100 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil is Amazing

bountifulharvesting.comThrough all my research, I have found so many useful and healthy ways to use Coconut Oil. You can eat it, shampoo with it,  make body butter to die for,

This  list is just simply awesome that I picked for you.

All these techniques and tricks have been tried and true. Some of the information you read on the internet is myth. I gathered all the tried and tested recipes for health and living. All of these work, so enjoy.

Tames frizzy hair

Put a little coconut oil in your palm, rub hands together to warm it up and rub it on you frizzy ends. Let set and wash out in a few hours. You can wrap your head in a towel or scarf and sleep on it. Your hair will be manageable with no frizzy ends.

Coconut oil can replace your moisturizer

coconut oil is very rich in oils and will benefit your whole body. It is safe to use on your face. Even if you have oily skin, spread a thin layer to control the oil.

Coconut oil can heal woundsbountifulharvesting.com

Yep, it’s true. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that help wounds and cuts heal faster.

Coconut oil can be used as deodorant

Coconut oil has properties that kill bacteria and yeast. That is what causes odor. But it will not stop perspiration, so only use if nothing else available.

bountifulharvesting.comMake soap with Coconut oil

Using coconut oil when making soap eliminates many ingredients. All you need are 3 ingredients, Coconut oil, water and lye.

Healthy wood polish

Traditional polishes just shine the surface of the wood. Coconut oil sinks down in the wood and actually nourishes it. Use the coconut oil as it is. Spread some on a rag and rub it in. It will not only beautiful your wood, it will nourish it too.

Soothing on fly or bug bites

On yourself, your dog or horse, this oil can and will sooth the itchiness of most bites. If your dog is scratching, rub a little on the irritated skin and it will stop the itch. Horses love the soothing oil too.

Use Coconut Oil instead of butter

Using a 1-1 ratio when cooking or baking. You will add a much better texture and a mildly sweet flavor to anything you cook or bake with it. It is much better as far as fats than butter.

bountifulharvesting.comExfoliating body scrub

This is so awesome…….Put one half cup coconut oil in muffin tins,  Place in oven at 300 till coconut oil completely melted. Remove from oven, Let cool, very important so you don’t dissolve the sugars you put in it.

Add 2 to 4 tblsp brown sugar and mix in. It should look grainy but will retain its solidity. You can also add sugar, or corn meal, or oatmeal. Let it solidify and place in freezer bags. When your ready to use, cut off what you will use and enjoy the scrubbing effect and the great thing is that it is so good for your skin.

Make up Remover

Anything with oil in it will actually remove make-up. But there are harsh make-up removers sold everywhere. Coconut oil is gentle on the tender skin around your eyes and is also moisturizing.

Massage oil

Excellent for massages. Coconut oil is so moisturizing and good for your skin. Softening your skin and going deep into the layers and adding so much moisture back into your body. So much better than just lotions which have harmful chemicals in them.

Cuticle and nail treatment

So many treatments on the market and so over priced. Many have several harmful chemicals in them. To get the best treatment and save tons of money for an actually better product, coconut oil cannot be beat. Just rub on cuticles and nails and let soak in. It will look marvelous.

Diaper Cream

As with many store bought diaper creams, there are way too many ingredients in the cream. totally un-necessary to add more to get the job done. Coconut oil is a natural antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral concoction that you will have no problems putting on your babies chapped bottom. It will also soothe and moisturize and your baby will be able to sleep comfortably and without pain. And just knowing you did it without all the un-needed stuff from the store makes a very sound choice.

For added soothing powers, add a little melted shea butter to the coconut oil to help it absorb and add more soothing.

Nipple Cream

You don’t need any other moisturizer other that coconut oil. It has no chemicals and it is completely safe for baby. Rub coconut oil around the nipples two to three times a day to keep nipples from chapping. And be happy, you are not adding more chemicals to baby.

Leather Polish

Just a few drops on a dry rag will buff up and shine that leather and add moisture to it and thus will keep it new longer.

Remove chewing gum from hair or carpetbountifulharvesting.com

Really works. place liberal amounts of coconut oil on gum whether on hair or carpet and let sit for 5 minutes. Remove with paper towel or rag. You won’t have to cut your hair or ruin your carpet. wash carpet with soap and water and shampoo hair. It also works on clothing.

Shaving Cream

Rub on skin as you would shaving cream and shave. No more bumps or rashes. It will also moisturize your skin

Bath oil

Melt some coconut oil in hot bath water. Swirl around the water and it will gently coat your skin. Great moisturizing effects on your skin. Sit in bath and let the luxurious oils go deep into your skin and come out with very soft skin.

Rash soother

Coconut oil has anti inflammatory properties that will soothe any rash and prevent excessive scratching  and itching. Takes the edge of excessive pain from itching.

Cutting board conditioner

Instead of buying over priced conditioners for your cutting board, just use some coconut oil. Wash and dry board, then spread some coconut oil and rub in. Buff with a clean dry cloth. For added protection, add a few drops of lemon juice to further disinfect your board.

Base blends for oils and body butters, lip balms and creams

Saving even more money on items you can make at home. The best thing is, these are all natural and no unwanted chemicals on your body. Use coconut oil as a base for all of these. Recipes for some at the end of this post.

Make your own Vapo Rub

Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to coconut oil to rub on chest or under nose to clear sinuses and aid with congestion. You can also use in a vaporizer. Helps you to sleep at night when congested and stuffed up. Wake in the morning to unstuffed sinuses and congestion.

On Toastbountifulharvesting.com

Spread on toast instead of butter for a wonderful tasty treat

Reduce Hair Balls

rub some on your cats paws as like any other hair ball medicine.


Add a few drops of essential oil to coconut oil and dab on your temples and behind your neck  to reduce stress and relax more.

ice cube pet treatsSummer dog treats

Mix some peanut butter with coconut oil and freeze in ice cube trays. Feed outside to avoid messy melting. Dogs will love it and so will their coats and skin.

Constipation Relief

One tblsp of coconut oil every morning on an empty stomach to keep the bowels running smooth. For constipation. 2 tblsp  for faster relief.

Under eye bags

Every nite before bed, rub a little coconut oil under eyes to help reduce swelling and dark circles


Coconut oil has whitening powers so it’s a good choice for toothpaste. Add some peppermint essential oil for flavor.

Treat athletes foot

The anti fungal properties in coconut oil make this wonderful to treat athletes foot. Wash and dry feet and rub on some coconut oil washing hands between each foot to avoid spread of fungus.

Sore throat

Melt a little coconut oil and swallow at least a tsp. This will coat the throat and make is less scratchy and relieve coughing.

bountifulharvesting.comClean your dogs ears

Gentle on skin. The dog will not give you any trouble when cleaning their ears with coconut oil. It feels so good and their skin will be so much better when your done.

Detail your car

Adds a luxurious sheen to dashboards and interior. Will prolong the life of your cars interior. Repels dust and smells great. Once it soaks in, it will last a long time. Also buffs out small scratches in your paint job.

Cracked Heelscure cracked feet

Soothe cracked heels with coconut oil. rub on lavishly every night and sloth off dry skin.

Gets rid of cradle cap

Rub on scalp and let sit for five minutes. Gently brush hair to loosen dead oil patches on scalp. Cradle cap is caused by overgrowth of yeast or excessive oil glands. This will remove it gently and painlessly.

Homemade teething gel

Add 2 tsp whole cloves to one half cup of coconut oil for a natural pain reliever and anti inflammatory. Rub on babies gums to help ease the pain of teething and stop inflamed gums. So much better than all the chemicals in the store bought brands.

Tattoo moisturizer

With the anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effects of coconut oil, it is wonderful to use on fresh tattoos while they are healing. Also heals great and softens the skin.

Slick your snow shovel

Rub some on your snow shovel to prevent snow from sticking

Clean Sap

Just like mayonnaise, coconut oil works great when cleaning sap off your skin. rub some on the sapped up skin and let sit for a few minutes, then wash with soap and water and the sap will wash off.

Unstick a zipper

Rub some coconut oil on the stuck part of the zipper and your ready to go

Squeaky hinges

rub some on hinges and there ya go

Shine your plant leaves

Also like mayonnaise, rub some on your plant leaves to shine them and give them moisture

Grease your baking pans

Use as you would lard or oil

Cure Ringworm

RIngworm falls under the same category as athletes foot. Ringworm is caused by one of several types of mold like Fungi that feeds on dead tissue on nails skin and hair. Rinse area with water and rub coconut oil three times a day. Be sure to wash your hands before and after each application.

Eyelash enhancer

To get luscious upturned lashes, rub some coconut oil on your lashes every night before bed. The proteins in coconut oil encourage growth and seal in moisture, with less breakage and less brittle lashes.

For your dogs beautiful coat

Soothe your dogs coat and skin by giving 1 tblsp daily to dogs over 30 pounds. Dogs under 30 pounds give 2 tsps daily. In food or on treats. Dogs love the taste. You will have less itchy dry skin and less allergic reactions. My dog Sadie loses her fur on her back and legs every summer. I wind up shaving her. She has been to the vet several times and every time a different diagnosis. I will try using this on my Sadie, who has extreme hair loss due to allergies and dry skin. I will post the results of this. She is a prime candidate to test this out. I really hope this works. We don’t want to put chemicals on her so I do the homemade oatmeal baths twice a week in the summer with several squirts of baby oil and water sprays. All these remedies work great with normal allergies, but if your dog is extreme like mine, and if you have had several diagnosis’ also, I guarantee that those pricey medications are chock full of chemicals that I believe causes cancer and was a direct result of the loss of our beloved Bear, another rott to lymphoma.

My son, Kenny and I are firm believers of keeping our animals safe from harm. the toxic chemicals in animal medicine is just as bad as human medicine. The side effects are fatal, and can cause cancer. why do that when you can do it all natural. If you are all natural, your pet should be too. Having a completely free chemical home includes chemical free animals.

So, for your animals sake, please try this method and the other ones I mentioned first. I will post more on chemical free flea spray and shampoos. All homemade, cost saving and chemical free.

As Promised, a wonderful Body Butter recipe

This will amaze you. You will never buy the expensive lotions again with the questionable ingredients. This is luxurious and wonderful for your skin.

Body Butter

1 cup coconut oil

1 cup Shea butter

2 tsp Vitamin E oil

Few drops of essential oil of your choice

Having a KitchenAid Mixer makes this very easy. Please read my review, or click the link on the right side of this page  to learn about this wonderful mixer that stands out in the test of time. My mom had one, I have one. They are amazing mixers.

Place all ingredients in a bowl. Do not melt first, it needs to be in the original form.

Mix on high speed with the whisk attachment for 6-7 minutes or until whisked into a light airy consistency.

Spoon into jars with tight fitting lids and store at room temperature.

Enjoy this wonderful homemade recipe

False Statements about Coconut oil

Never use as a sunscreen

It has been said that it makes a great sunscreen. Coconut Oil is not recommended as sunscreen. It does not protect you from sun damage or skin cancer.

Coconut Oil will not help you lose weight

It has the same caloric content of olive oil. It is a good healthy choice but has no weight loss properties

Coconut oil, when used in cooking will not make everything taste like coconut

Coconut oil will not affect the taste of any dish

Coconut oil will not get rid of stretch marks

But, Hey, look at all the wonderful things coconut oil can do for you and your health and your pocket book. You will save a ton of money by not buying all the stuff you need to use for lots of different things. Not to mention chemical free. All you need is coconut oil for many more things that I have not even mentioned, So many ways to use coconut oil, it’s totally amazing.


Please email me on what you tried and anything else you would like to add to this posting,

I hope you enjoyed this post. I really enjoyed researching this subject for you. Please come back and visit soon for more awesome information on health and saving money and more wonderful projects coming your way soon.

Have a Bountiful Day


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