Seed Saving
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This is the time of year to start thinking about harvesting seeds from your garden. If your garden is  organic, you have all the more reasons to save seeds. Organizations and non-profit sectors have much information on seed saving.

I will let you know exactly how to do it without having to buy any books on the subject.

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When you buy fruits and vegetables from your grocer, it has possibly traveled many miles and is  nearly a week old before you even bring them home? The best nutrients you can ever get is from fresh picked fruits and vegetables. They start losing nutrients the moment they are picked. The truly best way is to eat them immediately. That’s why gardeners love their gardens. Every day is fresh picked and at its optimum freshness and nutrient rich goodness. The only other alternative to freshly picked from your own garden is, from a farmer.

Say no to grocery produce. As I said before, You can have your produce in winter by re-growing. Please see my article on Regrowing Your Food.

I have heard the excuse that you don’t have room, or no yard, or your apartment is too small. Think outside of the box. There is room. Next year I am removing all the grass from my backyard and using it for gardening. Did I just hear pristine grass growers cringe? Grass does not feed you. Grass, when kept at all it’s beauty is poisonous to wild life.

You need a lot of chemicals to keep your grass beautiful. For what?? Can you eat it? Ok, have your front yard with grass, I am, but no grass in the backyard. Rectangular boxes with pallet walkways will fill my back yard. I will have rocks or pine needles for my dog to run and play. She’s allergic to grass anyway.

If this sounds overboard, blame our government. They have slowly bountifulharvesting.comallowed the FDA to approve all this crap that is so bad for your health to be consumed by children and adults. The commercials are so appealing. Process foods should come with warning labels. I don’t have a box of any kind in my cupboards. I guess you could say I am extreme. But, after 3 plus years of giving it all up, including fast food. I am healthy.  I am 62 and take no medication. I do not have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I do not look my age and I am still agile for my years. I do not walk like a 62 year old, I have a stride. I owe it all to healthy eating.

You can start out small and gradually increase with time. That is how I did it. It was easy for me, I just went back to the old ways of my youth. Growing up with parents who grew their own and preserved their own stayed with me, I just got lost in the hype and commercials and always looking for the easy way to do things. NOW I KNOW IT WAS SLOWLY KILLING ME.

That is the reason I started this site. It is written for beginners. Savvy and experienced gardeners don’t need my help. You do.

How To Save Your

The cost saving is tremendous, not only that, you can sell your seeds, if they are organic, you will get more money. If they are just regular seeds from a garden that used pesticides, not much money in this kind. The real money savings is in the organic seeds. I only save organic seeds.

If you have an abundance of seeds, you can sell them on E-bay, or any bountifulharvesting.comother online store site for good money. You could actually fund your next year planting, including tools and equipment, just by selling your excess organic seeds. Flowers also included. People search out organic seeds because awareness is finally getting through to society that we need to plant organic to live healthily and have all the critters that we need for pollination to be there in our future.

What you don’t sell, please give away. Help promote healthy growing and spread awareness to everyone you give seeds to. There is also a good seed exchange site that you can visit and learn more about the need to start growing and eating organic foods.

There are non-profit organizations dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds  Let’s get serious and start a good healthy tradition. Growing your own food is the best possible way to get the health benefits you need from your fruits and veggies. is one of those places. I truly enjoyed this site. Please click on the link above to discover the many seeds you can get there. If you truly want good and organic seeds, this is the place to visit

You can go here for information on saving seeds. But just please come back here for the free information. You can also buy seeds that are organic.


This also applies to some flower seeds that are favorites of bees and hummingbirds, or any other critter that may ingest leaves or pollen.
Don’t use pesticides on plants that bees and butterflies go to for food

Because even in flower seeds, the flower is usually where the seeds are, they, in turn, get sprayed for bugs, and most of the pesticide will collect on the flower if it’s a spray form. The powder form of pesticide also contacts the seed. My opinion is if you are saving seeds from a plant that has been sprayed with pesticide, keep them only for yourself. Don’t spread them around.

Another way to save good organic seeds for free

If you come across a restaurant or organic garden, you can just pluck a flower top or even a bean or two. Tomatoes are also a good source of many

Buying organic flowers and vegetables and growing them, harvesting the seeds is probably the best way. If you’re short on cash and want to start organic gardening, just pinch a few flower tops, Make sure the flower tops are done and dried completely before picking them.

Buying vegetables and fruit from organic growers can yield many seeds for your spring planting.



I was at a restaurant the other day and I was looking at the beautiful flowers among the organic vegetables. I just reached over and popped off a few dead tops of the gorgeous daisy-like flowers and put them in a piece of newspaper to take home and dry for next spring. I probably got hundreds of seeds just from the tops of a couple daisies.

If a place that is growing organic flowers are not harvesting their seeds, you could always ask them if you could pick the dead tops of all of them. I am sure they would let you. Then you can dry them and sell them. One flower can produce many many seeds, so pick away and get as many dead tops as you can.

Rose Of

These bushes grow  everywhere. Did you know all the flowers of the Rose Of Sharon have 50 or more seeds in each one?    Yes they do
Seeds will fall out freely if left to dry out

This fall, when you are seeing these bushes in front of restaurants or buildings, even friends may have a few. Wait till the flowers are completely dead and save all the pods for next year. Make sure you label the bag containing the seeds what color they are and if they are double blooms. You can get a few thousand seeds from each bush or more. Let pods dry out completely before grabbing seeds.

If you are planning on growing them and selling them as plants or simply selling the seeds, they are worth the effort. Rose Of Sharon bushes sell for $15 to $25 a plant. Seeds sell for about $2.50 for 10 seeds.

Now you have started your seed business. Now you can start growing a bountifulharvesting.comfew of these plants so you can continue to harvest the seeds.

Very Important

Make sure any flower, herb, or vegetable that you are trying to get seeds from are completely dead. As for a fruit or vegetable, it is best that the fruit or vegetable is overripe.  you will get the best seeds from a fully mature plant. Obtaining seeds this way will give you a good 95% germination success rate.  That will help you sell your seeds for more money also.

You can also take 10 seeds and germinate them yourself to get a more accurate rate.

Germination for percentage

This is my way, In no way do I know how anyone does it scientifically. This is how I tell my rate.
This is how you find your ratio.

Place seeds in a paper towel. Cover with another sheet of paper towel.  Wet paper towel and keep wet till seed sprouts. keep towel on a small dish. Do not over soak, count the seeds that sprout, A good batch is 10 of 10. But realistically, I usually get 8 to 10. I consider that great.

When to Harvest Sunflower Seeds
Let the Sunflower completely die on the stalk before collecting seeds.

When the flower is completely dead. You harvest seeds to eat or use for birds while the plant is still alive. To keep seeds for replanting, make sure the plant is dead. You can pull the plant from the ground and leave the head of the Sunflower on until everything is completely dead and dry. These are the seeds you will use for replanting.

How to Harvest Tomato Seeds

How ever you get your tomato, whether you bought it organically or grew it organically, make sure the tomato gets overripe, almost to the mold stage but not

Break apart tomato in a small sieve and pick out the seeds. discard the tomato. Dry the seeds on newspaper. save for next year and plant in your garden. Or you can grow small plants and sell them. Organic plants will get more money.

I will list a few Flower Seed Catalog sites where you can order seeds from. If you have a specific variety in mind, you can get them there all at once.

You can also click on my links on the right of this post for Direct Gardening or by clicking on the Burpee link.

If you love

They are forever blooming and dropping mega seeds in their pods. If you ever had Petunias, you will understand what I mean. To get more Petunias to grow and flower, you have to pick the dead or spent ones off, doing so also increases the spreading of Petunias. I remember every day when I came home from work, before I even went into the house, I would bend down and pick off all the dead flowers and believe me, that makes them grow like crazy. The seeds are in the dead flowers. Dry before harvesting seeds.

Just having a few Petunias can yield several thousand seeds. If you plan on selling them. Make sure you know the variety of them For all the seeds you harvest, especially if you plan to market them, you must write down the variety and color. I keep mine in a newspaper envelope in a large manila envelope , after they are completely dry.

My all time favorite. I have been talking about this wonderful plant for many posts. The benefits of this gorgeous flower are amazing. The seeds are very tiny. I would say at least 100 or more on each flower top. You can also sell these easily because of the medicinal and beauty of this plant. They are a beautiful addition to any border, and they are very useful for your health. Read  Grow Your Own Tea to learn about this wonderful flower.

The ones you didn’t pick for tea, you will pick for seeds. The tops have to be completely dead on the plant. Pick the tops off and dry them as you would for the tea, except this time it is for seeds only.

gently pull the flower top apart and the seeds will fall. Keep any part of the plant away from the place you are collecting the seeds. You can cut everything but the top off when doing this to avoid any part of the plant falling into the seeds. The seeds will be like dust. But there are hundreds of minuscule seeds. You need a magnifying glass to see them. That’s why it is so important to make sure nothing but the seeds are collected and the need for cutting away any part of the plant which may not have seeds. The whole rounded flower top is full of seeds. Try to hold only that over a plate or bowl when collecting seeds from this plant.

Make sure they are of German Variety

Any other variety is not worth the work. The true Chamomile flower for teas is German. That variety is stronger and better for tea.

I hope you enjoyed this post. As I said before, my goal is to bring you this information for free. Please support this site along with other free sites. We are spreading awareness and ways to help you sustain and prolong your life while giving you fun projects that include the whole family because we care. We want you to be healthy, have fun and spread the good information you learned. Pay it forward to anyone who is interested.

Email me for charts on saving seeds and more tips for home business concerning selling seeds.
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