son Kenny, and I started eating good food. I still had my meat once in while, but not every day like I did before.

Then came the processed food. That was also discarded from my life. We started making multiple bags of homemade cookie mixes, cake mixes, pancake mixes. Surprising us at the cost savings of doing this. We completely eliminated all the preservatives that processed and packaged foods contain. We started experimenting, making our own seasoning mixes with noodles, similar to hamburger helpers but so much better and no meat. We would spend entire weekends coming up with great recipes for everyday food that made it so much better, but homemade.

Search the menu bar on this site for great healthy ways to eat, save money, and enjoy life. I dare you to get healthy. Start that journey today, not tomorrow.


I found that eating this way took time. Probably a few years to fully go natural. Once I did, I realized many things. Mom and Grandma were right.

The true way to maintain a healthy weight and feel good is simply by eating right. But people don’t want to hear this. They want to lose weight quick by dieting, only to gain it back because they never learned to eat right.

Mindful Eating: A Healthy, Balanced and Compassionate Way To Stop Overeating, How To Lose Weight and Get a Real Taste of Life by Eating Mindfully

You don’t have to go as drastic as I did. Believe me, it was not overnight. It took several years. It has been almost 5 years since I ate fast food and 3 years since I ditched my beloved mac and cheese. I found that homemade was better.
You: Staying Young: The Owner’s Manual for Looking Good & Feeling Great

The Sad Truthbountifulharvesting.com

Obesity is at an all time high because of fast and processed food. For example, years ago before Micky D’s, french fries were eaten probably once a week in most households. Today, people eat them every day. French Fries and fried foods are fattening, You consume fried foods on a regular basis, you will gain weight.

Getting to a healthy weight and staying there takes determination. Funny bountifulharvesting.comthing is, I didn’t start my journey to lose weight, I did it to get healthy. The weight loss was a bonus. Do yourself a favor and get healthy

I have many posts on this site that can help your transition. But you have to be patient. Healthy eating takes determination. If you want to get healthy, you must eat healthy foods. The weight loss is the big bonus.

I would like to leave you with a smilebountifulharvesting.com

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