Fresh Frozen Foods-Corn

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Once You Freeze Your Own Fruits And Vegetables, You Will Never Want To Buy Store Bought Frozen Food Again

The difference in the taste? Yep, that’s a plus. Also it saves tons of money. I can show you how to freeze fresh corn that tastes like it just came off the cob. You can make enough to last a year, and each time you take it out of the freezer to cook it, you won’t believe the taste. Oh My. Absolutely spectacular.

Many fruits and vegetables can taste like it was just picked that day, even months and months later. It all boils down to the preparation and procedures for proper freezing. Only a few special tools required. Each vegetable requires different tools. But all will need several large one gallon bowls, preferably stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a non-reactive metal.  For canning reasons it’s the best choice. Plastic requires more steps in sterilization. In canning and freezing, the prepping steps are very important too. It is imperative for successful canning and freezing that everything from step one to the final step be in a sterilized container.

Sterile gallon size stainless steel bowls (3 to 4) The larger the better

Rubber or latex gloves

Stainless steel strainer (large)

Quart and Gallon size zip lock bags (make sure they are freezer bags)

Straws to pull out air (or a sealer with vacuum)

Corn Cutter. Here is one that has good reviews and less mess

As always, when using a corn cutter. You also need a sharp knife to get the smaller ends of the corn kernels. Most corn cutters don’t get that part, so you will have to do it by hand. If using this type of corn cutter, you can pour contents right in the freezer bag

With this type of corn cutter, you will need to place corn in a bowl and cut it.


Good Sharp Knives

Ladles (stainless steel)

Large mixing spoons (stainless steel)

Large Pot for blanching

I have added links above for cutting tools, and you can find these, and many other tools  at Amazon. They have many of the products you will need to successfully freeze your food. Remember, no skipping steps, each one is as important as the next.


Get Your Friends Or Family

It’s always fun when there is two or more. This can reduce your time tremendously, and spreading the word about healthy eating is always a good thing. You will truly enjoy the end result when you eat and serve your lovingly prepared, home preserved goodness.

All of you will save tons of money and have lots of fun in the process. This will be the beginning of many projects you can do with your friends and family. Even children would love to be involved in this and many more freezing, canning, and preserving projects.


This is the best way to freeze fresh corn because this is the way I do it and my corn is delicious! In future posts I will teach you how to freeze all the other goodies like beans, squash, and other garden vegetables. Then we will get into the canning process where we will can some tomatoes and make some jellies and jams. Sounds like fun? Don’t forget to Email me to keep updated on future posts.  In the meantime, start getting some of your needed equipment ready. I don’t use a pressure cooker, I just use an open canner. So keep that in mind. No expensive equipment needed.

You can freeze fresh corn on the cob whole, Kernel, or Creamed

Freezing Fresh Corn Cob

Shuck and remove all silk. Do this before you start anything else

Fill a large post halfway with water. Bring to a boil, then add 1 tbsp of sugar.

Have a large bowl filled with ice. Lots of it. Depending on how many you’re planning on freezing. My ratio would be one bag of ice for 30 ears of corn.  You can use another large pot for this. You can add more ice when needed. Drain water in between and add more cold water.

Add enough water to the ice to immerse the corn when it comes out of the pot.

Put as many cobs as the pot will allow and bring to a boil. Boil for 3 minutes.

Pull corn out of the pot with long tongs and place immediately in the ice water.

Remove corn and place on a clean towel. dry the water off the cob surface by patting with another clean towel. Don’t pat completely dry, just the surface of the cob.

Wrap each cob, completely in foil. This will keep freezer burn from getting to the corn. Place bountifulharvesting.comeach cob, individually wrapped in a bag. You will get approximately 6-8 cobs in a gallon bag, so however many you are canning you can determine the bags needed.

If You Are Planning To Freeze An Abundance Of Corn

Or, if you taste your fresh frozen corn and loved it, you will need a freezer. Hopefully, you already have one. If not, you can find a good freezer, new or used for you fresh frozen goodies. My Review on Freezers is on the Menu tab, so be sure to check it out if you’re considering buying a new one.

Freezing Kernel Corn

For this project, you will need:

large bowls

long tongs

large cooking pot

Rubber or Latex gloves

Kernel Remover (Corn Cutter)

Quart Freezer Bags

Large strainer

Shuck and clean silk off corn before you start your project. Place corn on a clean table. I try to do a lot of corn at a time so I can enjoy the corn all year long.


My Ratio: 15 dozen corn will yield 40 quarts of freezer corn. You can add or subtract from that ratio to get the amount of corn you are planning on freezing.

Bring a large pot  of water to boil. No need to add salt or sugar. It is optional.

Place as many corn in the pot as the water allows. Bring back to a boil. Boil for one minute. This is called Blanching.

Remove corn after one minute of boiling and place in strainer that is inside another bowl. Drain the water under the strainer in the sink.

Cut each corn inside a large bowl however method you choose. Continue cutting corn in same bowl, each time transferring cut corn into another bowl. Have a garbage can ready to place cut cobs in. Make sure you scrape the cob with the back of a knife to get all the kernels and the corn milk.

If you are making at least 40 quarts, use a roasting pan or large baking dish. It will make things easier and you will be able to cut more corn before transfer into freezer bags.

Scoop cut corn by using large cups with handles or measuring cups. 4 cups to a quart.  Scoop all the way from bottom of bowl each time you grab a cup of corn. You will want to grab some of the juices from the bottom for each

Pour in quart size bags. Lay bags on their sides to flatten for easy stacking while in freezer. It also gets all the air out. Make sure there is no air in bag. Laying on its side makes sure of this.

Place in freezer in stacks for easy and space saving storage. It is important to make sure all air is out of the bags.

Creamed Corn

For this project you will need

Ratio: 15 dozen corn will yield 42 to 45 quarts.

same equipment as with kernel corn. Plus a potato masher

Boil corn cobs for 6 minutes. Drain and wipe of excess water. Save the water you boiled your corn with.

Cut as you would kernel corn. Make sure to scrape corn milk and excess corn off cob with the back of a knife to remove all corn and collect the milk. These are the juices you want to scoop from the bottom when freezing kernel corn.

Place corn in a shallow pan and mash with potato masher a couple times to break up the corn from the

Scoop into quart size bags, adding water from boiled corn (cool the water a little first), to the consistency you want. Just a little, maybe a 1/4 cup per bag. You can also add water to entire bowl before scooping it into bags. May be a lot easier to detect consistency preference. In that case, just add corn water to visual. Then scoop into bags. Whichever is easiest for you.

Scoop 4 cups to a quart bag.

Lay bag on side and get all the air out. Freeze in stacks for easy and convenient storage in freezer.


Always Remember To Sterilize all your Utensils And Bowls

Sterilize your instruments by cleaning with antibacterial dish soap and rinsing several times in Very hot water, You can also wash and rinse in boiled water poured in a sink. It is so important to kill all organisms that could be lurking on your equipment. I personally use a tbsp of bleach in my dishwater. So far so  good. After all these years, I have never lost any food that I canned or froze because of bacteria.

I hope you enjoyed my post today. It will save you tons of money and you will gain a special knowledge that will last you for years to come. I hope you will continue to try many other foods that you can freeze, can, and preserve. I will add many more posts on this subject in the coming month so you can stay busy preserving all the foods that are going to come available this summer.

Please leave a comment and share this post so everyone you know can enjoy the wonderful freezer corn.

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Thank You

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4 thoughts on “Fresh Frozen Foods-Corn”

  1. Oh my god Kitty, that’s a very detailed article! I never knew about this. I always buy frozen vegetables and fruits from the supermarket, but they really don’t taste all that great. Let’s see if I can get the wife and my little kid join me in this. I will tell them first thing tomorrow. Got most of the equipment so that’s a start 🙂 Good stuff Kitty, keep it coming!

    1. Jurgen. Thank You so much for your reply. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I absolutely love home frozen and home canned foods. I buy my corn and tomatoes from a local gardener when I freeze and can my foods. I am not blessed with the time or space to grow my own to last all winter. It is the most delicious way to eat fresh. I have not bought any frozen food from the grocery store in years. I believe I am healthier because of it. There are no preservatives in my frozen or canned foods. All the preservatives I use are all natural.

      I hope you will stop by and visit again, I have lots of recipes to share for more of the veggies and fruits in store for future posts. Thank You again for your kind words….Kitty

  2. Hi kitty. I just wanted to let everyone know that i have tasted the corn you have frozen with this method and its the best tasting frozen corn ive ever had. Yummy. I love corn on cob and it tasted just like its on the cob. Amazing!! You guys got to try this!!

    1. Such wonderful words from my best friend. Thanks Minnie for stopping by and leaving words of encouragement. I hope that everyone who is interested in freezing their own corn will have the chance to taste how wonderful it is. It is as my BF says. Simply delicious. Thanks Minnie, you know I love ya….

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