Easy Recipes For Pest Control In Your Garden

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Most Organic Pest Control can be found in your cupboardsbountifulharvesting.com

Really? You say. Yes, Yes and Yes. I have compiled many ways to organically grow and be nourished without chemicals. I want to share them with you so that you can feed your family the best possible nutrient rich foods possible.

First, we need to look at the soil. There are additives to ensure a healthy crop of food. That is where it all starts. Please see my post on Improving Clay Soil if you need to learn about different types of soil and how to remedy it. I have written an entire post just on the soil. So check that out before you start planning your garden. In the meantime, start saving your eggshells and coffee grounds.

There are certain products you will have to buy, but most are easily purchased and most are already in your cupboard. We can do this so stay with me. It is not as hard as you think to grow fantastic vegetables without the use of harmful chemicals. The purpose of home grown is either for cost reduction or health. How about both? Why put chemicals on your food to grow it? May just as well buy it from the store. I feel that unless you grow your foods in a completely Organic way is just, well, it’s defeating the purpose.bountifulharvesting.com

It will take a little more work, but the health benefits are abounding. Get the family involved. Teach your children. It will be the best gift you can give them.

Snails and Slugs

A lot of gardeners hand pick these off of their plants, but if you have a rather large garden, that could be time-consuming. If you are just a backyard gardener like myself, there are easier ways to do this. Large gardens will require the use of foggers which can also be chemical free. I will talk about this in the next section where you may need one, even for small gardens.bountifulharvesting.com

I found the easiest way is to get a jar, mayonnaise or any other wide mouth jar.

Fill it 3/4 with beer, add a few teaspoons of sugar. Bury it in the garden near your plants just up to the rim, leaving an inch above the ground. The slugs love beer and the sugar will attract them. For rainy weather, make a small tent to cover the jar, making sure the slugs still have access to the jar. Every few days scoop out the drowned slugs and replenish the beer. You can still pick them off when you see them, but this beer solution will keep them at bay and away from your plants. If you need several jars that’s fine. Use a few and place them near plants.

Also, slugs don’t like anything that sticks to their underbelly when trying to reach a plant so lay down  fresh ash, soot, bark chips, gritty sand, fine sawdust, or dry crumbled egg shells tend to stick to their underside

A hollowed out Grapefruit is also a good lure. Set that out and the next morning before the dew dries up, go grab that Grapefruit, empty it and put it back. Other lures are bran with sugar near the plants. Hopefully, the slugs will like that better and leave your plants alone.  Soon your infestation of slugs and snails will be done and you can enjoy the rest of your gardening season free of these pests.


This is a real infestation that requires immediate attention

I know this sounds crazy, but you really want some aphids in your garden. They are delicious to other predators that will benefit your garden in leaps and bounds. Aphids attract

  • Wasps
  • Ladybugs
  • lacewings
  • Small birds and Spiders

All of these are beneficial to your garden. These predators will eat whatever is eating your garden plants.

So let them live so that the other big eaters can come and enjoy the feast.

It’s very important to also have a few plants that attract these predators.

For Spiders, place a few rocks for them to hide behind. Bricks placed every few feet around the garden will help promote spiders. No, don’t be silly, you want spiders, so lay some rocks or broken bricks around the garden. They need a home and a place to hide. They won’t bother you, they want the aphids.

For Birds, have a birdbath near your garden, also plant some bird loving bushes or dense prickly hedges. Any seed or nectar source will also attract birds.

Wasps love Sunflowers, yarrow, and marigolds for their nectar source.

Grow some Fennel, Dill, Parsnip, Anise, Cumin, Carrot and Parsley around your plants. Let the predatory bait go to seed. They are magnets for predatory bugs

My post on How To Attract Bats To Your Garden is also a great way to deter pests in the garden. I appreciate my bats because they eat those gross looking Tomato Worms long before they even get to my Tomatoes. Also, the mosquito population in my back yard from spring to winter is virtually zero

Weed Spray

Want to kill those pesky weeds in the driveway cracks? I’m a fan of certain weeds but I don’t like them in the driveway.bountifulharvesting.com

Here is a simple all natural way to control them.

Remember, only use this on driveway cracks. Salt makes soil barren for long periods of time. If you read an article on weed killer and the suggestion was for gardens, don’t do it. It will harm soil for growing. I only use it for the driveway. I hope to eventually make that part barren of growth.

Driveway Weed Spray

1 part water

1 part Vinegar (any kind)

1 part salt

Spray on driveway cracks. Weeds should be dead in a few days. If not, spray again. That should do the trick

Weeds around edging bountifulharvesting.com

Boiling water works great.

Spray For Vegetation, Vegetables, Flowers

Garlic oil Spray

Great for aphids, Whiteflies, and most beetles

3 to 4 cloves of minced Garlic in 2 tsp Mineral Oil. Let sit overnight.

Strain out the garlic, add oil to one pint of water.

Add a tsp of biodegradable dish soap.

Keep in a closed jar. When ready to use,  Add 2 Tbsp to a pint of water. This mixture, when made is concentrated.

The compound in garlic is irritating to bugs and deadly to some.  Most beetles will avoid plants with garlic on them. The soap in this spray and all sprays are deadly to some insects as the soap dissolves the coating of the outer shell of these insects, eventually killing them.

Use on Aphids if they get out of control, like the picture above. You can also use chopped banana peels around your plants. Aphids don’t like them so it will deter them. Chopped banana peels are also great for your soil.

For Powdery Mildewbountifulharvesting.com

This attacks many plants. I lost my zucchini and squash early this year. I started noticing it on my roses. So here is a tried and true remedy for that problem.

You will have to apply it weekly but your plants will love you and so will the environment. Plus, no chemicals. Yay.

1 Tbsp Baking Soda

1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil

1 Tbsp Dish Soap

One Gallon Water

Combine and spray on plants with powdery mildew. The baking soda disrupts fungal spores and prevents them from germination. The oil and soap stick to the plants and will allow the baking soda to do its job. This worked great on my roses.

I will have much more as I find them. So far, I have used all of these with success. You can have a garden and yard with no chemicals. It’s easier than you think.

Let’s all do our part in keeping the environment safe for our creatures outdoors.

Tips For Rabbits and Other Animals

Wait just one minute. I am not the only pest. What about deer, mole, squirrel, and rabbit?

This is a tried and true method to keep animals from invading your garden. Dog hair inside a Knee High stocking or pantyhose laid along the edge of your garden. Rabbits and squirrels usually won’t cross that line. If you don’t have a dog, you can get all the free hair you want from a groomer.

If you have a dog, just save the hair in a bag all year, pack in nylon stockings, or webbed material purchased from a store. I use used knee highs that have runs in them. They are free resources. Why buy if you can recycle and reuse?


If you have a large garden or have an infestation that needs immediate relief, foggers are a great tool for gardeners. Make sure you get chemical free products to use in the fogger, or you are defeating your purpose for a wonderful, chemical free organic garden. Here is a list of a few products that are chemical free..Please use them.

If you have any questions or comments. Please leave a comment or question in the comment box or email me.

Have A Bountiful Day


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