How Do I Grow Green Tea

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Planting Green Tea by Seed is Simple……

Botanical Name:   Camellia sinensis

First soak seeds in water to grow green tea

Poke a hole in dirt, Make sure it’s a good seed starting planting mix.

Plop that seed in the hole. Should be about a half inch deep.

Cover with soil, water well.  Plant will sprout in 8 to 12 weeks. (Yes, I know, so long)

Container should be a small peat pot. or another type that goes right in the ground. I do not suggest planting more than 5. One plant will supply a family for a year. If you want to make some for gifts or sell, you can plant more. But these plants are large, so make sure you have the room for it to grow.

If you keep it pruned to 4ft. it will become a dense hedge. If you let it grow, give it an arbor or a fence. It will grow to 30 feet. Keep plants so you can pick the young tender leaves, close to arms length, otherwise you will need a ladder. So just hedge it or arbor it.

The Bad News

Green Tea takes 2-3 years to mature. That’s okay, it’s started. Now all you have to do is wait. Until then enjoy the pretty flowers and hedge or arbor quality. It will be a great addition to your landscape. Until it is fully mature, the leaves are not ready to use for tea.  So, don’t try.

While You Are Waiting……..

Here are a few tea plants that are ready as soon as you plant them and they grow.

  1. Chamomile.  Beautiful little daisy like flowers. You make the tea with the flower buds. Plant at least 12. They are wonderful borders and will beautify your to grow green tea
  2. Stinging Nettle. Don’t plant these in your yard. They are horrid plants. They are in the weed family and if you brush up against one, you will not forget it for a few days. I wrote  about how to harvest these in my Make your Own Tea post. You can find this in the menu section under Projects for Beginners. It is a drop down menu tab, so you can find the post easy. They will be ready to pick around June. Go find them and grab you some. It is great tea and so good for to grow green tea

Dandelion.  Easy and free, just like Stinging Nettle. Just make sure you pull the roots before the flower buds. If you want to eat the leaves, which are also excellent for your health, do not pick after it flowers and pick the leaves when they are young. Cut up, use in stews and soups or in a salad. Fry them till tender and mix with noodles and sauce. The health benefits are astounding, also in my Make your own Tea to grow green tea

Once Your Green Tea is mature

Of course you will come back and learn what to do with your tea leaves and how to properly pick your to grow green tea

Pick young shoots with 2-3 leaves. Allow leaves to wilt in the shade or indoors for 8-24 hours.

You can make different types of tea with the Green Tea Plant

  1. White
  2. Oolong
  3. Black
  4. Green

White Tea

This is the easiest to process.  Spread on a tray and leave in a shady spot outside for a couple days. Bring inside and place on a drying rack or newspaper. Store in a Jar when completely dry.

OOlong Tea

Shake the wilted leaves every hour for a few hours to bruise the leaves. Place in container that you can shake them in. Then roll the leaves between your hands to further bruise.  If you have a large amount. Place leaves in a dish towel and roll tightly in a ball, then knead well to release the oxidation process. The leaves have to be thoroughly bruised for controlled oxidation.

Spread leaves in a tray and allow to darken for 30 minutes.

Heat in a frying pan for 3-5 minutes, stirring frequently to stop the enzymes and prevent further oxidation.

Dry on newspaper or a drying rack for tea leaves. A screen with one sheet of newspaper works well. Store in a jar when completely dry.

Black Tea

The leaves need a longer wilting time. At least 2-3 days.

Roll the leaves using firm pressure to break down the inner structure.

Roll until the juices start coming out of the leaves. You can use a towel

Leave to oxidize for 2-12 hours or until most of the leaves are reddish brown.

Next go to drying stage and store in a jar when completely dry.

Green Tea

Heat leaves after wilting for 6-8 hours.

Heat in a frying pan for 3-5 minutes, stirring frequently to stop the enzymes and prevent further oxidation.

Roll the leaves between hands or in in a towel, and then dry on newspaper or rack

Speedy Drying

This may be the best way to ensure proper drying. Place leaves spread out on a baking sheet.

Oven should be 200-250 Fahrenheit. Leave in oven for 20 minutes. Leaves should end up one to grow green teafifth of the original weight. you can also leave out for 24 to 48 hours before storing in a jar, just to make sure it is truly dried. All the moisture in the leaves need to be gone before you store it. So better safe than sorry.


You can harvest your tea leaves every 10 days. New shoots and young sprouts will grow out to grow green teaevery 10 days so get ready to re-harvest on a regular basis until it new sprouts stop. Young sprouts should continue until the fall. Like I said before, one plant is enough for a family for a year, so make the decision on how many you want to use for tea.




Each Type of Tea will Produce Subtle differences in Flavor

All types have the same quality as explained in my previous post, Grow Your Own Tea.

This tea is so healthy to drink. It is worth the effort to grow and to grow green tea

Please give it a try. You won’t be sorry, I promise.

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