Transplanting Maple Trees: How To/When
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Transplanting Maple

Maple Trees are gorgeous fast growing, lovely shading, beautiful Fall Color Trees.

There are many questions on how and when to do this. Depending on your area, you can transplant a maple tree up to November in colder climates.

You need a good shovel and gloves. Here’s a great Ergonomic Shovel that is great on the hands and back.Radius Garden 202 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Shovel
I would not attempt to transplant a Maple larger than the ones you see here without professional help.

You can also transplant Maple Trees from Saplings that you find in the woods. Free, Right? My friend Mike Crawford has a Sapling growing in his landscaping and was ready to dig it up. He already has a beautiful large Maple in his front yard, so he wanted to just dig this little tree up and toss it. I am going to go get it and plant it in my front yard so I can enjoy the beauty of a gorgeous Maple Tree of my own. It’s Mid October and it can still be done.

First off, for Maple Trees, if you find the tree you want in the late summer, you have to wait till the leaves turn and fall. In this case, I will have to wait a few more weeks until this happens. You can root prune now and transplant in spring.

If you find the tree in the spring, you will be much better off, since transplanting in the summer is optimum time. Sometimes we don’t get lucky and find our perfect tree at the perfect time do we?
Acer (Macrophyllum) Maple

There are over 100 varieties of Maple. The one I am Transplanting is called Acer (Macrophyllum) It has the helicopter seeds.

The best time of the tree life to transplant is no more than 3 years old or 8 ft. high.

All Maples are included in my instructions except the exotic Japanese bountifulharvesting.comMaple or any other ornamental Maples. This Transplanting is for basic Maples, also Sugar Maples. Sugar Maples can be identified by

Best way to Transplant a Maple Tree.
Make sure to dig under the tree when root pruning. Then leave the tree for several months to establish the short roots.

Root Prune  the tree several months before you transplant it. I will be taking this route because I am afraid the tree won’t have enough time to establish itself before the freeze here in Michigan

Draw a circle around the tree with a radius of about 24 in. Dig, with a spade, around the circle about 10 inches deep. This process of pruning the long roots to help establish the shorter roots that will be transplanted with the tree.

Make sure to go around the tree a couple times making sure that you are going at least 10 inches deep. You want the shorter roots to start taking hold and growing before you actually dig it up. This will help the tree take root and hold. Doing this will greatly increase the success of your transplantation

Inexpensive Burlap.Dewitt 3-Foot by 24-Foot Burlap NB324

After a couple months, decide where you are going to put the tree and bountifulharvesting.comprepare the area before digging up the tree. Make the hole larger and deeper than the root ball you will be moving.

Dig down a few feet into the hole to loosen the soil. Add good soil, do not add fertilizer as this could burn new young roots. Just make the soil good and loose. Add some sand to make it loose if your soil is compacted or if you have too much clay. Go at least 18 in. below the where the roots will be. You can add some Organic Compost into the soil to enrich the rooting process.

I love this 4 wheel, easy to transport anything large without falling over cart.Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and 10-Inch Pneumatic Tires, 600-Pound Capacity, 36-Inch by 20-Inch Bed, Black Finish

Maples like sunny spots that have good drainage.

Before you remove the tree, Mark on the tree where it faces the North. bountifulharvesting.comWhen you replant the tree, make sure it goes back in the spot in the same direction. Place the tree in the hole facing North.

Pour a few gallons of water into the hole before you place the tree, and let the water seep down into the earth.

Make sure you have cleared the area of all vegetation, including grass.

Make sure the hole is three times as wide as the root ball.
Wrap in burlap if you have to travel with the tree

Transport by wheelbarrow, or tarp, or burlap to the planting hole. Gently lower it into the hole, find the mark and face it North. Refill the hole with the soil you removed and pat down gently, making a basin around the tree. Water the tree thoroughly into the basin slowly waiting until the water disappears  from the basin. Do this twice a week. After that, water when the soil is dry to about 3 or 4 inches deep. Keep in mind if the rainfall is scarce, you will have to regularly water the newly transplanted tree until it takes root and will thrive on its own. Give it one bountifulharvesting.comseason to fully root.

Keep weeds from competing with your Maple. 3 to 4 inches of Mulch can help your new roots retain moisture and resist weeds. Keep Mulch at least 6 in. away from the trunk.

I repeat do not fertilize, it will damage new thriving roots. Do not fertilize for at least 3 years.

This process will pretty much guarantee a successful transplanting.

For Larger trees, really large, I would leave that for professional Tree bountifulharvesting.comMovers. They have the equipment to move with speed that is required for larger trees. Larger trees, taller than 15-20 ft. tall need immediate transplantation and even then, there are no guarantees. So, my best advice is move young trees only, no more than 3 years old.

Planting From Seed

In my opinion, there are so many trees in the woods that are readily available to warrant planting a Maple Tree by seed. It will take years before you even see any results. If you have a Maple tree and you see little Maple trees showing up in your garden, you can replant them in a pot and let them grow until they are big enough to plant in the ground or simply sell them.

If I only knew this when I was landscaping other gardens, I would have bountifulharvesting.complucked those little guys out and brought them home. Maple Trees sell for 30 bucks at the Home Depot. To think I must have thrown out a few thousand dollars away mortifies me. SAVE THE TREES.

Next year I will be selling Baby Maple Trees so keep your eyes on the shopping section of this site. I sell great organic seeds from many of my plants.  Next spring I will have lots of Rose Of Sharon Seeds. They will come in a variety pack with many different colors. Rose Of Sharon can be pruned to a bush or let grow to a tree. Gorgeous Privacy with these beauties so keep that in mind. They are also fast growing. You can buy established Rose Of Sharon also. Get a head start on your Rose Of Sharon and buy an established healthy plant. Or buy the seeds. Whichever you prefer. Everything I sell is organic.

Anything purchased from my store or any Affiliate ads on this site help keep this site online and helps my favorite Charities. I thank you in advance.

Thank You and Have A Bountiful Day

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