How To Attract Bats To Your Garden
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Some People Cringe At The Thought Of Bats
Don’t hate me

These poor creatures got a bad rap in society. But did you know they are very important to gardeners who want the least amount of pesticides on their garden. Actually, too much pesticide will kill these creatures.

Bats are responsible for consuming all the tomato worms and beetles, and most garden pests, not to mention at least 1000 and more mosquitoes in one night. Even their poop enhances the richness in your soil. WIN WIN

Without Bats, Many Flowers Would Not

Bats are also Pollinators, They are essential for rain forest survival. Bats make up 60% or more of the mammal population of the rain forest. Also in the desert and certain ornamental flowering bushes and plants here in urban areas.

Farmers hang bat boxes  near their crops because they eat most of the bugs that ruin their food and lessen their yield of produce due to these bugs
This is a little extreme, but bat boxes will protect your crop so you have no need for pesticides

Tomato worms are big and ugly and do lots of damage to a tomato crop. Not with bats, they get-r-done. They eat them all. Beetles and bugs that eat the leaves of plants. Worms and larvae that get into corn.  So many other bugs and unwanted pests in the garden are bats favorite dish. They love living by gardens big and small. Good eating for them.  Even better for your garden. Organic grown produce is so much better for you than pesticide produce, and bats can help you accomplish that feat.  If they just ate mosquitoes I would be happy, but they do so much more.

The Truth About Bats

Bats are one of  the most beneficial of mammals, Yes, they are mammals, not rodents. They are responsible for a healthy ecosystem, fewer insect pests, less use of pesticides, regrowth of damaged rainforests and the pollination of fruit crops and many many  other plants.

Bats have a unique biological sonar system called  echolocation. This allows them to hunt in total darkness. They emit beep like sounds in its path, They analyze the echos which allow them to analyze objects as small as a human hair.


Bats are not blind. They see in Black and White

They will not get tangled in your hair, They are too smart for that.

Why You Want Bats Near Your Garden

If You have bats in your garden, you will use little to no pesticides. Bats are responsible for getting rid of 99% of garden pests. This includes fruit, vegetables and ornamental growing.


How To Get Them…..If You Put Up A Home For Bats, They Will Come

The general rule of thumb for placement of a bat box is place them high enough to feel safe. It’s best to put a bat box on a structure rather than a tree. Or you can put the bat box on a pole, high up in the air at least 15 feet. The bat box needs to have sun exposure of at least 6 hours a day. I have mine on the south side on the peak of my


When you install your bat box, it may take up to two years to see bats. Be patient. If it is a bat approved box, they will come and stay.

Don’t Just Buy Any Bat Box

There are bat boxes everywhere. But only a few are bat approved. Which means if the layout and spacing is not right, a bat will not stay there. There are many factors that can keep your bat happy. Some bat houses are built with a netting for bats to climb up in. Not good. Over time, within a year or two that netting will come loose and the bat will no longer be able to climb up into the box, also it is not safe, they can become entangled in the netting and die. You need a certified approved box. These are not easy to make. They take time and much effort to secure a sound and secure home for bats that will last years.

I have built hundreds of bat boxes over the years and never used the netting. I am in the process of building a prototype bat box to send to the bat conservation

I will tell you that you can get a cheap bat box for $60 to $100, but the chances of getting and keeping bats are slim to none.

Bat approved boxes will run you $100 to $180

My Love Of Our Environment And Ecosystembountifulharvesting.,com

My gift to my readers

Once I am approved, I will sell my bat boxes to my readers for $30.  This is just to get you started in the wonderful world of organic gardening. If you are serious about organic gardening and vow to me not to use pesticides, I will mail you a bat box that is bat approved for this very low price because I feel that will be my gift to all of nature and the world. All I ask is that you put it up immediately and discard all your garden pesticides and start using my formulas for pest control. These formulas can be made yourself at home easily and the best part is they are safe for all animals, Hummingbirds, Butterflies, and all the other critters that come into your yard.

Please email me at

If you are anxious to get one now. Here is one that is approved by the bat conservation society



I will put you on the list. In the spring I will contact you and let you know how to obtain your box, with directions and everything you need to know to successfully attract your bats. I will also send you a list of natural pesticides to spray on your garden that is safe for all creatures. These recipes are easy to make, and you probably have them in your cupboards now.


Organic Farmers Have This

They would rather lose a little and have an awesome crop of healthy food. Pesticide free is worth losing a few.  Organic produce is more expensive, but certainly worth the price.

Non Organic Farmers Have This Opinion
This is the clothing they wear when they pick their food, spray their food and pack their food. And we eat it without protection from the FDA

They would rather have more and lose none. They have no clue or don’t care that the pesticides are causing havoc on our immune system, and money motivates them. These are the farmers that readily accepted GMO seeds because the pesticide is in the seeds already.

They did not know that those same plants that have the pesticide in the seed disturbed the Eco System, FAST. Birds were dying, Honey Bees are near extinct, Many critters big and small are being killed because of GMO seeds.
Damn You Monsanto for poisoning our food and our children and Damn You FDA for not stopping it. Money hungry Bastards put our life at risk for money.

Now that they do know, no one is rushing to stop using them, in fact Monsanto is making so much money on this that they just don’t care.  They keep reassuring the public that GMO is safe. Farmers are now helpless. They have already tainted their soil and are really stuck in this turmoil of GMO controversy.


You can believe what you like. Hillary Clinton endorses Monsanto and praises them for their work in making a seed that has pesticides in it.  A lot of us who believe otherwise are asking WHY? Countries all over the world are banning any food product that was made and processed by a GMO seed.  One by one, the countries are banning food from the US and question why our FDA is allowing this to happen to the american people

It’s as simple as the nose on your face.

Same as Big Pharma. Billions and Trillions are paid to Doctors to prescribe this new drug to you so the the side effects will cause you to need new drugs. All which they mass produce. Motivation, is also money. They don’t give A *&&^^ how it affects you or what it will do to you. I have never seen so many ads on TV as I have in the last ten years about drugs to take. The one that gets to me is the ad for Restless Leg Syndrome.

Take This Pill For Restless Leg Syndrome

The ad describes the symptoms for restless leg syndrome and explains the benefit of taking this drug, while a monotone voice under explains the possible side effects, What? did I hear that monotone voice under say sudden bleeding and death? For taking a pill for restless leg syndrome. I don’t know about you but I pass on the pills and will deal with the syndrome. Big Pharma has people believing they need these drugs to survive. Who would knowingly take a chance on dying to stop aggravation of the legs? Surprisingly, and sadly,  a lot of people think they need that drug.

Big Pharma hates people like me

I will be 62 this month, I take no medication, I do not wear glasses. I have healing power from plants and foods. Even antibiotics in them weeds in my back yard.

GMO Farmers are caught in a trap.

I watched a video on You tube about Monsanto and how they basically forced farmers who would not grow GMO seeds out of business. Some farmers were 3rd and 4th generation farmers on that land. Some fought back and refused to plant GMO seeds. Only a few survived and still have their land. Seriously Monsanto is the devil.

GMO  is in most of the package food that you eat. I gave up my beloved Mac N Cheese in a box because of the GMO in it. Trust me, it was so hard, but I am standing firm.

I Gave You All This Information

It is totally up to you as to which side of the fence you stand on. This site is all about getting healthy. And I care. I care about the children and the generations beyond them and how these poisons will affect their bodies in the future. Scientists and Doctors are already seeing new diseases that they never saw before. When are they gonna get it. They are killing our future.

The choice is yours. I started this site to raise awareness. And hopefully the little projects and beginner gardening and skills you need to eat and live healthy will help. Some of you will just read it, and some of you will do it. It is important to me that you at least try.

One of The First Things I Would Like You To Consider

Don’t be squeamish about bats. Most of what you heard is false. They do not attack you.

Consider getting a Bat Box if you intend to Organically grow you food. If you are not planning to grow organic or 99% organic, just buy your produce from the market.  You are defeating your purpose of homegrown healthy food. And that is our number one goal here.

A lot of fruiting trees have to be sprayed with pesticides. Especially Peaches. Apples too, also Pears and Cherries.

But, there are ECO friendly sprays. They just cost a little more.

But so worth it………

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please Email me at to be notified of all the fun things to do to get and stay healthy in the future.

I don’t know about you, but I have a new prospective on bats and how they help us. I always knew they were good for our ecosystem, I just never realized how much they helped.



March Against Monsanto

The Telegraph


Have A Bountiful Day
Founder of

Go     >>>> Here<<<< to Sign A Petition To Make Food Companies Label Their Products That Contain GMO


Author: kitty

My Son Kenny and I enjoy everything that is all natural. We enjoy nature , rescuing animals in need, advocating for the Homeless. We are getting back to basics and hope you will come with us and learn great ways to eat healthy, live peacefully, and enjoy life. Love all animals, it is the greatest love of all Help the Homeless, they all have a story to tell

4 thoughts on “How To Attract Bats To Your Garden”

  1. Hi Kitty,
    That’s a nice post and an informative read, too. Personally I didn’t know that bats are so useful to organic gardeners. If they feed on so many mosquitoes per night, then they are so useful for guys like me who live in tropical climate.
    The bat boxes, that’s an excellent job designing working ones. I hope you’ve patented them already? What type of material/wood do you use?

    1. Hi Boniface. Thank You for stopping by. No I do not need to patent them. There are many people that make them and they have to be made using the exact same dimensions. Some of the bat boxes on the market are made the wrong way. Sadly, people who buy them will probably never get a bat to inhabit them. The only ones you should be looking for are bat boxes that are Bat Approved by the North American Bat House Research Project, which is controlled by Bat Conservation International. The National Wildlife Federation will certify the house and determine if the bat house is suitable for bats to live there. It is very important that the opening is the exact measurements and that the house contains a climbing ability. Some manufacturers use netting which is a real no no. This netting can deteriorate over time and get tangled in the bats wings or feet. In order to have a bat approved bat house, it must be inspected by the National Wildlife Federation by sending them a prototype. Then they will approve it if it is suitable. Please consider getting one for the bats. We are slowly losing them and they are much needed. Organic gardeners like myself appreciate them. I have not had a giant Tomato Worm on any of my Tomatoes, or an abundance of garden pests since they decided to live on the peak of my garage.

      When I made my first bat box, I sent in the prototype. They sent me a list of dimensions that I had to adjust, remake and send in another one. I finally got it right after the third one. I am proud to be certified by the National Wildlife Federation. All the bat boxes that I sell are bat approved. Every one I make gives me hope that bats will be saved by homing in one of mine.

      So, if you consider buying one, there are many key things to know. Make sure it is Bat Approved by the National Wildlife Federation or you will be wasting your money. It takes time and effort to make one right. Never buy one with netting, and placement of the box is almost as important as the box itself. Read the instructions and follow them to the letter. Also, keep in mind that you may have to wait for up to two years for them to move in. There is maintenance on the box which is critical to keeping them also. When you make the decision to get one, you need to go into it with eyes wide open. There are so many benefits.

      I use the bat droppings in my garden. It enriches my soil better than anything I could buy.So whether you decide to get one of mine or any other one, read, read, read and research some more on how to install, attract and keep them happy. They are valued in my yard and I welcome them. Without them, I would be working a lot harder than I do now to keep my garden pest free.

      I will start production in the spring of my bat boxes. So come back and get one at a very discounted price that I reserved for my readers. Otherwise you will be paying a hefty price for a quality one. If you have the skills and think you can make one yourself, send a prototype and have it approved. Then you can make them and sell them to people who are looking for good quality bat boxes. I encourage everyone who is capable of making them to at least try. We need to create awareness of the need for these hated creatures. If you are certified and Bat Approved, you will get good money for a well constructed box. It really bothers me that some people who really want one and buy one that is not built to the proper dimensions will be sitting and waiting for bats that will never come.

      It also burns my butt that they will be waiting for a minimum of two years to realize that they will never have them, and by that time, the manufacturer is long gone. It’s a grey area with these boxes. They can be built to the right specification and still never house a bat. Reasons are many. Area, placement, bat migration is not aligned, or you may not be doing the right thing to attract them. There must be a water source nearby. You can remedy this with a fountain or a pond. If they have to travel too far for water, you will not get them. So keep in mind, even if you want bats, you may not be in the right place to get them. So research is the key before thinking about having bats inhabit your area.

      As far as the wood, the interior is a combination of plywood and cedar. The exterior is plywood and paint.

      I hope to see you on future posts from my site, Come back and see us……Kitty

  2. Wow… I never knew bats have such function in this world. All the while I thought bat is irrelevant. Your article really opens my eyes to a different world. But is there any other ways to reduce pest other than using bats? I really lovery your idea on organic planting. But using bat is a little scary to me…lol

    1. Hi Florence, Thanks for stopping by. Yes there is other ways to have a successful organic garden. However, it requires a little work. I am compiling my recipes for natural pest control and I will post them in time for next spring. All you need to do is make these recipes, which are very easy. You probably have most in your cupboards right now. You will have to spray your tomatoes and vegetables daily and after every rain. Always in early morning so not to burn your plant. As for tomato beetles, you will have to keep an eye out for them. Organic gardening requires a lot of work. Bats make the job so much easier. If you are planning to have a large garden, I would recommend a bat box. You have no need to fear bats.

      Remember, they are mammals, not rodents. That alone is a misconception that seems to be a deterrent of acceptance for these creatures. They are wonderful to have for many reasons.

      I can give you one of the best ones. I can sit out in my yard, on my patio, under my tree in the evening, and not get bit once by a mosquito. I have seen people spray their yard for just a few hours of enjoyment without a mosquito interruption. The spray they are using is toxic to birds and animals, I can enjoy that outing anytime I want because I have a bat box. They each eat over a 1000 mosquitoes a day plus other pests, especially garden pests. My neighbors on either side of me can enjoy the goodness of my bat box also.

      I hope you can get over your fear of bats. Please go to and read about them. They are so beneficial and they make it so much easier to grow good healthy organic food.

      Please come back and see my other posts, I think you will enjoy them. Thanks again……

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