Marijuana Health Benefits/ Review
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This is a reprint from a post from 2015. It did not make the move to the new host. So I am reposting it. I don’t know why it is not formatting properly, so until I fix it, please enjoy the information.

I’ve Compiled a list of Sources to go to for information on Medical Marijuana. It’s all here in this article. After you read the information I found for you, please comment on your opinion on this controversial drug. All Comments Welcome.  I say this because for every con I get in the comment, I have a pro to counter you This is a win win for me. Please continue to read……… There are drugs approved by the FDA  that are unnecessary. The pills you pop for Restless Leg Syndrome, Sleeping, Cholesterol, just to name a few, can be fixed by drinking soothing green or Chamomile tea, eating right, or just a few bananas. If your on these pills, make a commitment to your health and longevity to get yourself off the natural

Dr Lester Grinspoon, Professor Emeritis, at Harvard Medical School, says,

There are no deaths from Cannabis use,. Anywhere. You can’t find one.

well, I’m a believer. Most people can’t understand why something so good for you is Truth is, Politicians fight against the legalization because Big Pharma can’t get a patent on a plant that grows wild in the dirt. Big Pharma is paying big bucks to keep it illegal. Research and much reading on this subject point to the Big Bad Wolf, Big Pharma. It’s pretty much common knowledge if you keep up on this subject. It’s a crime committed by companies we used to trust. Many states have legalized the use of Medical Marijuana to patients who have a legal card to prove they have a medical need for it. Symptoms That You Need To Qualify for a Medical Marijuana


Marijuana has the ability to lessen pain caused by degenerative diseases that affect the back.

A study performed by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University discovered that ingredients found in natural marijuana “play a critical role in controlling spontaneous seizures in epilepsy.” Dr. Robert J. DeLorenzo, professor of neurology at the VCU School of Medicine, added that “Although marijuana is illegal in the United States, individuals both here and abroad report that marijuana has been therapeutic for them in the treatment of a variety of ailments, including epilepsy.”


delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an active ingredient in the marijuana plant, can prevent an enzyme, acetylcholinesterase, from accelerating the formation of “Alzheimer’s plaques” in the brain, as well as the  protein clumps that can inhibit the cognition and  slow the memory,


Regular use of Marijuana is known to lessen the severity of Migraine Headaches, reducing  the need for harmful medications control pain.


Medical Marijuana is wonderful for people with various forms of Arthritis. By smoking it, you can lessen the severity of pain from arthritis affliction. So many users have raved about the benefits of smoking and the less severe pain of arthritis.


Same pain killing effects for bone diseases. Bone pain is some of the worst pain. If you have any degenerative diseases, like arthritis, you know how painful it is. Smoking Medical Marijuana will lessen that pain.


Marijuana use has been effective for Glaucoma. Marijuana use will help reduce and relieve the intraocular pressure that causes optic nerve damage, It’s also been noted that it can reverse the Glaucoma. Amazing.

It’s long been believed that smoking pot helps MS patients, and a study published as recently as May provided yet another clinical trial as evidence of marijuana’s impact on multiple sclerosis patients with muscle spasticity. Even though the drug has been known to cause dizziness and fatigue in some users, most MS patients report marijuana not only helps ease the pain in their arms and legs when they painfully contract, but also helps them just “feel good.” How many prescription drugs can say their side effects include “happiness”?


A study on addictive behaviors published by USC and SUNY Albany in 2005, whose 4,400 participants made it the largest investigation of marijuana and depression to date, found that “those who consume marijuana occasionally or even daily have lower levels of depressive symptoms than those who have never tried marijuana.” The study added that “weekly users had less depressed mood, more positive affect, and fewer somatic complaints than non-users.”


An article published in the April 2010 edition of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, “Medical marijuana and the mind,” said that while “many recreational users say that smoking marijuana calms them down, for others it has the opposite effect. … Studies report that about 20 to 30 percent of recreational users experience such problems after smoking marijuana.” The article did not mention which “studies” supported this fact, and most marijuana users would call this claim totally erroneous. Here’s a story from Patsy Eagan of Elle Magazine, who describes how she prefers marijuana to treat her anxiety over prescription drugs.


For pain and use as a pill for Chemotherapy. Can lessen the size of certain tumors. Cancer patients use the pill form approved by the FDA, and also smoke for the pain.


A 2006 study performed by researchers at the University of California at San Francisco found that marijuana helps improve the effectiveness of drug therapy for hepatitis C, an infection that roughly 3 million Americans contract each year. Hepatitis C medications often have severe side effects like loss of appetite, depression, nausea, muscle aches and extreme fatigue. Patients that smoked marijuana every day or two found that not only did they complete the therapy, but that the marijuana even made it more effective in achieving a “sustained virological response,” which is the gold standard in therapy, meaning there was no sign of the virus left in their bodies.

There are two drugs that were approved by the FDA to go in conjunction with Chemotherapy. They are dronabinol and nabilone. THC extractions for Nausea and increasing appetite for patients undergoing this treatment.

The United Kingdom, Canada, and several European countries have already  approved nabiximols (Sativex®),This is a  mouth spray containing THC and CBD. CBD is also an agent in Marijuana plants. It’s used to  treat muscle control problems caused by MS. The United States is currently  conducting clinical trials for use in treating patients with pain from cancer.

Clinical trials prove that Tumors in certain areas, like the Brain, respond well to Cannabis oil treatments. These trials have documented that Tumors have shrunk in test subjects that were given Cannabis oil for treatment.

Cannabis oil is proven to help children at a very young age with violent seizures from epilepsy. Treatment with Cannabis oil has slowed and much-lessened severity of seizures.

Medical Marijuana in oil form, spray form, natural form, any form has no interactions.

How about zero deaths from marijuana use? That’s the most amazing

So, if you are one of those people who still think Marijuana is bad. I hope I opened your eyes a bit. Marijuana has many uses for many medical ailments. Cures for Cancer is next. It’s already happening folks, Marijuana is the only game in town that won’t kill you.

I am not going to bore you with statistics, you already know. Prescription drugs kill. Why not just smoke a joint when your anxious or depressed. Or you can take a Zanax or three, become dependent on them and wind up a serious drug abuser. Or worse yet, overdose on medicines that calm your nerves. You cannot overdose on Marijuana. That’s a fact.

Companies That You Work For

Still, do not recognize the legal use of Medical Marijuana.  It is still against their drug policy to employ people with marijuana in their systems. Even if you are employed in a state that allows it, if you are tested for any reason, be it random testing or injury, you will still be fired. Even if you possess a Medical Marijuana Card.

I find this to be tragic. You can be employed if you take any drug that is prescribed by Big Pharma. Vicoden, Anxiety meds like Xanax, Meds for Depression. These are all serious drugs. But not Marijuana? You can drink all night and come to work the next day, hungover from drugs and drinking, but that is allowed. Mindblowing.

Maybe Someday……….

That is simply because it is still a Federal Law that possession of or growing of Marijuana is illegal.

Federal Agents at Your Door (Damn, hide the stuff)

Yes, it illegal according to the Feds. You can still be arrested, tried and convicted even if you have a Medical Marijuana Card. It is legal in some states to have and grow Medical Marijuana. But the drawback is, It’s still a Federal Offense.

So, let me get this straight. I can obtain a Medical Marijuana Card here in the State of Michigan, where I live. I can grow 12 plants per caregiver that I supply Medical Marijuana to, and the FEDS can still bust down my door and take me to jail. YES

There are a lot of people in the state I live in that grow Medical Marijuana. Some have gone under the wire and were not noticed by the FEDS. Most times they won’t even mess with you unless you are a criminal, but there are times when they may decide to shut you down.

They come and take all your stuff, destroy your plants and leave you with nothing but a big lawyer bill. That’s a fear that stops many from growing in the first place.

Growing Medical

Now they are starting to lay down ground rules for growing. Like filtering the odor into the air properly. Certain criteria for set-ups of growing, rules and regulations for growers. That’s a good thing. You adhere to all these rules and if you are a serious grower, you should have no problems…..Hopefully.

It’s so clear to me that these laws are a little backward. Marijuana is harmless. Being under the influence of Marijuana as opposed to being under the influence of alcohol is like night and day. Alcohol users can take on many personalities. Some not so good. Being under the influence of Marijuana, you most likely take on a calm personality.

Yet alcohol is legal? Alcohol use is deadly. You can die from many reasons. Car Accidents, medical problems arising from continued abuse. Medically speaking, you can rot out your liver and kidneys from continued use.


My  longtime friend, Becky Basney, passed away a few years ago. I think she was 59, or 60. I remember she showed me her large gallon size bag of bottles of prescription drugs. There had to be 15 bottles in that bag. She ingested over 40 pills a day. OMG. She also had a Medical Marijuana Card.  She made a few mistakes and was busted by the FEDS. She was charged with operating a drug house.

My point in this story is, she should have embraced the use of Marijuana for many of her illnesses. She, like so many, was taking too many unnecessary drugs.  I made my points with her about eating right and living healthy, but Becky was one of those people who loved buttered noodles and fried chicken. Lots of fatty unhealthy food was in her diet. She was also overweight.

I stressed to her about drinking the teas I support for many health reasons. But, she loved her soda. I miss Becky and think about her alot. I blame Big Pharma for her death. I believe someone should have stepped in and coached her on her way back to health instead of piling on the barrage of pills that she ingested each day.

About 20 years ago, I talked her into buying a bike and going riding with me. We rode every night that summer. We rode all over, There was a drive-In nearby and sometimes we would rest there and watch part of a movie. I eventually got her to ride 10 miles a day. She lost 50 lbs that year. Then I moved to Tennessee and she fell back into her old bad habits.

Her health kept deteriorating. She eventually died because of bad choices. She would still be with us if she would have changed her lifestyle. She didn’t realize that Medical Marijuana was part of the natural program of healthy living. Getting off harmful prescription drugs, teamed up with healthy foods, was what she should have focused on.  Plus the teas I preach about.

Rest In Peace my Dear Friend Becky

That is my take on Medical Marijuana

It is a life-saving drug for many people. 

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card if you have any of the illness’es listed above
Why do they spell Marijuana that way?

States that are legal to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card

State Medical Marijuana Laws

Educate yourself.

I decided to make this article a Review. I make my speech about a product. How good it is, What my ratings are and the many uses for this particular product.

Overall rating.  100%

Ease of use.  Very easy

Uses for this Product. Too many to name here. I think I explained it in the article.

Recommended.  Yes

Buying Medical

All the legal states have Dispensaries where Legal Medical Marijuana can be purchased. The list can be found for your particular state at your .gov site or simply asking when you obtain your card. Most Dispensaries have a Doctor on site if you bring in your X-rays, or MRI cd for them to look at. They will issue you a license to purchase Medical Marijuana.

Next, you send a check or MO to the state to receive your card through the mail. In Michigan, it’s 100 bucks. In other states may be different. Until you receive your card, you have 30 days to use the papers the Doctor gave you to go into a Dispensary and purchase Medical Marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Edibles

You can also eat marijuana made in cookies, candy or food products if you prefer it that way. Everyone has their own taste and some like to eat it instead. I have seen some awesome edibles.  Even popcorn. I’ve seen that at Ric’s house. Amazing

Some people may have COPD and are unable to inhale the smoke or vapor, or the many other different ways you can smoke it. The edibles are a great alternative t

The Database Blues

Yep, Now you’re in the database of all Medical Marijuana users and growers.  I just don’t sit well with this database thing. Problem is, if you work for a company, they can get access to that database and investigate you to see if you are a registered Medical Marijuana user.  This kinda removes your rights to privacy.  These laws need to be changed. Medical Marijuana needs to be a recognized drug for all the reasons stated in the laws of the state that is legal in.

So, bottom line is, you can still lose your job. We are still in the Dark

Don’t even think about trying to sue a company for firing you. It is still a Federal Offense and you won’t win in court. So in order to be able to use this much-desired drug for your ailments, you either have to be self-employed, or not able to work at all, People who collect Social Security, people on State Aid. That is So Unfair.

Soooo….Go Away Federal

You’re not my big brother. My big brother wouldn’t put me in

Someday, hopefully soon. Medical Marijuana will be recognized and hailed for it’s Medical Benefits. Until then, most people will have to go without to keep their job. Live in pain or suffer from prescription drugs that will eventually kill them. Get addicted to pain pills and overdose.


Medical Marijuana Dispensaries By State Locations.  For pictures of the store fronts and detailed locations across the U.S.

Please come back for the next posting on How To Grow Medical Marijuana. Free instructions and complete information on growing and cultivation of Medical Marijuana.

Thank You and Have A Bountiful Day


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Not Mom and Grandma

Ric Hengy, ( Richard Hengy, my brother from another mother)

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible
The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana

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