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Drought Tolerant Plants bountifulharvesting.com

Here in southeastern Michigan, we lost many beloved plants due to the unusual drought. I love my Rhododendrons I have been growing since I moved into this house 3 years ago. This year, due to the drought, I lost it, even though I watered it, I only half bloomed, then died.

This is how beautiful they were last year

I also noticed that a lot of blooms started in March, when we had unusually warm weather, only to be bitten off by the cold snap of April. It didn’t have a chance. I did discover that most of my plants did not like hose water as much as rain water.

My beautiful Rhododendrons summer of 2016.I could just cry.

The nightly news even cautioned us to start watering our large trees. I never watered my by big oak before, but I found myself laying down the hose and watering it for at least 5 minutes a day. It was a bad, bad start to a low productive growing season in my yard.

My roses bloomed beautifully in the spring but slacked off. It is an Everblooming Blaze climber. As I look at it today, it is very sparsely covered with blooms and rather small, although I watered it like my Rhododendron,it just isn’t doing well.

My Strawberries and Tomatoes were a big disappointment. The Strawberries should have yielded at least a bowl a day, I was lucky to get a handful. The Tomatoes did horrible, with exception to my Cherry Tomatoes, They did great.

Rhubarb and Herbs Did great. Also the Kale. What happened?

I tried putting coffee grounds and eggshells in the soil, I watered in the early morning before the sun came up. I surmised that there is something in rain water or pond water that tap water does not have.

With that learning experience,  I am definitely going to invest in a rain barrel this year. I know now that tap water does not replace rain water. It’s good for use with rain, but without rain, plants do poorly.

Sad to say, but a rain barrel will not help when you have a drought like we had this year. I have to say it was probably the worst I have seen in Michigan. 2016

But I will transport water from a pond or the lake next year if I have to. At least for my plants that struggled this year to yield. Too late for my Rhodedendrum. If anyone has one, please send it to me. I love love love my Rhondedendron and I am heartbroken that I lost it…

I want to give you a good list of some plants that are drought resistant and will still grow beautiful flowers all summer and fall, even in the dryest conditions. I plan to plant several next year, so that I can have beautiful color and blooms all year, no matter what the conditions are.

Normaly, Everything I grow, does exceptionally well, This year, 2016, what a wake up learning experience. I am going to develop a Plan B, for whenever this happens again.

Plan B, Number One, is a rain barrel. Now that I know that plants really appreciate rain water, and some will not survive without it. I will use the water in my Rain Barrel                                   .

In the case of drought, go to a pond, or a lake, or even Well Water will do. Collect as much as you can and water your plants with that water, only the ones that will die without rain, or the ones that did poorly this year. I can water my Tomatoes, Strawberries, Rhododendron, (when I get another one), and roses so far.

As I get more plants and do some research, I’ll post on this article the additional information in UPDATES.

Drought Resistant Plants

Black-Eyed Susanbountifulharvesting.com

One of my favorite plants. Will come back stronger and denser each year. Only requires watering once a week, and will accept hose water and be happy and gorgeous in a drought situation.

These gorgeous Daisy like plants also attract Bees and Butterflies.

Also, the amount of money you can make selling healthy organic seeds is a real plus.

If you think a plant that is so abundant in your state is not worth anything, Think again. I just had some emails from Malaysia wanting seeds from my German Chamomile. Ebay is the key. It’s worldwide. Keep that in mind when you’re letting money fall on the ground.


These plants come in many colors. They are also bushes and trees. The Lantana flower plant is dense and blooms all summer. Flowers resemble Nosegays. They are a gorgeous addition to your garden.

Butterflies love this plant more than any other….Attract them with this plant.


There are many varieties of Verbena, and many different color selections.

These delicate flowers are also a favorite of Bees and Butterflies.

These flowers are wonderful for indoor bouquets.


Another plant that comes in many varieties and colors. Will survive a drought. Plant these and you will have flowers all summer, even with intense prolonged heat. They will flourish with  hose water.

Angelonia Augustafoliabountifulharvesting.com

This is a low growing drought tolerant plant. It grows close to the ground and can be a wonderful ground cover over raised beds making the gorgeous fronds fall over the edges. Beautiful addition to any garden. Many colors and varieties available on these.

Just a Sampling

There are many plants that are drought tolerant. I just picked a few. Please try this next year if you live in a high heat southern state. Also for my friends in Michigan, who have lost plants this year due to the bad drought we had. These are guaranteed to keep your garden colorful

Please follow my posts for even more great information.

I’d like to leave you with a smile.boutntifulharvesting.com


Thank You


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