Getting Ready For Spring

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Spring is right around the Cornerspring

It is time to inventory what we have and what we need. The best way to do this is write down our intended projects for the summer. Do this now, it’s not too early.

Do I have the seeds ready? Do I have the potting equipment? Do I have the tools I need? Do I have the room?

All of these questions can procrastinate all the way to September and beyond. So, I am telling you to plan, plan, plan. Get your ducks in a row.  Writing down your plans will also complete your list of what you need. separate into two columns. One for plans, one for tools needed. When you are done you will know what you need., I know there is probably still snow on the ground as it is here where I am writing in my Water, Winter, Wonderland, Detroit Michigan. Planning now will keep you from being unorganized when the time to plant your seeds and get your projects started

Seeds or Plantsseeds

If your planning to plant seeds, order them now. Some seeds are not available in stores. For example, Chamomile and Green Tea from my Tea Project are not easy to find in stores, so you can order them to be delivered. You can order the plants or the seeds. Make sure the Chamomile is of the German variety. If you chose seeds. The time to plant them in peat pots is Mid March. So get those seeds soon. I would order the plants to be delivered around first week of April. So plan ahead or order them now and they will ship them at planting time.

strawberriesStrawberries this Year

If your planning strawberries in your yard, a word of advice is to raise the bed. I am planning a strawberry bed this year and I am going to start building a raised bed in March. I am hoping to use a lot of scrap wood from Pallets to accomplish this, so we shall see how it goes. I will be posting pictures of my project, hopefully you will learn a little from my mistakes and my accomplishments. The reason strawberries should have a raised bed is they can drape over the side and will be easy to pick. If you let them run on the ground you will be finding strawberry plants in your yard. You want to contain them. As our strawberries grow I will be giving you advice on what to do with the runners as strawberries multiply very quickly.


My personal favorite tools for projects outside are basic. A drill/driver, a circular saw, hammer, tape measure, safety glasses, and my big can of various screws and nails that I recycle when I have leftovers from a previous project or recycled from items I found that I have taken apart for some reason or another.

I recycle whenever I can, that’s another hobby I have

If I see something that someone threw out and I think it would be useful, I’ll pick it up and save it until I find a use for its components. That’s going to be future posts and it will amaze you when you see what you can do with that ugly dresser that you see on the side of the road discarded. Pay attention to the components of that dresser. The wood on the dresser drawer is virtually virgin, meaning it is not affected by the age of that dresser or the looks of it. The drawers can be used for boxes in the garden, or set on a patio or porch and filled with dirt and plants can be a beautiful addition to your planting space. So keep an open mind. There’s so much more to that ugly dresser. What’s really important is what you can use from it. Paint the front of the drawer, paint what flower or herb you have in it and you have a wonderful and gorgeous planter. In a few years, you can replace it with another one.drawers

Peat Pots

peat potsAs far as these go, I never have enough. I have all sizes, all shapes. I use them for everything. The wonderful thing about these is you can plant them right in the ground. Use these for when you propagate your plants also. They are great for dipping your plant in rooting medium and sticking right in the peat pot with some good planting soil and rooting your propagated plants.  For seeds you can plant in them and start your seeds ahead of time instead of planting seeds in the yard and waiting for them to come up, you can have your plants pre ready for spring. The cost savings are awesome when you compare the price of a plant to the price of the seed. It’s a lot of savings. So peat pots are definitely the way to stretch the budget and have more plants. More plants mean more harvest and that’s the name of the game.


Whether your yard is big or small, mine is very small, there are lots of ways to have lots of planting space. You can stack them in boxes, hang them, attach them to your house or build a tower of trenches to grow lots of plants. I imagine this will take a few seasons for all of us. So be patient, soon enough we will have the garden of our dreams. For those of you with lots of space, it will still take a few seasons for you also, especially if this is a new endeavor, We will do it together. In this new house I bought last year, I have a lot of projects I want to do, but with work and little time, I have to stretch it out. So this year, I am putting in the major plants I want to mature and be ready in  few years to harvest.

I am putting in strawberries and rhubarb for the wonderful pies I have in store for late summer. I need to get my pear tree in the ground this year as soon as I find one I like, I am looking to buy an elderberry bush since I can’t seem to find a wild one anywhere. I already started 3 grape vines so I have to get an arbor up this year so they can climb. I need to plan how much wood I will need and what hardware I need to accomplish this

. I planted two berry bushes, one raspberry and one blackberry and hopefully they will start to multiply by fall of this year. For those of us who work long hours. I have plans for preserving all the goodies this year, so don’t say you don’t have time, because you will. I have time saving projects that you can do that will last your whole winter.

Sun and Shadesun and shade

Start paying attention to how much shade your yard and parts of it get during the day. You have many areas that will get mostly sun or mostly shade, so plan what your going to plant there. All plants for sale have sun and shade exposure listings on them, so when you are choosing your plants, know already where your going to put them.

Make a graph of your yard and label what exposure you get for each area. It will help when you are choosing your plants. I made that mistake last year when I went to the big opening day of Eastern Market in Detroit last year. I bought way too many plants. I started putting them wherever they fit. Not good. I lost a few. The only thing I really paid attention too was where I planted my Rhododendron  an my climbing roses. The rest I basically got lucky on a few and lost the rest. No cost savings there.

Start Now

So get ready to get ready. My famous line I use for everything. Plan your garden this year. Find a place for whatever project you decide to undertake this year. Hopefully it will include healthy choices like my teas and my herb projects.

Please go to the Amazon link on the side of this post and click on it. Search for all the tools and equipment you need to accomplish your goals this year. This will help me keep giving you wonderful tips and advice on health and happiness and peaceful evenings in your yard. I thank you in advance. Happy Planning

. Please, Please Please, email me or reply with any questions, big or small. I promise I will get back to you right away with any answers to any questions you have. I am here for you. Thank you for visiting my site and hopefully you will come back again and again. Be sure and sign up for my newsletter so you won’t miss any important information that is valuable to getting healthy and having fun doing it.gardening supplies

Have a Bountiful Day


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2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Spring”

  1. Great tips, I would like to grow more flowers this year. Last year me and my mom did that and the backyard look so pretty with all those flowers. It was nice to see butterflies and the feel seemed like relaxing garden. I’m not looking forward doing the work, but once it’s done it’s something I like to take advantage of. I’m going to take inventory on the plants I do have. Thanks for all the great tips! 🙂

    1. Evelyn thanks for stopping by. I hope when you plan your garden with your mom you can throw in a few nice herbs and some good tea plants. The Chamomile is a very pretty flower and makes a great border in front of all your other plants. Herbs also grow nice in the landscape. If you want to benefit from your hard work, plant a few plants that will help you and your mom sustain your health. I hope you keep planting and growing plants that our birds and bees can enjoy. I love butterflies too and there are so many plants that attract them. Also hummingbirds are so nice to visit. Thanks again for your nice reply and please come back for more information. I have a lot more planned for the summer.

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