Avocado The Superfood

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Recently, the News aired an informative newscast naming Avocado as a SuperfoodAvocado

It is true

The health benefits of the Avocado are tremendous. This Superfood, among others that I will be posting about has many, many benefits to your body. There are Superfoods that have the ability to heal and sustain you for years to come. Avocado in your diet has the potential to help you live longer and heal the damage you put on your body by eating unhealthy foods. The properties in the Avocado can help you fix many problems caused by years of eating the wrong foods that helped build up plaque in your arteries and could cause potential health problems. Now you have the opportunity to fix that by eating Avocados.

So, the nutrition in Avocado is as follows

Healthy Fats

About 75% of the fat content is monounsaturated fat. It is in the form of  oleic acid. Monounsaturated fat is considered to be a good fat which can reduce cholesteral, the bad kind and can also reduce the risk of Heart Attacks and Stroke.


Avocados contain about 4 g. of protein, which is more than most fruits.


Sugar content in Avocados are relatively low compared to other fruits. Half of an Avocado contains about 0.2 g sugar.

Vitamins and Minerals

The Avocado has more potassium per weight than the banana. It also contains several Vitamin B’s, is very rich in Vitamin K, Also Vitamins C and E

Dietary Fiber

A medium Avocado contains 11g of fiber, which is more than half of your daily fiber requirement.

Aside from the many Vitamins and Minerals the Avocado has to offer

There are many other health benefits of the Avocado. Research has shown that the Avocado can reduce your cholesterol, reduce the risk of Diabetes, promote weight loss and prevent cancer.

Studies have linked the Avocado to a term called Metabolic Syndrome, which is a name for symptoms that include coronary artery disease, diabetes, and strokes. Avocados have to ability to reduce and eliminate these symptoms with increased use of Avocados as a dietary additive. To sum it all up, if you eat an Avocado at least three times a week, your chances of getting these diseases will be lowered tremendously and can even stop and cure these life threatening ailments.

In the same studies, Avocados have also shown that people who ate Avocados regularly have a lower body weight and BMI. Body Mass Index. Which is less body fat compared to muscle.

Avocados are rich in  phytochemicals

This chemical can help reduce the risks of cancer. People who eat Avocados regularly will help themselves by keeping certain cancers at bay and stop them from forming. Also they will stop and cure certain types of cancers. All the more reason to eat Avocados.

Allergies to Avocados are very raresliced Avocados

If you experience symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, or nasal stuffiness, quit eating Avocados and consult your doctor for more testing to determine if you are allergic to this Superfood.

In A Nutshell

Avocados are wonderful for your health and you will benefit by eating them. We all want to get healthy and just by consuming these wonderful goodies instead of suffering from ailments that can be prevented just by eating right. Avocado nutrition facts are amazing. It makes no sense not to, right?

How to buy AvocadosHow to tell if avocado is ripe

I usually pick the ones that are a little soft, not much but give a little when I press them. If the stem is soft they are already past their prime. Pick some that are semi soft.  When I shop, I shop for at least a week so I want to pick some semi soft and some firm so they will be ready to eat in a few days, and some I will want to eat the next day, so  stagger your degrees of ready to eat Avocados. Leave them on the counter to finish their ripening process.

Eating your AvocadoAvocado sandwich

I like to eat my Avocado by slicing it in thin slices and layering on a sandwich. i also like to eat it just plain on a plate or you can enjoy it by mixing it in your salads or garnish with dinner as a side. There are many recipes for using Avocados on the internet so you can experiment how you like. Raw Avocado is best.  Mexican dishes complement the Avocado in sides like Guacamole dips.


One of my readers posted that they like eating avocado sliced, on a tuna fish sandwich. Yum. Will try this.

How to peel the Avocado

you can do this many different ways. You can just use a paring knife to peel it. Cut it longways and pry out the seed then slice it, or you can just cut it long ways with a knife and pull out the seed and scoop it out. It should be soft enough to scoop out. The outer layer once peeled should be real soft with the inner layer semi-firm.peeling avocado

Mini Project for Growing your own Avocado

I have done this many times and with great success. If you want to grow your Avocado Seed, avocadoJust put the seed, pointed side up, in a glass of water. Keep the water halfway up the seed. Hold the seed in the water by placing toothpicks in the seed and placing on the edge of the glass to hold it there. When the seed starts to root leave it in water until it starts sprouting from the top and a few leaves start to appear and plant carefully in a pot. It will grow to an Avocado tree and you will be able to pick your own Avocados from it. They will be slightly smaller but just as good.

Note” the illustration in the picture shows water level too low. Keep water up to the seed and halfway up the seed for best results.

Put the plant outside in the summer and keep changing to bigger pots as the plant gets larger and you will have  your own supply of Avocados.  Bring the plant in the house in the winter and keep in a sunny area by a window as you so with your other houseplants and it will live for years and years and keep producing fruit.

It’s a fun project to do with your kids and that will most likely encourage good healthy habits for them in the future. They will eat the fruit they helped grow. If they have a distaste it, as all kids don’t like Avocados, then put it in dishes that complement the Avocado. Eventually they will develop a taste for it. It is that important to get them to eat it. It is so very good for them and you.full grown avocado

Ripen your Avocados easily in a paper bag if you want to hurry the process.

I hope you liked my post on Avocados. I will be posting more information on more Superfoods soon, so I hope you will come back and learn something new and exciting. Please sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss any information concerning ways to get healthy and having fun doing it. I hope you will leave me a comment, or if you have any questions concerning this post or any other one, please feel free to contact me via my comment section or by email. kitty@bountifulharvesting.com.

Thank You and have a Bountiful Day


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