Flavored Vinegar Recipes

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Making your own Flavored Vinegars can be fun and save Lots of Money.flavored vinegar

I’ve read many ways to do this and this is the best way I have found to do this project.

There are so many types of flavoring vinegar recipes, many are dangerous, so I comprised a safe and simple way to get it done. This can save money down the road. You won’t have to buy the flavored vinegar and besides, you will eat more on your salad and put aside that creamy dressing that your used to because these are delicious and nutritious in a way that it is much better for you than that creamy dressing.

Nutritional Value of Vinegar

Vinegar is very low in calories and by replacing flavored vinegars instead of the fat filled creamy dressings can lead to weight loss over a period of time. It also aids in digestion. Vinegar is the dressing of choice when on a weight loss diet. Using flavored vinegar with a little oil makes a great tasting salad, as vinegar brings out the flavor of many foods. It also has the capacity to reduce cholesterol.

Risks and Precautions


Because  the high acidity of vinegars prevents the growth of Clostridium botulinum bacteria,This is the deadly bacteria that causes botulism. Also, some vinegars  can support the growth of E. coli bacteria, so precautions are advised.

Following directions are very important when making flavored vinegars. I need to warn you of the possibilities of contamination and bacteria that could arise while making flavored vinegars if not prepared exactly as directed. Don’t leave any steps out as these steps are vital to good flavored vinegars and safe for your family.

Safe Steps to Good Flavored Vinegar

Choose your bottles to store your vinegars. It should be glass and sterilized (boiled for 10 minutes) for this project.  Most of the recipes will make one quart. If your planning on giving some for a gift, use 10 oz bottles or jars and  make sure you put an expiration date on the bottle or gift tag.  You will have leftovers for your own use if those bottles are for gifts.

Wash all ingredients that you are putting in the vinegars with a bleach wash combination. One teaspoon household  bleach to six cups of water. Rinse, or scrub all ingredients in the water sterilizingthen and rinse well with tap water. This will kill anything that could possibly contaminate your vinegar

Also rinse the bottle caps in this rinse. Make sure all containers have tight fitting lids. Screw caps work best with the type of vinegar recipes here. Any type of top will do as long as they are tight fitting and can seal out air seeping into the bottles. Tight fitting corks looks nice on gift bottles. Screw caps have been known to keep sealed and no leaks, so it is my preferred choice.

Place desired herb(s) in the sanitized bottles or jars and then add hot vinegar. This is basically the same for all recipes in this post
Tightly seal, or cap  and store in a cool clean place for three to four weeks.
Once the flavor is developed,  using damp cheesecloth or coffee filters, strain the vinegar once or twice, or until the vinegar is no longer cloudy.
Pour the strained vinegar into a clean sterilized jar/bottle adding a sprig or two of fresh herbs, or berries, that have been sanitized in this fashion.
Store in the refrigerator. Seal tightly. For best flavor, use within three or four months.


flavored vinegarFresh Dill Vinegar

  • 8 sprigs fresh dill
  • 4 cups (1 quart) white vinegar

Wash dill and dip in solution of 1 tsp household bleach in 6 cups water. Rinse thoroughly under cool running water. Place dill in sterilized quart jar. Heat vinegar to just below boiling point (190 F); pour over dill. Cap tightly and allow to stand in cool, dark place for three to four weeks. Strain vinegar, discarding dill. Pour vinegar into clean sterilized bottles with tight fitting covers. If desired, add a fresh sprig of cleaned and sanitized dill,  Store in the refrigerator. Makes 1 quart.

Herbal Vinegar

  • 4 cups red wine vinegarmany different vinegars
  • 10 sprigs fresh parsley
  • 2 tsp thyme leaves
  • 1 tsp rosemary leaves
  • 1 tsp sage leaves

Prepare leaves as described above using the washing solution.  Heat vinegar to just below boiling point (190F): Place leaves in a quart jar with a tight fitting lid. Pour vinegar over leaves, cap tightly and allow to stand in a cool dark place for three to four weeks. Strain vinegar, discarding leaves into clean sterilized jars. Add fresh leaves if desired, remember to clean with sanitized mixture before placing in bottles. Cap tightly Store in the refrigerator. Makes one quart.

Adding fresh or frozen raspberries about 3 cups to white wine vinegar, 4 cups using same method as above will produce a tasty raspberry vinegar.

I also read that you can shake your vinegars once or twice a week to speed up process by one week.

Keep vinegars in the refrigerator till ready to use. A nice bottle would look lovely sitting on the fancy bottlesdinner table with sprigs and leaves in them. Very inviting. Makes wonderful gifts, especially at Christmas time. But be sure to label the gifts with instructions on how to store and use, and please put an expiration date on them.  I know I am repeating myself, but if you missed this instruction once, you will be sure to catch it the second time. The expiration date is three to four months,  This is extremely important.

Do you want is Strong or Subtle?

You can taste test your vinegars about one week into the infusion process. If it is to your taste than go with that amount of time. If you want it stronger, leave a few more weeks. It’s that simple. Now you can have it weak or strong. It’s all in how you like it.

Have Fun

There are many many variations to this flavored vinegar. You can make your own signature vinegar and call it your own. Experiment all you want. It’s hard to screw this up. Just keep in mind whatever flavors you like, is the way it will taste.

Lemons, orange peels, spices, fruit, vegetables, it’s all fair game. When making any flavored vinegar, always strain out solids when batch is ready  and replace with fresh.When using peels, get crafty, cut your peels into shapes and be creative in your gifts. Your friends will appreciate your effortsheart shaped orange peel and think you spent a long time doing this project. Actually you did, you spent three to four weeks making it.

There are many different types of vinegars to choose from. So experiment with the variations also. I was thinking about trying apple cider vinegar with cinnamon sticks and lemon peels. HMMMM  Sounds so Yummy.

I hope you enjoyed my post on Flavored Vinegar. It was fun researching and finding the right variations of mix that was easy and cost saving. Last week I was at the farmers Market and was intrigued by the different vinegars for sale. Most were very costly and I knew there was a way we could have that awesome flavor for a fraction of the cost. So here is the way to enjoy your salads or dinners with these wonderful and tasty vinegars.

Please leave me a comment or question about anything in this post. If you need more instruction, I will be happy to give them to you. Please join my Newsletter so you don’t miss any of my future posts. I am here to help you get healthy and have fun doing, also saving money is a plus too.

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  1. Hi Kitty
    Never thought of flavored vinegar. The apple cider vinegar with cinnamon sticks and lemon peels sounds very appealing. Just thinking about it, seems like I can smell it. :-). These are probably really good on salads. Loving the idea more and more. Thank you, this is really great information.

    1. Vanessa Thank You so much. I am so glad you enjoyed my post on flavored vinegars. I enjoyed it too. I am getting creative and trying a raspberry and lemon vinegar. I’m gonna do the raspberry recipe but I am adding lemon. I will post an update when I try it. I think it would taste great on a salad with nuts and raspberries. Thanks for stopping by….Kitty

  2. I really like the idea of flavoured vinegars. Is there one that can be made fresh, thereby avoiding the dangers associated with not properly sanitising the bottles? I know that sounds counter intuitive as I assume the infusion of the flavour is what takes time, but …. I thought I’d ask anyway

    1. Eoinmc Thank you so much for stopping by. I am not sure what you mean bu fresh. Whenever you make the flavored vinegars, you should always use fresh. Even fresh needs to be cleaned, and the jars or bottles need to be sterilized just like when you are canning. There can be no bacteria of any kind in the containers when it is in the melding process. Canned beets also can form this strain of botulism. That’s why it is so important when home canning. Everything must be clean and sterile.
      I will be doing a post about canning when it’s time so I hope you come back and see how fun and easy it can be to can enough for a whole year in one weekend. We will be freezing our fresh corn and canning our tomatoes….Kitty

    1. Mike Thank You for the kind comment. I hope you will visit me again. I have lots of great posts coming up. I love sharing ideas and interesting fun things to do, and always something healthy. Thanks again…Kitty

  3. ”Do you want is Strong or Subtle?” I like it strong! This is a really interesting post. I personally never though of doing this till now. Thank you for the idea, I’ll be sure to give it a go.

    1. Cj thank you so much for the kind comment. I love how we can make vinegar so many different ways. I am going to try the raspberry one and I am going to add some lemon peels. I will update my post when I try making it. Thanks again..Kitty

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