How To Attract Butterflies

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Learning How To Attract Butterflies Can Be Fun And Rewarding

Its also very good for the Butterflies. With new growing systems like GMO, the butterflies can no longer lay eggs between the corn rows and the pesticides have killed off many of them.  The Butterfly Migration of Northern Mexico has reported a drastic low of migrating Butterflies for this reason. We are possibly going to see an extinction if we don’t take measures to stop using the horrid pesticides, like Round-up. There are so many organically safe ways to control weeds and pests.  Please start using the organic way and stop pesticide use before we lose these majestic creatures


I Have Never Seen Anything More Beautiful

Well, I may have, but this was priceless. My son Kenny came bounding in the house and yelled for me to come outside. I walked out onto my deck and there were hundreds, maybe thousands of Monarch Butterflies attached to my house. I could not believe my eyes. What a majestic site. I stood there still, so not to scare them away and watched them. I finally walked back in the house to finish what I was doing, came back out an hour later, they were gone. WOW. I was truly amazed. I did some research and this is what I found.

It was fall, the time for Migration of the Monarchs

They picked my house because I had a large Pussy Willow Bush planted next to my deck and it provided safe refuge for a snack and a rest. That explains why they completely covered the bush and the whole side of my house.

I definitely will plant another Pussy Willow bush this year. I hope this new house is in the migration route and they will stop again. Many of you probably had this happen to you. Sometimes you can even miss it, while your at work or busy. They don’t stay long, maybe an hour at most.

 List Of Plants That Butterflies Are Attracted To

  • Pussy Willow
  • Lilac
  • Maple Tree
  • Lobelia
  • Weigela
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Cosmos
  • Verbena

PUSSY WILLOW Graceful and Beautiful. Also makes great centerpieces and used in many crafting projects


LILAC The most wonderful scent wafting in the air in Springtime. A wonderful addition to your landscape






Maple Tree in the Fall. Gorgeous red toned leaves to beautify the landscaping




LOBELIA Comes in many colors

WEIGELA Gorgeous bush that flowers in the spring. The flowers are so thick it lays down the branches
BUTTERFLY BUSH Butterflies love this







COSMOS These flowers come in many varieties and color







VERBENA Gorgeous flowers in many colors






This is not all of the plants

It’s my picks. I feel these ones are beautiful and workable to start a butterfly garden with.

The butterfly lays its eggs on a plant that will become a source of food for the larvae.

As the larva grows, it will possibly go through several stages before it matures to the pupa bountifulharvesting.comstage. It will then form the pupa case which is  called the chrysalis. After the metamorphosis, the chrysalis will split open and the butterfly will emerge.

I hope many of you have experienced the stages of the butterfly. I have had the opportunity while living out in the country as a child. It was marvelous to see the transformation. I tried to recreate the metamorphosis myself for my children when they were young. We watched the whole thing in a mason jar. When the butterfly emerged, my kids were still at school. I went outside and opened the jar to see the butterfly nestled inside the lid, and it flew away. Wow, what a bummer. They were not happy.

If You Have A Fruit Tree Or Rotten Fruit
I put this Watermelon out this morning with a little beer on it. Less than an hour later, this is what I saw. Feeding dish courtesy of Milan Prison, Milan Michigan

You can attract butterflies by setting out a dish of overripe fruit with a little beer poured over it. They like the yeast in the beer. Or you can add a sugar, yeast, water mix and pour over the fruit. I think it would be easier to just pour a little beer on the fruit. If you have a fruit tree, leave some on the ground or put up on a tree branch for the butterflies to feed on.





I hope you enjoyed my site. Forgive me for the picture placement. I could not get them to go in and be uniform. Maybe someday I will figure that all out. But for now, enjoy the information. I hope you will consider trying to attract Butterflies this year, or you can plan your garden to include some yummy and protective plants for them to thrive on next year.

TIP….You can take a Pussy Willow branch and stick it in the ground. It will grow. Nothing needed but water. I have done it several times. If you know someone with a Pussy Willow bush or tree, grab a branch from the bush or tree and stick it in the ground where you want it. Amazing yet true. They grow very fast, so next spring you will have many shoots coming out of the ground.

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Author: kitty

My Son Kenny and I enjoy everything that is all natural. We enjoy nature , rescuing animals in need, advocating for the Homeless. We are getting back to basics and hope you will come with us and learn great ways to eat healthy, live peacefully, and enjoy life. Love all animals, it is the greatest love of all Help the Homeless, they all have a story to tell

16 thoughts on “How To Attract Butterflies”

  1. I didn’t know that there are specific plants that attracts butterflies. I thought that as long as a plant has flowers, butterflies will go into them. And what surprised me is that fruits also attract them. How cool is that? So among the plants that you have said, what would you recommend the best? I mean, I need help because I don’t know what to choose from them.

    1. Hi John, I know from experience that Pussywillow will bring lots of Butterflies. I had one and was lucky enough to witness a swarm that was migrating. I never seen so many in my life as I did that day. If you find a Pussywillow tree, grab a branch about 2 feet long, stick it in the ground, good and deep, about a foot. Water it well and you will have your own tree. Sounds crazy but it works and they grow very fast. When I planted mine I was amazed. It grew so much the first year and was a full blown tree the next.

      Impatiens attract both Butterflies and Hummingbirds. If you want Hummingbirds get red ones. Also Butterfly Bushes are beautiful and Butterflies love them also. I have seen Butterflies on my Chamomile but not as many as with the other plants. Any of the plants I have listed will bring loads of them. So Good Luck…..Kitty

  2. I like Monarch butterflies they are so majestic. from this post. I understand what I must do to attact them into my garden! Omg I appreciate the list of plants to get! bright color! I learn a new way to attack them with a rotten fruit I might try that too. And planing seed should became a natural way to express we care about those creatures!

    1. Alan. Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you enjoyed my post. I hope you will consider planning to plant flowers and bushes to attract these beautiful creatures. It will be enjoyable for years to come. Please stop back for more posts for your health and happiness…..

  3. Hello Kitty, I agree with you 100% that we need to stop using pesticides they are killing many insects that are good for the environment.

    I grow a veggie garden every year and have never used pesticides. Some of the leafs might get crewed on a little, but that’s okay I do not eat the leafs I eat the vegetables on the plants. The bugs can have the leafs and I will have the Veggies.

    I’m going to have to get some of the plants that you say are good for attracting butterflies.

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. I’m sure it will open a lot of eyes on the importance of not using pesticides, as it has opened my eyes.


    1. David, Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you agree. I feel the same way. Everything I grow is strictly organic. I lose a little buy hey, I am not hurting our environment, A lot of people don’t realize that using pesticides has a trickle effect. Pesticides affect the ecosystem, water system, bees, birds, hummingbirds, butterflies. I hope to help more people aware so we can continue to enjoy nature and it’s critters. I hope to see you again soon. I will be posting about bats soon, they are very beneficial to gardeners, and crop farmers. Having bats will keep all beetles, tomato worms, many other pest on gardens. Bats eat them all, including about 1000 mosquitos an hour.

  4. What a beautiful post! You sound just like my mom! She is always trying to get butterflies, birds, chameleons, frogs, you name it to come to her garden, She never uses any pesticides. She plants things that the creatures will love.
    We have the most stunning place in Cape Town called Butterfly World. I love taking my kids there, there are butterflies everywhere as well as lots of other creatures. We are currently just renting, but when we have our own house and garden I will come back to your post.

    1. Lynne. Thank You so much for stopping by. Yes, Butterflies and all creatures have a calming effect on the body. It is wonderful sitting in the backyard and watching nature at it’s best. I hope to see you again….Kitty

  5. This was kind of interesting. That pick that you had with all the butterflies in it was pretty cool. It made a lot of sense that certain plants would attract butterflies, but it never occurred to me to use rotten fruit!

    I’m sure that adds to the aesthetics of your yard or garden as well, having all of the butterflies around. I learned something. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Jay, Thanks for visiting. I am a believer, and my goal is to make you one also. I hope to see you again….Kitty

  6. this post is so beautiful! im really loving all the bright gorgeous colors you have used and all the lovely pictures are so pleasing to the eye. I did not know much about butterflies and that you can attract them with certain plants so i am really looking forward to getting some of the mentioned plants to wait and see if i get some pretty little visitors!

    1. Kerry. Thank You so much. I wish you so much luck with your planting. You will be so thrilled with your end result. I hope to see you again soon. Please let me know how it turns out….Kitty

  7. Hey there Kitty,
    Loving your post, nicely-written and I love the butterfly pictures! I love butterflies but never knew a thing about them, didn’t know that fruit trees or rotten fruits attract them, definitely trying your beer+watermelon trick tomorrow! I have a huge garden and it would look really nice if there are butterflies around, i’ll be the only house in the neighborhood with it lol. Bookmarked your page, keep up the good work 😀

    1. Hello Riaz Shah, Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s really fairly simple, if you know what to put in your yard to achieve the nature lovers dream. Who wouldn’t want to sit on the patio and watch beautiful Butterflies or Hummingbirds. It is so serene and very relaxing, so good for your health. Why not sip a cup of your homemade tea leaves. Sounds Awesome to me. I recommend anyone who is feeling stressed to get out in nature and enjoy the tranquility. I know I love it, it’s so good for the soul. I hope you get a chance to put some flowers or bushes to attract them. I listed several on the post. They are all beautiful additions to your landscape. It’s a win win situation.. I hope you inspire the rest of the gardeners in your neighborhood to do the same. Thank You for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon….Kitty

  8. When butterflies flutter by the world seems to just stop for a second and a peaceful moment occurs.

    A family I know just lost two members within a month of each other. Ever since the funerals that family has been visited by an unusually large number of butterflies. They come and just hang around for awhile and then leave and soon there is another coming by to visit. I hear that this is a common occurrence and that butterflies are seen as emissaries from the ‘other side’.


    1. Gary, I have heard that too, many times from people. Sometimes when I look out my kitchen window, I see one just hanging around till I look at it, then it flutters for a minute and flies away. Yesterday, in fact I was standing outside in my back yard and was watching two fireflies. One came over to me and almost landed on me. It was about 30 feet away when I noticed it and it flew all the way over to inches from my face as if to say hello. It was calming. I believe that we are visited often by our loved ones who passed. My parents passed away when I was very young so these visits, whether true or not, are a blessing to my soul. I think that is why I create the little ways to attract them.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope to see you again, real soon…..Kitty

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