How to Keep Plants Hydrated

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New way to keep your plants Hydrated?watering can


Unbelievable? Haven’t tried this yet, but I will

This is truly amazing. I love the fact that it’s biodegradable. What a plus. Major breakthrough for indoor plants and food plants. Can’t wait to test this out. If you try this please email me and let me know how this works for you.

Other Ways To Hydrate Your Plants

Mix equal parts of sand and soil. That helps keep your plants moist.soilsand

Ways to Keep your Plants from Over watering

Put stones in the bottom of your pot about a third of the way up. Your water will run down through the stones and collect in the dish the post is in. Make sure you have drainage holes in your pot. That also helps from over watering.

Some plants need more water than others. It’s best to keep information about each plant you buy or you could face losing some. I always keep a folder of info for my plants, based on watering and  re potting needs. If your roots are coming through the bottom of your pot, that’s a good indication that your plant needs a bigger pot and until you re pot it, it will most likely need more water more frequently. Eventually, it will die, so waste no time in putting that plant in a bigger pot.root bound

Having the right Size Pot for your Plantupsize your plants

It’s best to start a small plant in a small pot. As it grows, it will need a bigger pot. When a plant becomes root bound, meaning there is more root than dirt, it will need to be re potted in a bigger pot.

Don’t put a small plant in a large pot. Plants will grow to fit there pot so it is naturally a good idea to start out small.

You may have to change pots several times before your plant has reached its maturity

I know this sounds cumbersome, but really it takes awhile between pottings, so plan on re potting your plant no more than two to three times in its lifetime. Then it will stay in one pot.

Herbs are different

You may never have to re pot your herbs. If you are constantly taking from the herbs you have growing. You most likely will never have to re pot it. It will stay happy where you put it. I use a large 24 oz tomato can for each of my herbs and never have to re pot it. I am constantly cutting pieces of it on a regular basis so I never have to worry about it growing too big.

Group Plants That Have Similar Watering Needs Together

If your growing different types of plants, it’s best to group similar plants together. If you love cactus plants,  group them together.cactus

Plants like African Violets need special care.

You can’t let the leaves get wet. You can’t over water or under water. So if you are not an experienced plant tender, don’t purchase any expensive hybrid African Violets. They need special sunlight exposure. Read all you can about them before you invest in growing them. They are very touchy. I had beautiful African Violets at a previous home once. The room they were in was perfect and the sun exposure was epic. It was the best possible place to grow them. The home I am in now does not have the perfect exposure I need to grow them successfully, so I won’t even try. I grew tired of the constant care they needed and unless you love love love them, don’t try to grow them. Get one, just one and try it. Then please let me know how your experience went.  Any experienced African Violet growers out there? We would love some tips and tricks to share with our readers who may be considering  African Violets.african violets

So many Plants to Choose from

Being a believer of growing for food. Keep in mind, There are many beautiful plants that are wonderful displays of colors and exciting looks. Picking the best one for your designated room is based on what you like.  I prefer plants that I can eat. But that’s just me. Outside, I love pretty plants for display, though I tuck my tea plants and herbs where ever they fit the spot and can bring beauty and usefulness to my landscape.  Indoors, I grow only food plants.

I do love the many hanging plants for indoors and if I find a nice sunny window not taken by a food plant, I will put one there. My living room never holds food plants so I would put a nice hanging plant in there. The one in the picture here is a Spider Plant. Good choice for busy plant owners. This one is relatively hard to kill. Trust and believe it can be done if you neglect it too long. A good once a weed soaking is all this one needs.hanging plant

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  1. Interesting read. The only one of these i had heard of was putting rocks in bottom of pot. Looking forward to trying some of these ideas.

    1. Melanie. Thank You so much for stopping by. I do hope you watched the video on that post. That video has brought so many comments. So please watch it if you haven’t. It is truly amazing.. Thanks again…Kitty

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