Planting Your Seeds

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How to Plant Your Seeds Properlypeat plant

It’s finally time. My fav time of the year. We are planting seeds for our garden. I have so many seeds I am planting this year. I am so ready to get started.
Burpee Gardening

First Thing is to collect your seedsseed collection

Get your seed packets or envelopes and place them in a pile. Decide how many of each your planting. If you are going to start some inside and later sow some outside, calculate what you need to do that. Allow for at least 3 seeds per peat pot or planter of your choice, as some seeds may not germinate and you will have an empty pot if you don’t put at least 3 seeds in each. You can always thin them out later.

Now for the Peat Pots or planters of you choicedifferent size peat pots

Get your peat pots and put them in an old baking dish or tray to collect excess water and dirt. I put mine in the baking dish and slowly pour the dirt in them, tamping them down gently every few inches, about 2 to 3 times.  If you are not using peat pots, make sure you have proper drainage. The good thing about the peat pots is you plant the whole thing directly in the soil. When planting seeds any other way, they will need to be transplanted. Peat pots are cheap, so try my way this year. Any peat pot, or pellet pot or any other pot that you can plant directly in the ground is the best way.


Use Seed Planting Soil

You can find special seed planting soil at any hardware store or nursery. It should be the seed planting soil as it has what the seeds need to start. You can use regular dirt but I prefer the seed planting soil as more plants will germinate and you will have a much bigger yield of plants in the end. Read the directions on the seed packet. Some plants need to be covered with plastic wrap, and some need to have a 40 watt bulb hanging over them. Depends on what you are planting, so read your directions.


Put 3 seeds in each pot. Some seeds are very small, as in the Chamomile, which looks more like dust. just take a pinch and spread it over the top of the dirt.  When they sprout you can see how many you have then, you can thin them out into more peat pots, make sure you have extra dirt and pots for this reason. Try to have only one plant in each peat pot. They will grow with more, but with keeping just one plant you will have a healthier and larger plant.  I always thought more was better, until I really saw the difference of having one plant, versus more. The one plant was so much bigger and healthier. So, for that reasoning, try to have only one plant in a peat pot.

Place your peat pots by a sunny window until they sprout.sprouting peat pots

Moisten the dirt with water before planting seeds. Place a small amount of dirt over the seed and moisten. They will need lots of sun and moisture until they are ready for planting in the ground or in a pot. never let you peat pots dry out. Young seedlings cannot survive even one drought. Never saturate, just keep moist. This is important

Some seeds take 14 to 21 days to germinate

so be patient. Make sure you put the plant name and germination time, along with planting time. Good advice, as I have botched quite a few myself. Use a popsicle stick or whatever you create to mark your plants. This will really help. LABEL YOUR PLANTS

Water More When the Plant Sprouts

Your plants will need more watering when they sprout. Keep moist until they are ready to be planted. Moist is slightly wet but not soaked.

This is when you can thin your plants out.

I hope some of your seeds were tea leaves. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I would love to know how your planting experience was. I look forward to hearing from you.. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you joined my newsletter so you won’t miss any fun things to do to get healthy.

Have a Bountiful Day


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  1. Great article Kitty. This morning I was planting some garlic and ginger for the first time. I just can’t wait to see the results.
    Also, I would like to see if I can get some ginseng seed from you.

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