Growing Tomatoes Indoors
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If You love Homegrown

There could be many reasons that you can’t grow your own. You live in an apartment, you work too much, or you live in an area that has impossible soil that will take so much time to prepare. Clay soil can be time-consuming, just to be able to grow a plant sometimes takes a few seasons to prepare the soil.

I have seen areas that do not grow well. I personally lost two beautiful roses and many ornamental plants when I moved from one area to another. Just trying to fathom how much work it would take to ready the soil to try again was too much. Read my post on getting your soil ready if you have a clay soil problem, or if you want to learn how to prepare your soil for next year.

Many People opt for Container Growing

As explained in my previous post on Container Gardening, that is a wonderful alternative to planting a full blown garden. For space and time, it is a wonderful choice for many who work and have little time to garden. There are so many decorative pots to display your indoor garden. Indoor Vertical Garden Planters are amazing. Check these out. Vertical Gardening Flower Planter by Mr Stacky – Stackable Garden Pots – Grow Strawberry Herbs Pepper and More Indoor or Outdoor

What if You Could Have Tomatoes All Winter Using The Same Concept?

I have found that there are several varieties of tomatoes that are considered indeterminate. That means they never stop producing tomatoes. Amazing discovery I must say. Who Knew?

Most varieties of tomatoes are determinate. Tomatoes are grown and produce the tomatoes, then they are done. Indeterminate tomatoes, grow indefinitely. They will not stop producing tomatoes. They only stop because the season stops them.
Tomato Worms make me cringe. Yuck

Just imagine. There should be no tomato bugs or pests to eat them if you grow them indoors. I think they will be the best and tastiest of them all.

No one loves a homegrown Mator Sandwich as much as I do
Add Kale on Top……Heavenly

I eat so many mator sandwiches in the summer. I love only homegrown varieties. The store bought does not work for me. They are ok for burgers or stuff but just plain with bread and mayo, no way. They have to be homegrown.

I am so excited that I am going to be able to enjoy my mator sandwiches all winter long. I can’t wait to start my winter tomato plant.

It’s best to start the plant in a container outside. I know it’s getting late to start tomatoes, but this one is going to be brought indoors to keep growing. If you have tomatoes outside in a container that’s great, this one will be for your winter supply. Don’t worry that it is behind in the growing process, this is the mother lode of your tomatoes.

Indeterminate Tomatoes Are Mostly  The  Vine Tomatoes Type

So, if your tomato plant is the vine type, you will need to support it.  I am going to use sticks that I find to brace the plant. I think it would look lovely instead of the normal tomato cage. Hold your branches to the support with old sheet ties so you don’t damage the stem. I will post a pic when mine is ready. I am still looking for the right sticks to use. So start planning now which kind you will use.
Look Out Below

I am constantly finding sticks that are usable in my yard from the tree. I think the squirrels are throwing them at me because I didn’t put nuts out for them. Don’t laugh, the birds yell at me when their feeder is empty. So it’s possible the squirrels are sending me a message too. LOL, I love my outdoor critters.

Plant in a container that you will want to keep in a sunny area of your home. Mine is in my dining room. I have two windows in the corner that get both sun exposure so it will do great along with all my re-grows that I have there. The re-grows are also great savings. You can find my post on re-growing your veggies  Trust me, you will save tons of money, so be sure to go there.

Varieties of Indeterminate

You can always buy your indeterminate tomatoes already growing but make sure it is the right one. The seed packets will tell you what kind they are. So here is a list of indeterminate tomatoes.

  • Cherry Purple
  • Cherry Roma
  • Porterhouse Roma
  • Italian Ice Hybrid
  • Big Beef Hybrid
  • Razzle Dazzle Hybrid
  • Fourth Of July Hybrid
  • Mountain Magic Hybrid
  • Gardeners Delight
  • Little Mama
  • Tye- Dye Hybrid
  • Big Mama Hybrid

Planting By Seed

Seed packets should say if the plant is determinate or indeterminate. So you can go that route also.  Local markets and stores carry seeds that you can choose from. Amazon has discounted seeds, I also have bought from them with much success. Here are some Amazon links.30+ ORGANICALLY GROWN GIANT 1-2 LB Mr. Stripey Tomato Seeds, Heirloom NON-GMO, Low Acid, Indeterminate, Open-Pollinated, Rich Flavor, From USA You will find all kinds of great seeds that are indeterminate.

Planting By Cuttings

If you have an Indeterminate Tomato Plant Already growing, You can take cuttings. I cut the top 12 in off and put them in water. They should be ready to plant in 10 days.

Then I am planting both of them in a large 25 to 35 lb. bucket. I use the empty bountifulharvesting.comcat litter buckets that I buy for my cat’s litter box. You can cover it with contact paper or paint it, your imagination, your style to fit your decor. Recycle and Reuse. A large bucket is all you will need.
Use your imagination, Be Creative

Start collecting branches and sticks to make your trellis, Indeterminate Tomato Plants will vine to about 12 feet. You can prune them down as they are growing to keep them from going crazy. Use some twine to hold the two largest branches to the outside of the bucket.

Small branches are easy to find. I found some great ones at Belle Isle, a bountifulharvesting.comState Park, here in Detroit. Or you can trim branches off any vegetation in your yard. Take a family trip outdoors to the park or your nearest wooded area.

Using scrap wire of any kind or zip ties to hold the smaller branches to the two large branches, creating a trellis. All free, or cheap, so cool.

If you don’t want to make your own, try these Panacea Products 36-Inch Fan Pot Trellis, Green Just pop them in the bucket and your done.

When the Tomato Plant starts climbing, tie the stems to the trellis loosely with torn pieces of old sheets.

Cut holes in the bottom of the bucket and fill 1/4 of the bucket with and rocks. Find a square container a little larger than the bucket  to catch the overflow of water. It should be at least 3 in deep and extend 2 in from the bucket.

Make sure the soil you put in the bucket is nutrient rich. I am using Miracle-Gro 71683127 Nature’s Care Organic Potting Mix with Water Conserve, 32-Quart (currently ships to select Northeastern & Midwestern states)

Mix your nutrient rich potting soil with basic potting soil to fill the bucket. Use potting mix specific for your area. U.S., U.K. and other countries may have to use a different type that is available in your area. Just pay attention to the nutrient rich soil to give your  Tomatoes a great start.

There are also LED grow lamps that are very economical to run. I found a perfect one for indoor plants.LED Grow Light Bulb With FREE Clamp Reflector By ProLedGrow – 12 LEDS In Blue & Red Light – 12W Hydroponics Lights- Full Spectrum E27 Grow Listing System For Indoor Garden, Plants, Vegetables, Flowers

If you are considering growing great vegetables indoors, you want a good light for them to grow. You probably have a few sunny windows, though I have a feeling if you try one Tomato or any other plant I posted about that you can grow indoors, you will most likely want to continue to grow more.

I am expanding my grow this year. I am adding two Tomatoes to my grows. I am going to save the windows I have for my re-grows. This lamp is perfect for two Tomato plants to grow big and strong in the corner of my dining room. I can’t wait to walk in there and pick fresh homegrown Tomatoes for my meals. I will post pictures when they are ready.

Try to start your Tomato Plant outside until it’s time to bring it in. You should leave the Tomato Plant outdoors for at least a month. If you don’t have that much time, it’s ok, a good grow light will be enough.  If there is a danger of a frost, bring them indoors.

I Really Hope You Will Try at Least One Tomato Plant

All of us who love tomatoes could benefit from this way of growing tomatoes indoors this winter. So plan now what type you are going to grow and get started. Don’t forget how good tomatoes are for your body and you can benefit your health by growing you own homegrown tomatoes.


I hope you enjoyed my post. Please leave me a comment and share me so everyone can enjoy this information.

I would like to leave you with a

Have a Bountiful Day


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Author: kitty

My Son Kenny and I enjoy everything that is all natural. We enjoy nature , rescuing animals in need, advocating for the Homeless. We are getting back to basics and hope you will come with us and learn great ways to eat healthy, live peacefully, and enjoy life. Love all animals, it is the greatest love of all Help the Homeless, they all have a story to tell

15 thoughts on “Growing Tomatoes Indoors”

  1. Kitty, great to see you are promoting home grown tomatoes. Living in Australia there is lots I can grow all year around but tomatoes not so much unless you have a good warm, well ventilated greenhouse. I believe the warm and well ventilated may be contradictory!

    If you ever do get an outdoor garden with hard to work soil try above ground gardening. You can even use old table tennis tables. I did one for a paraplegic friend of mine. You use newspaper (if on the ground), lucerne (alfalfa), straw, chicken poo and kelp and compost. My dad used to grow his potatoes in the old plastic garbage bins using this method. He put slits in the sides of the bin and when he wanted a spud he just reached in and plucked out a nice big one. And it was clean too!

    One very delicious tomato that is indeterminate is the Amish Paste. My favourite, both great for cooking and eating.

    Keep up the great posts and I am going to visit your site again.

    1. Hello Helen, Thank you so much for the great information. I am currently growing Beefsteak and Early Girl. I am eating a lot of tomato sandwiches along with Kale that I am also growing indoors. I am planning on putting in an above ground, maybe 10in high for my Strawberries. I also would like to remove all my grass this year and have stone walks between my above ground garden. I am doing this because my dog is allergic to grass and I am a grow food not lawn kinda person. I can have many above ground gardens in my tiny yard. And keeping the dog from trampling it. She’s a big Rott. I probably will be using road gravel for the stone and sand for the potty area. I think this will work for me…I have a small grow lamp on my plants right now. The tomatoes are producing and about 6ft high vines. I used an empty kitty litter bucket. I have many since I have two cats. So they work out well with what I plant.

      Tomatoes are so good for you. I love them. I will not buy from the grocer, they do not taste as good. I give a lot away when I can’t eat them all. Which is often. Next year I m only planting one tomato plant.

      This is a great way to get tomatoes all winter long. When spring comes, I will move the plants outdoors to continue to give ripe red tomatoes.

      So if you love tomatoes, grow them indoors. It works. Also check out my post on regrowing your veggies. you will be surprised at what you can regrow in your windowsill in the winter.

  2. Hi Kitty,
    Nice post. Tomatoes are undoubtedly a household favorite to many. It’s rare to have a day pass without having tomatoes incorporated in my main dishes- except for fast days.
    Growing them within the house would be a whole new experience altogether. Just for more information, what yield and quality benefits would one get if they grafted determinate into indeterminate tomato types?

    1. Hello Boniface. Personally, I have never even thought about grafting two different types of Tomatoes. I really don’t know why one would consider it. As far as yield, I grew one plant last year and had enough Tomatoes to appease my daily needs. I live in harsh winter climate, I am not sure how long your winter Tomatoes will continue to yield, here we had Tomatoes until March, around January, the Tomatoes started slowing down. This winter, I am planning to start another Tomato Plant in December to continue my crop of Tomatoes to last until spring. Then I am going to attempt to put it outside. I will post the progress in a post around June of next year. This planting of another Tomato Plant in December will assure my crop of fresh homegrown Tomatoes. I must tell you, I use a small grow light that I purchased from Amazon, and it works very well for growing any kind of fruit or vegetable indoors. I hope you consider trying it, you will be amazed at the amount of fresh vegetables you can grow in your home. Among my vegetables packed in window light and artificial, I have many re-grows constantly growing. I estimate that I save hundreds throughout the year. I re-grow anything that I do not plant in my garden. I always have a constant supply of Lettuce, Tomatoes, Kale, Celery, Onions, Bok Choy and Garlic. Hmmm, Think I will have a salad for lunch.

      I suggest you grow two types of Tomatoes. Large and Cherry. I walk by my Tomato Plant every day and pluck a couple of small Cherry type Tomatoes and just eat them. I love having fresh veggies all winter long. The price of Tomatoes is so high here in colder climates and let’s just face it, they taste like crap. Homegrown is better. No Pesticides

      Also, no matter how much room you have in your home, you have room, trust me. My house is not that big. I am thankful that I have a separate dining room and that is where I keep most of my plants. It has great exposure and my windows are packed with shelves of re-grows. I made the shelves with pallet wood and painted it. It looks gorgeous. I will post the plans and how-to do it on my posts for the future. I am still busy with the canning and preserving posts. But, I will get to that this spring for a good project.

      Thanks for stopping by, As always, so great to see you again, Let me know when you start your indoor Tomato Plant…..Kitty

  3. Hello there!
    Tomatoes are my favorite vegetables and I can have them literally all day. Unfortunately we can only find good tomatoes where I live in the summertime. In the winter you can find tomatoes that taste like everything else than actual tomatoes. Lol!
    But this is great info here!
    Maybe I should start growing my own tomatoes this winter!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Katerina. Thanks for stopping by. I agree that tomatoes are crappy in the winter. I live in Michigan. All the winter tomatoes are shipped from somewhere else. They do not taste like tomatoes, so I quit buying them. I only eat my own homegrown or from farmers. I started growing my winter tomatoes a few years back. It works and they are just as good as grown outside. I have a great exposure in the new house and have filled up all spaces in them for my regrows and herbs. I am germinating seeds now for the winter months. I also have two tomato plants that have given tomatoes all season that are coming in the house. I am putting them upstairs in the loft room. There’s a big window up there. I will have fresh juicy tomatoes all winter. I won’t be paying the high prices for the tomatoes that only look like tomatoes, but are virtually tasteless. The savings alone is worth the effort. Taste and cost savings are the best reasons. I hope you will consider a tomato plant this winter.

      Thanks again for stopping by…..

  4. Hi Kitty, wonderful blog on growing tomatoes indoors. I have a outdoors veggie garden every year and for me I rather grow them in the grown than in containers because when they start getting big and having tomatoes on them you need to water them at least twice a day. However I do like the ideal of growing tomatoes indoors during the winter months.

    I never knew there were indeterminate tomatoes, could you give the names of a couple of them?

    1. Hi David Beefsteak, Brandywine and Big Boy tomatoes are indeterminate. Also, the early producing Early Girl, and Celebrity are also indeterminate. Keep in mind if you plan to grow indoors in winter, prune the plant to keep it from vining too much. You can compact any of these and still have tomatoes all winter. I am planting from seed Beefsteak and Early Girl in Sept and will start the growing process indoors. You will have ripe tomatoes all winter if you have a sunny window and a large enough pot. You can trellis your tomato plant or stake them. Just keep them as small as possible to avoid them vining out of control. There won’t be enough soil in the pot to support the growth of a large vine. That is why we keep them pruned to a certain size. You can find these seeds at a great price by clicking on my Burpee link on the sidebar of the page. I hope you will try one this year. I also grow tomatoes in the ground in my yard. Trouble is, when the season is over, I have no more homegrown tomatoes till Spring. Now I can enjoy my homegrown tomatoes all year long. Beefsteak is my favorite. Good luck to you and I hope you try growing tomatoes indoors this winter. It may be the beginning of a new growing tradition….Hope to see you again…

  5. Hi Kity,
    I have to say your site is very full of information, also everything is well written not boring to read. I love gardening, now i have read a few of your pages and I already learned something here. I love to do the vegetable partnering or combination. Does this mean i can grow my own vegetable all year round.? I hate the thought of buying vegetables in the grocery shop thinking what is in these veggies, pesticides, GMOs. I am very health conscious I want to live longer and in so doing, i would like to eat my own produce, but in the winter it is impossible to grow things. Now i need to bookmark your pages and come back because their is a lot in here. I clicked on your Burpee it takes quite a while to open or load, it seems that Burpee product is american I live in the UK maybe I can find some seeds that you mentioned here. We have gardener’s delight over here i will go for that. I wish I can grow avocado in a pot that would be great he he. I come from asia and I use to eat loads of avocadoes and bananas as we grow them in our backyard, sometimes avocadoes are just falling on the ground and no one bothers to pick them up, now i live in England and avocado is so expensive and it is also imported, how did that stuff got here without rotting I do not know. Thanks a lot for writing these for sure i will come back and read all your contents because I love what you have written down here. P.S what is “Mator” you mentioned mator sandwich.
    This comment was supposed to be on the the website feedback, when i tried submitting these feedback, it says I need to write my email related to gravatar but i don’t have a gravatar email so i might as well not waste what i had written so i copied and pasted it here
    All the best.

    1. Hello Jenny… LOL A Mator sandwich is just plain tomato and mayo on bread. And yes, you can grow avocados. I haven’t tried it but I have read alot about it and it does produce Avocados when mature. As far as veggies all year long, did you check out the Re-grow article. I have been re-growing the same celery, lettuce, green onions, and kale indoors. All it took was the bottom of the plant. and they have been giving back again and again all year. My celery lasted almost a year, I only discarded it because it started growing slower and slower and soon, hardly at all. That’s when you know it’s time to start over. I can’t believe I have been throwing away these goldmines all these years. WOW. and the savings are awesome. I am re-growing Iceburg, Bok Choy, and Romaine in my lettuce group. Also, Chives, and other herbs grow wonderful indoors with a little sun and they will also keep on giving. I have not had fast food in over 3 years and I am scared to death about what I have learned about GMO. My much loved Mac n Cheese in a box is just a memory now, I have not touched since I found out it has GMO in it. Also some cereals too. To my disgust, I found that Nestle baby formula is also made with GMO products. Take care in the milk you drink also, it is full of hormones from the cow. They give them these hormones to induce milk. These cows won’t live as long because they are more likely prone to diseases easier. Testing done on milk from cows that were given that hormone showed gross stuff like pus and bacteria in the milk. Buy organic when you can and try to grow your own. It is healthier and your body will benefit from not ingesting this garbage. I know what you mean about Avocados, when I was young,I lived in Calif, the pomegranates were available all year long. I had a tree in my backyard. I ruined so many dresses sitting out there eating my heart out, these delicious fruits. Now, in Michigan, they only come for a short while and they are sooo expensive.
      I would like to know what progress the UK is having on banning GMO. I know the UK is really big on banning many foods they feel is not suitable. It’s sad that the US is okay with the poisoning of our bodies. Politicians are even endorsing Monsanto, which is so sad. For now, I only eat organic. I am also so happy that WalMart is now only selling meat that comes from farmers. They no longer purchase from farm factories, which is so cruel to animals. I will only buy my meat from them now. I eat meat once or twice a week. The rest of the time I eat my own food and rice.
      I love the research, and I love sharing what I have learned. Please come back and see me again soon. Thanks so much for stopping by…Kitty

  6. Hi Kitty, I have read your page about growing tomatoes in doors. I did’nt know about determinate and indeterminante tomatoe varieties That would be awsome for over wintering a tomatoe plant and have fresh tomatoes all year round. Have a great summer. I like your website. Do you have more tips for growing tomatoes in pots over the winter? I live in a cold area and winter starts in november and some years even earlier.

    1. Dan, Thank You so much for stopping by. It gets cold here in Michigan in October so I would bring my tomatoes indoors late September. The pot should be big enough to support a tomato cage, stakes or trellis. You can put it by a sunny window or if you don’t get enough sun, get a LED light bulb and suspend it above the plant. If you are starting by seed for indoors, the LED light bulb is very helpful in keeping the tender seedlings warm..Happy Planting…Send pics….Thanks Again, I hope to see you back again….Kitty

  7. I love this! I have recently moved from the Garden State to the Sunshine State. But I am quite upset about the loss of my garden. I have moved into an apartment and I miss my fresh supply of veggies and most definitely tomatoes. I do not get a lot of sun, in my sunshine state apartment, I know it’s ironic. Would you know if any of these indeterminate tomato plants do well in the shade? I need to find a solution to my predicament. Thanks for the help!

    1. Hi Jenni Thank You so much for enjoying an article I had so much fun writing. As far as lighting, I explained to a gentleman earlier that I personally prefer a single LED light hung above the plant. That would give it enough artificial light to grow. LED is cheaper to use since you probably will have it on about 10 hours a day. Hang it above the plant and put a nice shade over it so it will concentrate the light on the plant. I am going to use my single LED this winter on my tomato plant. It works for Medical Marijuana growers from seedling to harvest so It will work on a tomato plant also. I also used a single LED for seedlings. It worked great….Good Luck and please send pics..Thanks Again for stopping by….Kitty

  8. Gary, I am so glad you enjoyed my article. As far as lighting. I found some really good ones at Amazon.You can actually buy the small one bulb and hang it above the plant. The LED is cost saving on electricity, A little more expensive but worth it. I use the small bulb when I am warming new growth when I plant from seed. It does wonders. It also helps with growing. LED is big among Medical Marijuana growers and it works quite well with their larger plants, so I would go with a single LED bulb hanging up above your tomato plants. You can make it decorative and put a nice shade. Maybe with red on it to go nicely with the beautiful red tomatoes you can grow with it. A shade would also let the light concentrate on the plant below. I would love to see pictures of your plant this winter so please send me a pic…BTW. I would start with one plant. That would give you enough tomatoes to feed a family all winter, since these varieties of tomatoes keep producing tomatoes.. Good luck to you and Thank You for visiting my site…..Kitty

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