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Let Me Just Say This,
When I had dreams of having a website like this one, all I could do was dream. I did have many websites before, Let me see,





That is just a few

One failed site after another. Yet, the dumb ass thing I was doing was repeating the same format, formula, platform, and stupid ideas over and over again. I thought that you put up a site, buy the .com and sell your stuff, right? WRONG again. I put up beautiful stuff to sell, price was right, site was pretty, advertised a little, then I waited. Time after time no one showed up to buy my wares. Why? I could get them there sometimes, but I couldn’t get them to buy. What the hell was I doing wrong?

Wrong in every sense of the whole aspect of online selling

So, I searched and searched. I bought every useless gadget for pulling people in to my sites. I purchased everything that promised to give me traffic fast. WOW. I got taken in so many ways. Every time I thought I hit the Mother lode, I was taken to another page that told me I needed something else to complete the package. Even though the first page told me all I needed was this program. Basically every trap had an upsell. So, most of the time I purchased the upsell, only to be taken to yet another page with more upsells. My $19.99 package wound up being close to $80.00. Dammmmm.  The stupid thing was I fell for this over and over and over.

So, after all the upsells, I started reading the material. That’s when I found out it was way out of my league. Even though they said that beginners could do it, it was sad to realize that I could not.

Then I started to feel pretty stupid

After time after time, getting sucked into these scams that promised to make me money fast. I gave up. I left the website idea and promise of mega tons of sales and a better life dream to sit for a couple years.


Then I got the itch again

I started searching for a new way to promote my goods.  I thought I found the Mother Lode once again. It was a site that promised mega traffic to my site. So I set up another site, painlessly putting up all the stuff I wanted to sell. Plugged in my new mega starter traffic plug and waited…….and waited……and waited……NOTHING. I was taken yet again. The investment down the drain for the site, the program, the hosting, all in all,  another $500.00 down the drain. The website sat until the hosting ran out. A year later when it was time to renew a sites .com, I finally had to let go. I held on to several of my domains for a couple years just in case I found something I could actually use them for.

NikKnackShack       Was the first to go. I had that one since 1998. It was time to let that one go in 2001

Giftoddities      I kept for years because my son and I started that one together. I started it in 2004 and gave up on it sometime in 2008

Oddproducts    Had the shortest lifespan. I got that one in 1996 and ditched it in 1997

Shishkadog    Started in 2010 Tried many more years with this one, more so than any of the other sites because I was determined to make this one work. My son Kenny and I worked on this one together. I still have this site on my Facebook account. It just has pictures of animals and cute videos. My son and I are avid animal lovers and was hoping to make a difference with this site, but too many empty promises and lack of knowledge, I finally closed down the site in 2013. It’s still on my Facebook like I said, but it is no longer a domain that I own.

So, feeling like I needed more education, I set out to learn what I needed to successfully have a website that could actually make money.

I thought about taking a course at the college for starters. I was looking for something that would go around my schedule of work, since I worked 7 days a week, it was so hard to take a class that ended at 9pm since I had to get up at 3am to go to work. So I just kept searching my options.

I came across Weathy Affiliate.

The site said it was free to join. I could take all these lessons to get my feet wet and learn some new stuff. Ok, I thought, It’s free. I started on the first lessons and lo and behold. I had a functional website. It taught me so much. I was doing things the wrong  way all this time.

You have to gain trust before you are successful

This site taught me that in order to succeed in online selling is you have to give people something. What? I wasn’t in the business to give away anything. All the other web promisers told me I would make money immediately. How can this be such a drastic contradiction?

So, I kept on, curious about the whole aspect of their teachings. After the 10th lesson, I had a website that was actually ranking in Google!


What they meant by giving someone something is, only telling people what you know. What you are good at. Everybody is good at something and turns out, I am good at gardening and health related stuff. I love to make things and recycle, I love animals and plants and wild edible foods.

Information is the key to longevity of your site. The more information you give them the more they will return to get more.  I love the fact that my visitors are actually doing some of the projects and re-grows that I post. I am gaining a bigger audience day by day. My site is growing as we speak. People are noticing me and I am winding my way around the internet.

The key to a successful Niche is doing something you enjoy. Trust me, people can see right through a site that is thrown up on the web for profit only. Google can see it too. Throwing up a site for profit does not work, unless you have mega money to advertise. It still will peter out after the advertising goes stale. So you will have to invest money time and time again.

What I didn’t realize is I am selling myself. I pour my heart and soul into my website. It has gotten great reviews, comments and wonderful feedback only because it is what I love to talk about.

Everyone has that special something that they know so much about

Ok, now the real kicker of this whole community of Wealthy Affiliate is.

They taught me step by step, explained everything so I, a newbie, who knows nothing could understand. I have impressed myself and my friends on how far this has taken me. My best friend Ric told me that he didn’t know I had it in me. And everyone I know is proud of me and what I have accomplished in such a short time. If you are new and know nothing like me, this is where you should be.

After the lessons and the trial was over, I wanted more, so I went premium. I then got all the help from the community every time I hit a wall or needed some advice, they were there to help me. There is so much more to this community of people than I can ever express. It is like a family here. Everyone, I mean everyone will help you over the hurdles. All they ask is when you become knowledgeable enough to pay it forward, you help the next newbie who is struggling like you did.

Who could ask for better knowledge than this place?

The step by step lessons are bar none excellent. I can’t believe I know what I know now. I thought I couldn’t afford the $47 a month premium fee. But, I figured it out. To have a successful website you need to host it, that costs money. You also need to advertise, that costs money. And in the end you don’t have the knowledge and the help that is so lovingly giving here. Wealthy Affiliate also hosts my site so it’s a win win there. That’s all included in the premium membership. All you have to do is purchase your domain. You can find a cheap domain for as low as $6.95 on some sites. Most are around $10 but that’s for a year.

A domain is just a name you pick. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build it.

So, I changed my site from siterubix which is a free domain on here, to a .com. I want to point out that you can still have a successful domain that you can make money on with the free membership here. The only thing  missing and the thing that makes is so worth the money is the help from people in this community. Did I mention there are also so many more lessons and tutorials and new lessons coming in every day? Lessons and tutorials that even a newbie can understand. Boy, was I a newbie? Yes, I was clueless.

Everybody helps everybody by visiting your site, leaving comments and feedback. That helps you rank. They teach you all about Social Media and how to tap into that. You will never need to pull any money out of your pocket for advertising. You will be helped right here inside, by all the wonderful other members who are already here and willing to help you.

Build it and They Will Come

That is an understatement. I am so thrilled that I am ranking finally. It is a milestone I never thought I would reach. And I owe it all to the wonderful teachings of this community I belong to. Wealthy Affiliate. Everyone here at WA is here for the same reason I am. To learn how to make a website that will sustain your life and set you free from your 9 to 5 job. I want to be home more. That is my goal. I want to enjoy life, I want, I want , I want.

This is NOT a sales pitch

I am doing what I was taught to do. I am paying it forward. If you were like me, a newbie who wants a better life and just not have to struggle, try this site. You are never obligated to go premium. Just take what you can learn from the free lessons. Maybe that will be all you need.    IT”S FREE   so why not? If you read this far, I know you were like me.

I know you don’t see any screen shots of money that I made. That’s cuz I don’t believe in that. I do want you to know that with the knowledge you learn you will realize that the money trail will take time. I have learned on this site that building trust and gaining rank are the stepping stones to a long and prosperous site.  In other words, this takes time. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, think again. I tried them all. Doesn’t work. If your a newbie, you won’t understand it anyway like me.

Hard Work and Dedication

Some will fail, most will not. this is not an easy fix. It’s hard work and you must be prepared to do the lessons  You will be at your computer pounding out posts at an average of 3 a week, some more some less. For me I try to get at least 1 in a week because I work so much. But my goal is to retire and use this site for my enjoyment money. My goal will take a little longer because I can’t put in as much time as I need to so my success will take a little longer than others. I am told that if you stick to your site for at least 2 years, you should be able to quit your job and go full time. That is when I will get to go full steam ahead and really start making some money. I can host as many sites on here as I want so I will have time for more when I can do this full time. I am so looking forward to that day. I can and will be done.

So, tell me, where else have you been where someone is advertising FREE and really really means it?  I can say for sure that there is ALWAYS a catch. Not here. I am pleased to be a member of this community. I hope you will check it out and see if it’s the right fit for you.

click below for more information

Remember it is always free. You choose when or if you want to become a member. I will always be around for advice if you need it. I will also post some free lessons on this menu tab.

I hope I see you on the inside. If you do wind up there, please look me up.

Thank You and have a Bountiful Day

I hope you will check out the rest of my website. It’s jam packed with awesome information on Health and some fun Starter Projects too

Kitty Clark

Founder of

Author: kitty

My Son Kenny and I enjoy everything that is all natural. We enjoy nature , rescuing animals in need, advocating for the Homeless. We are getting back to basics and hope you will come with us and learn great ways to eat healthy, live peacefully, and enjoy life. Love all animals, it is the greatest love of all Help the Homeless, they all have a story to tell

4 thoughts on “My WA Family”

  1. Hello Kitty
    Many ppl failed because they were after quick and easy money. Those hipped programs promised them the world and they went for it.
    Wealthy Affiliate is awesome because they provide a lot of values to ppl whom want to learn first then buy later.
    Good post

    1. Thank You Joakin I am very happy with Wealthy Affiliate. They have taught me how to have a successful website. Something I never would have had before I went there. Even Dummies like me can be successful. I am amazed everyday at what I have learned. Even sometimes impressed at my own actions because of it. It’s funny but no where could I ever have gotten this far without them.
      Always great to hear from you. See you soon I hope…Kitty

    1. Thanks Kelly, I am glad you enjoyed my post on My WA Family. It was truly a joy to write. I hope you got a chance to look around and see something you like. I always enjoy comments from my visitors and I hope you will come back and visit again soon…..Kitty

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