Putting Your Garden To Bed: Preparing Your Soil For Winter

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Planning Ahead Can Make A Difference In The bountifulharvesting.comEnd.

There are many low, or no cost ways to prepare your garden in the fall for next spring planting.

Make sure you have proper tools.Here’s a great starter kit for beginners , or if you are ready to replace your old garden tools.GardenHOME 7 Piece All-In-One Garden Tool Set,Heavy Duty Folding Stool, detachable Canvas Tool Bag and Heavy Duty Steel Tools

Mulching with grass. Non-sprayed grass only. Pile your grass on your flower and garden beds and work into soil. It greatly enriches the soil and helps hinder weeds.

Mulching with leaves. Piling leaves on flower or garden beds will also enrich your soil with nutrients and oxygenated properties.

First things first. I suggest you put down some type of manure in the fall, work it into the soil and then pile the leaves or grass clippings. Your soil will be so enriched next spring. Your plants, flowers, and food will thrive and be abundant.

Pull Out Your Vegetation When bountifulharvesting.comHarvesting Is Finished

When your food plants are all finished and the plant is dormant, pull it out immediately. The plant is just taking nutrients out of the soil just sitting there in its non-producing state. There is no need for the soil to keep sustaining a plant that is not useful. Save the nutrients for next year.

There are many advantages of using leaves and grass clippings for mulch in the garden.

Best Reasons Are:

  • It’s good for garden Maintenance and greatly improves the health of your garden plants. Mix the mulch with the soil first, then lay down a thick layer on top for the best results.bountifulharvesting.com
  • Moisture Retention- Keeps the soil in your garden moist longer than dirt that is uncovered. The material in the clippings and leaves absorb water from rainfall and watering which slows the evaporation process. You will water less in the spring when you have this nutrient rich soil.
  • Temperature Control-Mulch creates a layer of insulation which keeps the ground cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It protects plant roots from freezing in cold winters. Great for perennials and bulbous plants. You probably didn’t even realize that your perennial plants would come back in the spring healthier and multiply faster if you laid down some mulch in the fall.
  • Weed Suppression-Mulch helps to keep the weed growth to a minimum by preventing sunlight from reaching germinating weeds. If weed seeds land on top of mulch, they are easier to remove because they aren’t able to root deeply into the soilbountifulharvesting.com
  • Soil Nutrients-Decomposing mulch adds nutrient rich matter to the soil and feeds plants. Also, decomposing mulch can aid in improving hard compacted soil.

Adding Worms To Your Soil

If you don’t notice many worms in your flower or garden bed, that is telling you that they don’t like your soil. Your soil needs to be loose, loamy, and airy. The best way to do that is Mulch. I know I sound like a broken record, but why would you buy bags from the store to put leaves and grass clipping when you have the best remedy at no cost to you. People will spend hundreds of dollars getting this and that for their garden when they throw away the best possible resource for awesome soil. I just don’t get it. Is this like a DUH moment for you? It was for me when I finally figured it out.

If you use this crap, don’t put your grass clippings in the garden.

If you are one of these people. STOP IT. Use your leaves and clippings in the beds around the home. If you spray your lawn with chemicals, continue to bag them up and let the city take care of it. You don’t want that crap in your soil anyway. Problem is, now you are helping destroy the landfill.



You can also purchase Worms from many places to put in your soil. Give bountifulharvesting.comthem time and your soil will be so enriched by them, You will have a different prospective of these little workers. They are a big help. Here’s a link to buying worms. There are many quantities available for the size of your garden. Worm Factory 360 Worm Composting Bin + Bonus “What Can Red Wigglers Eat?” Infographic Refrigerator Magnet (Terracotta) – Vermicomposting Container System – Live Worm Farm Starter Kit for Kids & Adults Just click on the link and you will see many different types of worms and quantities.

You can dig them up yourself and bring them home. Also, the tackle shops sell worms for fishing, but you need quite a few more than that. That would not be cost effective. They multiply pretty quickly so you should think about that before you buy a couple hundred.  I will look for some resources on purchasing worms. There are many people that breed them for their droppings alone.

Buying worm casings (poop) is quicker and easier than waiting around for a whole season for the benefits. You still need worms, so buying worm casings (Worm Poop) you can get a head start this fall. And purchase your worms in the spring to continue the process. You can try these-Earthworm Castings 25 Pounds – 100% Organic – Natures Soil Amendment for Indoors &Outdoors

Preparing in the fall will greatly reduce the headaches in the spring. If your like me, I work a lot, so it’s hard to get this all done. But fall cleanup is a must regardless of how much you work. All you have to do is change your way of thinking. It’s less work to put the stuff in the garden bed than to bag it up and haul it to the curb. That’s what I call soil enriched food for thought.

Rake the garden bed, Say Goodnight, and it will peacefully dream until next spring.

Purchasing any supplies or products that are linked on this site helps support this site and my favorite charities.   I thank you in advance.

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