Weeds That Heal-Dandelion

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There are weeds that have the capacity to cure cancer?

Well, yes they can. Much research has been done in recent years that have proven the natural cures that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about. Many new discoveries and uncontested compounds of vitamins, minerals, and properties to stop cancer in its tracks. If you have cancer, the Edible Weeds that I talk about here, on this site  are capable of shrinking tumors and stop cancer from growing.

I am very happy to show you which ones are responsible for these wonderful cures and prevention. I am posting them on this site as I find and research them. Here is one of my favorites………….


Known as Swine Snout, Blow Ball, Lions Tooth and Priests Crown. This hated flower, which is really a herb has so much to offer. It is used for tincture, upset stomach, teas, thickening sauces, and wine. The roots can also be roasted and used for coffee. The roots make tea and tinctures for stomach and other ailments. Dandelion is so newly discovered for its healing properties, new funding by the government for the further research of curing cancer. Dandelion is being looked at for curing Leukemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer and some drug resistant forms of cancer.

In the last few years, funding was made available for research on Dandelion. The results were astounding. This team of scientists collected Leukemia cells and formulated a root extract from Dandelion.  In this cultured dish the Leukemia cells went through apoptosis, within 24 hours, (natural cell death), and none of the healthy cells were killed.

These same scientists suggested to patients with cancer that they drink Dandelion tea. In four months the man who was told to go home and get his affairs in order was in full remission.

I personally like it for the tea. I mix the tea with chamomile or stinging nettle. All which can be home grown, except for the stinging nettle which you don’t want to grow. Go find it.

People who have been drinking this tea will most likely never get the certain types of cancer that this herb is known to cure. So, Bravo we have a new and natural way.

Stay tuned for more and upcoming Posts about Weeds That Heal.

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Author: kitty

My Son Kenny and I enjoy everything that is all natural. We enjoy nature , rescuing animals in need, advocating for the Homeless. We are getting back to basics and hope you will come with us and learn great ways to eat healthy, live peacefully, and enjoy life. Love all animals, it is the greatest love of all Help the Homeless, they all have a story to tell

34 thoughts on “Weeds That Heal-Dandelion”

  1. Thank you for your post, who would have beleived it that the old Dandelion was so powerful. I remember as a kid collecting them and creating ant’s homes as I built them up lol. The 70’s was a lot of fun.

    1. Hey James, Thanks for stopping by. Yea the Dandelion is an amazing plant. I played with them when I was young too. Who would have known the wonderful properties in these hated spring weeds.

  2. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Fantastic work!

    1. Kirstie. I have a WordPress site. I designed everything myself. Thank You for the complement. I am not computer savvy and I worked very hard doing this site. It’s not there quite yet, but I am working to learn how to make it better. I just concentrate on the content and teaching folks how to live healthy, appreciate nature and learn how to sustain themselves chemical free. Thank You so much again. All the images will be replaced soon. For some reason, they did not make the move when I changed hosts. Please come back and visit us soon….

  3. I am so pleased I found this website and I will return often.

    I am very impressed with your article about Dandelion and how it is able to kill cancer cells. That is wonderful information to learn about and all honor to the researchers who took their focus away from the usual and looked to the weeds that grow so freely in the fields, gardens or wherever they are left to do their own thing.

    I wonder if Dandelion has properties that could overcome constant recurring infections that are so troublesome and becoming resistant to antibiotics? I would like to think that Dandelion or some other natural source could kill off infections. I am not sure if killing infections is the right terminology but I would certainly like to find a way to get rid of these unwelcome things.

    1. Hi ValerieJoy

      Did you know that taking Antibiotics for a long period of time decreases its effect over time? Also, if you do not finish taking them like prescribed, the infection comes back stronger and becomes resistant to the antibiotic?

      There is so much to learn about Weeds. I have listed some of many that are actually like an antibiotic and they don’t lose their power when taken on a regular basis. I am now Big Pharma free and I practice what I preach. I find what ever I need to get over what ever I have. I always drink my healing teas so I hope you will take the time to read about them.

      Make plans to collect some Dandelion plant and roots this coming spring, and don’t forget the Stinging Nettle, and Chamomile. Those are my 3 sickness fighters and longevity teas.

      Plantain is a good source for infections on skin. Rub some of this weed between your fingers to release the juice and place on skin. Best skin antibiotic properties on the planet. Why pay 6.99 for it at the store when it is right in your backyard. Better than Neosporin. No lie.

      I have it growing in a pot with my marigolds. My friends think I am crazy. No, I have it handy when I need it. I feel so wonderful knowing that I am teaching my grandchildren what my grandparents taught me. To live off this land. We all survived way before commercial products came around. It took me a lot of years to realize that they were right. Now I am living it and doing my best to spread the word to people who never knew about these things. And I am saving a ton of money, seriously, I save a lot.

      A family of four spends an average of 150 per week for food. I can do on less than 50. The most awesome thing is, they eat so much better, I have more food and it’s wholesome, chemical free, preservative free and GMO free.

      I don’t coupon shop unless the coupon is for flour, sugar or staple foods. This is a process that takes time. I am slowly trying to ease my readers into a lifestyle that is healthy.

      I hope you can join me on this journey to get healthy and have fun doing it……Kitty

  4. I am so pleased I found your website, I will return to it often.

    I am very impressed with your article about Dandelion and the healing properties it has. To think that a weed can kill cancer cells is absolutely wonderful information. And all honor to the researchers who have taken their focus away from the usual and turned their attention to the plants that grow freely in the fields, gardens or wherever they are left alone to do their thing.

    I just wonder what other qualities Dandelion may have, such as dealing with constantly recurring infections? If Dandelion can kill cancer cells maybe it can play a part in killing infections. Not sure if killing is the right word in respect to infections, but I certainly would like to be able to that.

  5. Very interesting!

    I’ve realized that everything seems to “cause cancer” in todays world. So I find myself doing everything I can to prevent cancer.

    Dandelion is something that I was unaware CURED cancer. That’s pretty impressive! After doing some more research on this, I think I’m going to start drinking some dandelion tea. It can’t hurt, right? 🙂

    1. Jay..Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Yes the Dandelion is awesome. I drink the tea all the time. I look forward to spring when I can collect more roots for tea, along with leaves from the wild Stinging Nettle and flower buds from the Chamomile flower. Consider adding those to your teas. Don’t forget to eat the Dandelion leaves and flowers too. There is more info on that on my Making Your Own Tea post. Tea is very healthy and can cure a lot of diseases if you drink the right ones. I described all the wonderful benefits of certain plants for tea in this post. So, If you are considering drinking tea for Health, please read that post also.

      I am here to answer any and all questions on Tea, so please plan a harvesting trip in the spring. If you need any tips or advice, just let me know. Thanks again for stopping by…

  6. Hi Clark,
    Great post right there! Thanks for the hope that it also brings. It’s true herbal remedies have been a source of great breakthroughs fr medicinal remedies to otherwise terminal illnesses, only that for unknown reasons this often goes not into the public domain.
    About dandelion, does it cause allergic reactions especially for patients taking potassium-sparing diuretics?


    1. Hi Boniface. I did some research on the Dandelions as far as taking potassium sparing diuretics. I found a website, Dandelion information and drugs interactions. On there there was a small article containing information on the subject of potassium sparing diuretics.

      Dosing considerations for Dandelion.The appropriate dose of dandelion depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for dandelion. Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.

      I hope this information was helpful to you and anyone who is considering ingesting Dandelion. I personally cannot see a problem unless you eat a lot of Dandelion or drink a lot of tea with Dandelion in it. Nevertheless, I would consult your physician if you have concerns. I love how this article says that natural products are not necessarily safe. That statement I am sure was a result of Big Pharma not wanting you to inquire further about natural healing powers. It is possible if you are already taking drugs to sustain health.

      What I write specifically about on this site is use natural products before the need to take pharmaceutical drugs. Those that do already take pharmaceutical drugs will need to investigate the difference and effectiveness of pharmaceutical vs. natural healing. I hope you will be able to utilize the use of Dandelion. It is truly a wonderful alternative to Big Pharma Drugs.

      Many people have gone from Big Pharma to natural healing. It takes much dedication and research. More than I could ever do on this site. I am all about awareness. Now that you know there are better and healthier ways to heal, the choice is yours. For those who are already taking drugs for certain ailments, they will have to do their diligence and make the decision to forego prescribed medication and take the natural route.

      I appreciate your question and I know it answered many questions others may have had. Let’s all explore the wonderful world of natural healing and medicine. I will gladly find the answer to any question you, or anyone needs to know.

      Please come back and visit me again. It’s always nice to see you….Kitty

  7. I found your article very interesting and informative. Herbs have been around for centuries and have been used for all sorts of things over the years. Most people think of many herbs as weeds because they do not realize how beneficial these weeds actual are. Just think of all the pesticides that have been sold in order to kill the dandelion a weed that will help those suffering with cancer. Please keep spreading the word people need to know this.

    1. Hello Maureen. Thank You for stopping by. Yes, I am a firm believer in grow foods, not lawns. In fact I am happy to say I will be lawn free in my backyard next spring. I have to have a front lawn for the city but it will not be pristine.

      I believe that chemicals can kill you. I have been chemical free all my life and I believe I have benefited from it. I am healthy.

      I would like to stress about eating process foods and please research Monsanto. You would be disgusted at what they put in your food. Change a chemical or two in your box macaroni and cheese and you will have motor oil or worse yet, pesticide. Many countries have banned most process foods from their country and yet we are still allowed to sell it to consumers who do not know what is actually in it. For example when you are shopping take a look at some of the Kraft cheese slices. Particularly the wrapped ones. See if you can find anywhere on that package that says the word cheese. My guess is you won’t. I have looked and no where does it say it. Just another way to deceive consumers. I am appalled that the FDA and USDA allows this. That is why I write this website. To inform people that they are not eating what they think they are eating. Going back to basics is all about health and knowing what you are eating.

      Thanks for stopping by. Please come back and visit us again to learn more ways to get healthy and stay healthy…..Kitty

  8. Wow, was doing some research on tea’s and came across your article. I had no idea the power of the Dandelion. This is amazing info! I might have to start drinking some of this tea to avoid the certain cancers. Who wouldn’t want to do this, right? I knew some wild flowers were often broke down into teas for healing use but I had no idea about the Dandelion. It’s such a common flower. Very interesting stuff!

    1. John. This is exactly why I love doing what I do. Awareness and research. Yes the Dandelion has many many benefits. Mix it with the other teas you have or drink it straight. Nothing but good stuff in Dandelion tea. I drink some every night before bed mixed with my Chamomile, and in the morning, I drink Dandelion with Green Tea and Stinging Nettles. I only sweeten my teas with honey. No sugar. I hope to stave off any bad diseases, It’s all good for you. The best part is it is all free for the taking. Enjoy. Thanks so much for stopping by…..

  9. Wow, dandelion sounds absolutely amazing, and it sure seems like a better alternative than chemo, and even some other natural-seeming cures for cancer. I’m glad I found this…thanks so much for your insight, and also the proof that you took the time to post to show that this thing works and that scientists are actually interested in using this as a means to cure cancer.

    Do you think that dandelion can be mixed well with lavender or peppermint? I usually drink those teas as those are my favorites.

    1. Hi Jay. Thanks for stopping by. I know I was amazed at what Dandelions can do for disease. I always thought it was just well-being sort of plant. I always liked the leaves for salad and frying. Research has taught me so much more. It is funny however, how did grandma know this stuff? I learned so much about home cures from her.

      As far as mixing with lavender and peppermint, if it’s a hot tea, I would say they would go together. Add a little honey with it. If it’s cold tea, I am not sure, though I think it would be the same.

      Good for you, for drinking the good stuff. I hope you will get a chance to see my other posts. I have a lot more coming. Hope to see you again soon…..

  10. Most interesting information about the rather disliked dandelion. I guess disliked because they seed so prolifically and spoil the look of your lawn if the get away.

    None the less it is great fun to blow their fluffy white tops and see the little parachutes float away. 🙂 It is just when ones neighbor lets them grow completely wild that they become a nuisance.

    On a more serious note I agree that we have lost sight of many of the more traditional and natural cures because drugs companies have taken over. Also medical training often only follows the one path.

    Fortunately there seems be a number of doctors who are begining to consider a mix of both modern and traditional medicine to address our ailments and diseases. My wife had a doctor who did just this in a very well balanced approach.

    And a final note about dandelions. Yes they do make good wine. I tried it out many years ago as an exercise under the guidance of my wine drinking father. It turned out OK.

    Have you used them to produce any wine? What was the result?

    1. Hi IanW Thank You for stopping by. I used to hate Dandelions also, Since I have learned about the many health benefits, I embrace their spring comings. I search for patches of them and happily dig out the roots for my much loved teas. I love giving lots of tea mixes to my friends and co-workers so they can experience the health benefits and educate them to do it themselves. My goal is to spread awareness of the alternatives to taking medication that simple education of the weeds that heal can give. If you eat and drink of the weeds that heal, chances are great that you won’t need synthetic drugs to sustain your life. I am living proof. I am 62 and take no medications. I have been living what I write. I consume these goodies on a regular basis and strive to live longer by eating healthy and doing what I can for my body to naturally heal and ward off any diseases.

      I am so glad to hear that your wife’s doctor has gone to traditional healing along with medicine and I hope that catches on to more doctors in the future.

      Thanks for stopping by. Oh, yes, I have had the Dandelion wine. I didn’t make it, but I plan to in the future. The taste was not as sweet as I would have liked. It was more on the tart side. I intend to remedy my batch with added sugar. or juices of some sort.

      1. Thanks for the reply Kitty.
        You are right about the dry /tart taste of the dandelion wine. 🙁
        We had the same result. Kept it for a number of years with only marginal improvement

        1. Hi Ian. Sorry I did not see your reply sooner. I was wondering if you plan to make it again? I have been thinking of several different ways to attempt this. I would love to be able to drink Dandelion wine and enjoy it. I would be happy if it tasted close to a Zifindel if that’s how you spell it. Lol. Anyway, I wondered if a pure juice added would hinder the process of fermentation. I was thinking Apple like a sweet Apple, or any other sweet juice as opposed to adding more sugar. Let me know what you think. I am gonna give it a try next spring. I can grab the tops and leaves as I grab the roots for tea.
          I don’t know the science of fermentation. I think I should probably research the subject. May be a good article to post on my site with my recipe for Dandelion wine is made right, when I figure out what right is. I’d appreciate any input of knowledge if you have some good information to share. Thanks for getting back to me….

  11. I really like the article on Dandelions and Your Health, it was very interesting to know about the benefits of dandelions, this has been one of my interest for as long as I can remember on the health benefits of plants and I will bookmark your page and come back often to see what other great writings you will have.

    1. Jerry, Thanks for stopping by. I have a lot more great information coming. So I hope you come back and visit. My next post will be about Bats and the benefit of having them for Organic growers. I hope you will come back and visit me again soon. Also, we will be canning Tomatoes soon, so I hope you will come back for that one….

  12. Oh God! people are dying and there is something which can help them. I don’t understand why modern medicine is not using it? or recommend it to people? I personally know it as flower in garden and didn’t know what it is really. thank you Kitty Clark, I already shared your page on google+ and twitter.

    1. Thank you Charlotte. This is why I write these informative articles. Awareness is the key. We have so many plants among us that have the capacity to heal us. Big Pharma is the reason it is not researched and utilized here in the US as much as it should. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of research is being done in the US, but mostly not approved by the FDA. That is because Big Pharma has the FDA in their back pocket. Yea, I said it, because it’s true.. All across Europe it is recognized and is currently being utilized in medicinal treatments. I hope to make everyone aware and start researching themselves to the best way to heal. The healthy way. Plants do not destroy your body like intrusive Chemo and other drugs that cause side effects that need more drugs to counteract them. It’s a shame. My Grandmother was so right all those years ago. We need to get back to basics Pharmaceutical Drugs has gotten way out of control. Thank You for sharing me. I hope you will stop back by and visit. I will be continuing to raise awareness with every post.

  13. I’ve heard that dandelion is great for many different things, including helping in the fight against cancer.

    I think the government and mostly the lobbying of the big pharmaceutical companies has always thwarted the efforts of natural healing methods.
    The drug companies want to line their pockets rather than do what’s best for the health and welfare of people; and the government follows right behind them – way to much money involved – they want to keep things right where they are, unfortunately.

    Are there any other herb good for fighting cancer?
    … do happen to have a link for that research you mention; it would be very interesting to read.


    1. Joanne I totally agree with you on Big Pharma. Other countries like Germany are adding Botany courses to physician requirements. It is because of money that we don’t have that advantage here. The books I read are mostly offline. I get a few from the library, I have done research online, but I always try to back up the online research with books written on the subject. One of my favorite reference books is Handbook of Edible Plants by James A Duke. I will put that on my site. It is a great handbook. The other resources are from A site about German research and Botany. You will have to sort through many pages to find specific articles on what I write about. I am not a Botanist. Just an eager researcher who wants to learn more about sustaining your health. Here’s the link to my most recent research on edible and healing plants.http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2015/jun/0

      You will enjoy the read. I will also put this link on the post. Please come back and visit again. My next post will be just as interesting and enjoyable as this one.

  14. This was so interesting! I recently read about dandelion as a natural detox method, but had definitely not heard about its potential healing properties with cancer! That’s really awesome if they’re able to get that in order. It seems like it would be a great thing to start using as a proactive measure, too. I have familial history of pancreatic cancer, so this hit home with me for sure — great post!

    1. Megan Thank You for stopping by. You can take preventative measures now by drinking tea made from Dandelion root. My three favorite tea plants are Dandelion, Chamomile, and Stinging Nettle. You can find Stinging Nettle growing in the wild, Chamomile is a pretty plant with gorgeous flowers that you can grow in your yard. Dandelion comes in spring and you can eat the whole plant. the roots are dried for tea. Only get the roots in early spring and late fall. You can start by drinking the teas I wrote about in my post. These are the best three. I have other ones on there but they are hard to grow and Green Tea takes three years to mature to tea stage. Ginseng takes four to five years. Start with the three I mentioned. one to two cups a day will lessen your chances of getting cancer. Like I said before, my grandmother was right.

      It would be worth it to purchase Ginseng and Green Tea to drink, but only buy from reputable dealers. Don’t buy tea that says, with Green tea or with Ginseng. That could be a very small amount. I imported my seeds from China, I will put a link for Green Tea leaves and Ginseng that is reputable on this post asap. Please come back and visit. Always a pleasure

  15. Hi Kitty, I am a firm believer in herbal medicine having experienced great benefit in the past. I would be interested to see more information in your post about the evidence. You refer to a study, so it would be good to know which one. There is enough evidence to see and perhaps if you are claiming that some herbal remedies can cure, or help those with cancer, it would be good to see sources and references.

    1. Rich. A lot of my research takes me to so many different studies. I mostly read the new German studies that Botanists have findings on Weeds that heal. I also read in the journals that Botany was also a prerequisite to the exam for Physicians. Meaning that in order to become a physician in Germany, you must also be educated in Botany. This was added in recent years because of so many findings on the subject, and the healing powers of these plants. This practice is also used in everyday life of a physician in Germany, making use of these life saving plants. I am sad to say that I think it has not caught on here because we have Big Pharma blocking any an all research utilization and waving big money in physicians faces to prescribe this and that, instead of the wonderful healing powers of these plants. The side effects of prescribed drugs call for more drugs and are sometimes debilitating. These plants have nothing but healing power in them. My grandmother was right, she lived to be 95 and rarely went to the doctor. Now I know why. I am hoping to raise awareness on these plants. Don’t believe it? That would mean that you are missing out on the wonderful world of natural healing. You can heal yourself. I only touched on this subject. There is so much more to learn. Good luck to you and i hope to see you again. Until then, consider planting some Chamomile in your yard. It cures cancer. My grandmother told me if my mom would have drank a cup of Chamomile tea everyday, she would not have died of cancer. I believe her now. I hope you believe too. Plant those flowers, live longer, simple.

  16. Always like the articles for better health and yours for Weeds That Heal is a great one.
    I have always remembered about eating the leaves of dandelion as dandelion spinach from my grandmother.
    Taking the roots for making a tea I was never aware of and sounds like something worth checking into. Always a fan of healthy alternatives.

    1. Travis. Thanks For Stopping by. It feels so good when I can educate people with knowledge. I write for that reason. Yes dandelion roots make a wonderful tea. Mix it with Chamomile and Stinging Nettle. The Dandelion roots can be picked again in late fall, so try to get some for winter. Stinging Nettle also should be picked in early June, If you can still find some young shoots they are good. Chamomile is a beautiful delicate flower that enhances any landscape. It would be great if you planted some of those next year to enjoy the wonderful tasty tea that it makes. Mixing Dandelion root, Stinging Nettle, and Chamomile makes one power packed tea. I enjoy comments like yours and appreciate your interest in Health. I hope to reach as many people I can to educate them how easy it is to get healthy.

  17. Oh wow, this is great information to share. Would you advise drinking the tea or chowing the roots in prevention of cancer too? For eg my gran died of cancer and a few family members got lung cancer (had ops and were fine) so if it is hereditary I should take preventative measure?

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