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Fresh Frozen

Yummy. It’s so easy to preserve your fruit in the freezer. Buying fruit in season in bulk, like Strawberries, Peaches, Cherries. Many fruits can be successfully frozen, but I have found the three I mentioned to be the best when frozen and then thawed. The money you can save is amazing.

Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberrie, bananas, pineapple, and kiwi, have easily frozen also. I found when they were purchased from the farmers in bulk, they have to be done and in the freezer that day. So, If you want to freeze these, Time is of the essence. I would only do these fruits if you have frozen bulk fruit before. The time frame is very important.
great way to have smoothie packs ready to go. Easy as pie, also great for bullet drinks with veggies

Strawberries can be frozen so many different ways. Whole, Sliced, bountifulharvesting.comChopped with sugar added. Whatever the recipe you may have in mind for your berries, you can successfully freeze them in season and use them all year long. I came across a site recently that said you could add several fruits to a bag and freeze them so they are juicer ready. Awesome idea.

Make sure you get your fruits from a farmer who sells in large quantities at a discount. Most farmers markets will sell fruits in season at great prices. Here in Michigan, we have Strawberries in June. Many growers offer U-Pick opportunities during the growing season. Many times, I have spent hours picking so many Strawberries, and eating them too, lol. Hard to resist while you’re picking your own.

All the seasonal fruit are available at their peak grow times at very discounted prices, which will allow you to buy in bulk and freeze at home. The savings are phenomenal and you have the piece of mind knowing it has no preservatives and is healthy.

Freezing Fresh Strawberries
label every bag you freeze with date, fruit, type, ex) sliced, diced, smoothie, bullet

Carefully remove the stems and caps. Wash carefully and place them to dry in a single layer. Cut out any blemishes.

Pictured here is strawberry, pineapple, and raspberries

Place single layer of strawberries on a cookie sheet and freeze in the freezer till solid. Then place in a freezer quart  bag. Freezing whole strawberries this way prevents a pile of mushy strawberries when you take them out to thaw.

Sugar or no Sugar?

Dusting sugar on strawberries will help prevent freezer burn. But if you prefer no sugar, just make sure you get all the air out of the bag. Using a straw while you are closing the bag and sucking the air out as you close it will cut down the risks of freezer burn. Using the frozen strawberries withing 6 mos will also help keep freezer burn from getting to your berries.

Sliced and

You can slice or chop your berries for use on strawberry shortcake or desserts of any kind. Great with ice cream too and toppings for pies. YUMMY

It’s best to submerge your chopped berries in a sugar water solution. You can prepare this solution beforehand and have it ready when you get home with your berries.  This is also a good solution for Raspberries and Blackberries.

4 cups water

1 cup sugar

Let stand. You can use cold or hot water, but be sure to cool down before use. Place berries in a bowl, add sugar enhanced water to the berries till they are covered. Scoop into a bag and seal, getting all the air out. I like laying my bags on their side to make sure all the air gets out. Freeze and enjoy later, whenever you want fresh strawberries. Use within 9 months for peak freshness.

You can also obtain this fruit in its peak season and buy it in bulk. Always buy from a local farmer. I have purchased peaches from the supermarket only to be so unhappy with its freshness. They are not the best choice for freezing in bulk. Farmers markets have the freshest fruit available. Picked that day is the best choice for freezing.

I came across a farmer, selling fruit in front of his house on my way up north in Michigan about 10 years ago. His peaches looked divine. I bought a bag to eat in my travels. They were the best by far peaches I have ever eaten. I ate them in one day. They were that good. I vowed to stop back there on my way home and grab enough to take home to freeze. But to my dismay, I couldn’t find that farmer.  So, by far, farmers are the best places to get fruit to home freeze. Now, I go to Farmers Market in Detroit. A place where all farmers, all across the area go to sell their harvests. I have gotten some great peaches from there also.

Freezing Fresh Peaches

Use ripe firm peaches. If you bite one and it runs down your chin, it’s too ripe. That ripe a peach is only good for eating fresh. Your peaches need be firm and ripe at the point before it runs when bitten into.

You can freeze peaches, sliced with the skins on or off. I prefer them off.

To remove

Drop firm but ripe peaches a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds. Place peaches immediately in a bowl of ice water. The skins will remove very easily. This method is also used when canning tomatoes to remove the skin. You can score the skin before you drop them in the water or not. They still will start peeling on their own.

slice the peaches the size you want. Discard the pit, or keep a couple to grow a peach tree of your own.

sprinkle lemon juice on slices to prevent

Time is important. Get your peach slices in liquid as soon as possible to prevent browning. The lemon juice will retard it, but will not stop it for long.

Make a solution ahead of time and have it ready for your peaches. It can be the same ratio of the strawberry solution or you can use a sweeter one. 3 cups water to one cup sugar.

Pour solution in bags of peaches until covered. Get all the air out, using a straw. Lay bag on its side and seal. Freeze and enjoy for months to


Wash and dry cherries in cold

Cherries are one of the easiest to freeze. You pit them, slice them in half, sprinkle sugar or no sugar. Place in a bag, Seal out the air and there it is

Get your Cherries from a farmer. No supermarket cherries. Local farmers have cherries you can buy in bulk. Prices can go from $2.99 to $4.99 a lb in the supermarket. You can buy this in-season from a farmer for a fraction of that cost and have fresh cherries for months to come.

I made this post as simple as I could. Any beginner can utilize these instructions. I will be posting more advanced methods in the future. This is for beginners who want to learn how to freeze fresh fruit and save money while providing your family with healthy alternatives to preservative laden fruit that comes from the grocery in cans.

It is so much healthier to always freeze your own. Try just one of these and I know you will be so pleased the next time you reach into your freezer and pull out your fresh frozen fruit. I am putting this link for juicers, a wonderful way to use your fresh frozen fruit.

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17 thoughts on “Fresh Frozen Food-Fruit”

  1. Thank you for this great information. My family and I eat a lot of fruit and these ideas will be very helpful to us. I am always buying frozen berries, as I don’t have to worry about them going bad. But why not freeze the fresh ones? My kids will even eat the fruit frozen. And this would certainly work for smoothies (I love frozen fruit for those because it creates and thick and cool smoothie).

    1. llyssa, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, isn’t it wonderful? I love fruit and there are so many ways to keep them freshly frozen. I noticed that pound for pound, the frozen ones are far more expensive. So buy when in season and freeze them yourself for later use. I hope to see you again…..Kitty

  2. I’ve actually never thought of freezing fresh peaches before, but it’s such a good idea. Fresh peaches are the fruit I miss the most in the winter. Thanks for the tip about how to tell if a peach is too ripe to freeze. I’m going to have fun testing peaches for freezability! 🙂

    I usually freeze blueberries in a way very similar to the way you recommend freezing strawberries; is that method okay for freezing blueberries also?

    1. Hi Samantha. Thanks for stopping by. I love the frozen and home canned peaches. Both are great. As far as blueberries, I don’t know why, but it is the only fruit on this earth that I do not like. I have tried to get past it but for some reason, I do not like the flavor. I know it is so good for me, so I blend a few at a time in my bullet to get all the rich goodness from them.

      My friend freezes her fresh blueberries from her bushes every year. She told me that she fills a quart bag with the berries and sucks the air out with a straw and freezes them whole. I have never tried this and I can’t say how they taste. I would like to say to freeze them the same as peaches, but in a sugar syrup? Try the way she does it and at the same time, do it the way we do peaches. Then you can decide. Always lay your bags flat in the freezer as opposed to bunched and sitting upright. It freezes better and less chance for freezer burn. Just make sure all the air is out. Using the straw method, I have never lost a bag of fruit or veggie from freezer burn.

      I have actually been working on a way to do this with my vacuum cleaner. Would be less expensive than investing in the bags and the suction contraptions. I invested in a sealer and that also became expensive for the bags and of course, it lasted only two seasons. If I can develop an attachment for the vacuum, we will all benefit from it because we can use it with regular zip loc bags…..It would also be beneficial when we are freezing bulky food that is bound to have air trapped in between like blueberries. I tried the crevice tool on my portable one and it worked so it seems that I am breaking ground on that respect….I will post it when it is perfected. I do know you need a very small tool kinda like the size of a straw so maybe just tape a straw on it and use it that way.

      I suggest you don’t try this yet, I have sucked up a few beans in my vacuum and had to take it apart to clean it. so this is a work in progress. I am always looking for ways to keep food that I freeze fresh and taste like it was fresh picked. You don’t want to end up with your goodies in your vacuum….

      . I hope this helps. Please let me know…Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. I just loved your post! I never knew I could freeze fruit. My kids LOVE strawberries with a passion but of course we can only get them a few months in a year.
    Their other all time favourite is grapes, I didn’t see any mention of grapes on your website. Do you think they will freeze well or not?
    Thank you for a great post, I can’t wait to try this out.

    1. HI Lynne Thanks for stopping by. Yes you can freeze grapes. But as far as grapes go, I only would eat them still frozen. They tend to get soggy when thawed. But strawberries freeze wonderfully. Thank You for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon…..

  4. Kitty, your site is packed full of so much information that I book marked it. I have a tiny yard, but I grow raspberries, cherries, and currants. All that I really eat is the raspberries, and the birds eat the rest. You’ve compiled useful information on how to rid yourself of pests and weeds. Would you happen to know how one eliminate ants from one’s yard?

    1. Hi Shawn. Thanks so much for stopping by. As far as ants there are several options. One is put some corn syrup on a square of cardboard and place them where ever you see ants. after they are stuck and fill up the cardboard replace with another one until your problem is gone. Another way is to sprinkle boric acid around where you see them. This will not harm birds or other animals, Make sure your pets can’t get to it. Also you can pour boiling water down the entrance hole if you can see it. The corn syrup works for me. I would have tried the boiling water but I never seen the entrance hole. I hope that will take care of your problem. Thank You for not using chemicals and saving our outdoor critters. We really need them. I hope you will come back again soon. My next post will be about canning your harvest, so be sure to stop back by…..

  5. Kitty,
    What a great idea to freeze fruit when in season and the price is low. I’ve only thought about preserving what comes from my garden. This year I have a proliferation of red chard which I am eating continually and freezing.

    Can apricots be frozen? I had a bumper crop this year – made jam and dried some. Frozen would be nice too.

    1. Hi Judith. Thank You so much for stopping by. Yes you can freeze apricots. They freeze wonderfully. I just didn’t list all the fruits you can freeze due to space. First, you need to skin them. They freeze much better halved or sliced. Also you need to add 3/4 tsp of ascorbic acid to prevent browning into each container to freeze. It can be ziploc bags or plastic containers. Then they need to be packed in heavy syrup. Recipe for that is 5 cups water to 3 1/4 cups sugar. Boil to disolve. This is for 9 pints. Pack your apricots in container, then add heavy syrup, syrup should be warm. If you freeze more than 9 pints at a time, just double the recipe. Add the ascorbic acid just before you close container. Wow so great to have so many apricots. I hope this helps. I have used this recipe many times. I can keep my fruit in the freezer until the next season brings more fresh fruit. Happy Freezing. I hope you will come back and enjoy more posts on getting healthy……

  6. I’d never really thought about freezing things like berries etc before – even though frost is nature’s preservative!
    I recently visited a farm shop in my local area in Wales and they sold bags of frozen berries and wild fruits – absolutely lovely!
    I didn’t realize there were so many ways to freeze strawberries – great article!

  7. I always keep a stock of frozen fruits all through the year, even during the harvest season. So when something’s out of season or too expensive at the time, I can resort to my freeze and still enjoy good fruit that I know has been preserved much better than in a can or sugar water.

    1. Sarah, I appreciate your stopping by. I bet all your friends and family love to eat your food. So great to hear that someone agrees with me. I hope everyone will start doing this. It is so cost effective, plus so good for you. also gratifying that you did it and know whats’ in it. It’s a win win. How come everybody is not doing it? I hope you come back and visit me again. Always love to hear from like minded people. Help me spread the word. It’s the healthiest thing we can do for our kids. ……

  8. Life will be so much easier if we could run into blog post like this one. Very informative on living healthy especially freezing your food. Nice step by step methods for freezing fruits from cherries to peaches. But was wondering if these methods works only for the listed fruits or could be applied to other fruits?

    1. Cedric. Thanks for stopping by, No, these are not the only fruits you can freeze. I choose those three because they are my favorite, They are coming into season now. Strawberries was mid to late June. Cherries are now also. Peaches this week until the end of July are the best time to get these fruits at a good price. Always freeze only in season fruit. It tastes so much better. Prices are at the all time low when in season.

      The list of fruit is endless. The common ones would be, Apples, which would be coming up in season in Late September to Mid November. Melons, except watermelon. I Never froze that before so I can’t say. Nothing citrus will freeze very well.



      Cantaloupe (or Muskmelon)


      Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Elderberries

      All these I have frozen successfully. You can make an awesome apple pie mix and freeze that in the freezer, pop it out and bake a pie. Also great with Strawberry pie is Rhubarb. You can make several make ahead batches and freeze that in a quart bag.

      In the vegetable world, Zucchini is also a great vegetable to freeze.

      I left a lot out of this post because I was trying to keep it simple. I will post more later on different fruits and vegetables and how to freeze. Please come back soon and see all the other informative posts I have in store. Thank you again…..

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