Make your Own Tea

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We can do this several ways

You can start this endeavor as a project, or you can buy what you need. You can grow some and buy some.My opinion on that is, I would like you grow as much as you can. It would give you appreciation for that concoction that you are sitting down to relax and drink as opposed to just buying the mix at the store. I also believe it is so much better when you do it yourself.

This project will take us at least a year to complete, so if you can’t wait, you can purchase some only because I want you to feel the benefits of drinking tea, which in turn could give you the inspiration to make it yourself.

This project is fun and can involve the whole family. It is another reason it is so good for you. From the start, foraging, growing, drying, storing and mixing, this can be a family affair.

Growing Ginseng for Huge Profits?

I also know that if you were seriously thinking about making a profit out of one of my favorites, that could also become a family affair. One of my favorite roots is the Ginseng. I only grow a small amount. If I had more room, I would grow lots and lots. It is selling for about $1,800 a pound for the roots. Amazing huh? There are people in other countries that make a living just off foraging wild Ginseng. So research more on the subject and if you are interested, I wish you the best of luck. Let me know if you are thinking about it, I have resources and information valuable to growers of Ginseng.

Let’s Get Started on our Project

My favorite tea mixes include,

  1. ginseng
  2. chamomile
  3. green teas
  4. stinging nettle

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

All of the teas in my favorite mix have the capacity to heal, and help with insomnia. other benefits are

  1. Cure and stop cancer in its tracks, Shrink tumors.Yes cancer, just by drinking tea, particularly Chamomile which  has the ability to help the digestive tract, getting it healthy. Once the digestive tract is healthy, good things happen. It gives our body the ability to stop and cure invasive cells. Apigenin, which is formed in the digestive tract , inhibits cancer cell growth and blood supply to cancerous tumors.
  2. Inflammation is reduced greatly, if you drink tea mix daily.
  3. Mental alertness. Helps when your studying or trying to stay on your game, helps with Alzheimers Desease.
  4. Insomnia. Particularly Chamomile once again. That is why when I mix my dried chamomile I use the smaller ratio. If you have severe insomnia, drink it alone before bed. you will sleep.

  5. Every organ in your body, Yes every last one of them benefits from this mix of teas. You will be healthy, live longer and enjoy life just for drinking a cup of my tea mix once or twice a day.
  6. Detoxification. This tea mix has the capability of detoxifying your system. From your head to your toes, it’s so good for your body. It’s cleansing and purifying to your body and soul.
  7. Hypertension. The ability to lower your blood pressure and keep it lowered, also Cholesterol will be lowered as drinking this tea mix daily will clear out your arteries and have smooth pumping for your heart.

This description of Health Benefits does not even Scratch the Surface

For all the benefits, you would need a book. If you are interested in reading more, there are several out there. The benefits of drinking tea has been known since the beginning of time. What the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know because you would stop taking the medication that is being forced down your throat. These companies are a multi-billion dollar corporation and depend on people like you and I to not know about the healing effects of teas. What is really important to remember is, these teas have virtually no side effects. The drugs you are given to take have so many side effects, mostly life threatening side effects. What you don’t know WILL kill you. I was given a drug for arthritis once, when I read the side effects, I gasped. Sudden bleeding in the intestinal tract? sudden death? ulcers? oh my. I did not take it. I suffered with my pain. The side effects were worse than the symptoms.


My grandmother was probably rightgrandma was right

She lived to be 95, never wore glasses, except to read small print, never took medication, she had all her teeth. She could run up a hill faster than me when I was 16. She told me that if my mom would have drank that tea she gave her everyday she would not have died of cancer. Wise woman. How did she know? Every time I opened the closet, I could smell that apple scent of Chamomile. I guess it mostly sat there. Did my mom listen. No. Her cancer overtook her body and she passed at age 39. I believe my grandmother now. After researching about this grand herb. I found out so much and how everyone should drink it daily. I wish I knew back then when I was 15, I would have poured that stuff down her throat. She missed my graduation, prom, my kids birth, them growing up. I really needed her. Now, I will never go without it. I want to see my grandchildren grow up and my children prosper before I meet God.

I hope I inspired you. You see I am not talking out of my butt. I know from from first hand experience

I will be introducing you to more of grandma’s secrets. Just wait till you see what I have in store for you to get healthy and sustain your life.

Don’t stop taking medications your doctor is giving you just yet. A year from now, I know you probably won’t need most of what your taking. Just remember, your doctor is getting a kickback on your medication. The sad part is most of the new stuff hasn’t had any studies of long term effects. This is why the TV is so flooded with class act lawsuits asking you if you or a loved one died from taking one of these medications. You will see them. I never seen these until about 10 years ago. That is because the market is being flooded with so many medications, but truthfully, they are not good for you. They can kill you.

What I do know is there are weeds in your back yard that can cure cancer. Stop inflammation, cure many deseases.  It’s all out there for you to use naturally. Companies like Round-up want you to kill them. Grow a beautiful yard. Have a gorgeous lawn. No way. Use that weed for your health. Move it to your garden, grow it and eat it. Tell the  pharmaceutical companies to kiss your ass.

By the Way

Please stop using Round-Up. It is so bad. Just using it has health risks. It is linked to many hemoglobin problems. It is so bad for our bees and critters that depend on what you have growing in your yard. I use vinegar. It works. you may have to apply it several times, but it works.

Ok Ok Now to getting our Teas.

Chamomile…German Variety….. Matricaria recutita

I only use the German variety because that’s what my grandmother used. You can buy the plants or start from seed. Finding plants may be difficult, unless you order them through the mail.  They look awesome as a border, or you can contain them in a garden. You will need at least 5 to 15 plants to successfully have enough to last till next year. If you want to give away your mixes to friends and family, just double that. To give as gifts, put mix in a mason jar and wrap a colorful ribbon with a tag specifying what’s in it and how to use it. chamomile

chamomile is very pretty with daisy like flowers. When they flower, pick the tops off and dry them on newspaper. simple? yes. That is what you will be making your tea with, the flowers. There is more to use on the this plant but we will concentrate on the buds for now. They may come back next year on their own although they are annuals. So, you need to save the seeds. You can give excess seeds for gifts or growing more in the following spring. Trust me, you will want more. I border my whole front landscaping with them, as they are a beautiful addition to your flower garden. They are annuals that like full sun.

save your dried flowers wrapped in newspaper in a paper bag.

Stinging Nettle…Urtica dioca

This one is tricky. You clearly don’t want to grow this plant.The oval-shaped leaves are easily recognized; The deeply serrated edges and bear stinging hairs. The hollow hairs are similar structure to hypodermic needles, and have a swollen base that contains the venom.. An encounter with these leaves will long be remembered. It can burn for an hour to a few days. You have to forage for it. Cover all exposed skin and wear gloves that are leather. Lay the leaves on newspaper and transport wrapped with a string keeping all the nettles inside the newspaper.

Perfect place to find these are woods, side of the road, fields, all over. Pick the top six inches of leaves, don’t wear shorts (humor) pick time is early June while the leaves are still tender.

Remember where you found them. I have a little book I keep in my glove box with directions for ALL my goodies. Still looking for some of them, but I will find them.stinging nettle

Nettles are a rich green color with high iron and chlorophyll content. Also, they are  very high in the minerals calcium, magnesium, silicon, sulphur, copper, chromium, zinc, cobalt, potassium and phosphorus. Nettles have high amounts of vitamins A, C, D, E, and K and also riboflavin and thiamine

They are also awesome in soups and stews. I will touch more on that in later posts so be sure to join my newsletter for up to date info on these wonders of the earth.

Green Tea…. Camellia sinensis

I personally grow it, and if you want to grow it yourself, bravo to you. I would buy the seeds instead of the plant. The plants are quite expensive and you need lots to put in your tea mix. At least 15 plants as they grow more. you need to keep picking them to encourage regrowth as with the chamomile, Plant your seeds where you want your plant to be. along a fence or near a structure, they will grow wonderfully. green tea

Benefits of green tea plants are abundant. They are wonderful for a lot of reasons. Weight loss is one side effect of green tea. It encourages your metabolism and gets rid of excess water in your body. A lot of people search out products with green tea in them for that reason alone.

Pick the leaves and dry them on a newspaper. Remember to mark your newspaper piles of leaves so you know which one is which. you will have four different kinds for my mix.

   Partial Shade
   Full Shade


This is the last, but definitely not the least plant in my tea mix. It has many wonderful benefits, as I mentioned the possibility of a lucrative business. They help your body in many many ways. The Chinese were the first to realize the benefits of drinking tea with ginseng in it. I would like you to use Oriental ginseng plants, or American ginseng plants.

The health benefits of ginseng tea include a reduced risk of developing cancer, relief from menstrual problems, reduction in obesity, improvement of digestive disorders, and a boosted immune system, Also wonderful for improving signs of mental distress, asthma, arthritis, and sexual problems. Ginseng tea is very popular as a digestive aid and it boosts the immunity levels.

Ginseng tea reduces physical and mental distress, It soothes and relaxes your body.

The tea is derived from a perennial plant root. The major health benefits of ginseng tea are due to a naturally occurring chemical , ginsenoside, that are in this root.ginseng

This plant is also very expensive. If you want to leave this one out till next year. I will send all who ask for a few seeds to start your growing. I save my seeds and give them away to encourage people to grow them. So, if cost is a factor, as they are not cheap, wait till next year and you can grow a few and then reharvest your seeds. The purchased seeds have to be stratified. It takes two years for the seed to sprout. Stratified seeds are ready to plant. I will inform you on how to stratify your harvested seeds.. We can still make a wonderful mix with the other three. So don’t get discouraged, the benefits are many for the other ones too. If you can afford to buy them, wonderful. The usual amount that is the least you can buy is 35 to 40 dollars. It will net you about 2 ounces of seeds which is about 9000 seeds. So, if you go that route and would like to share with us, let me know. I will take your extra seeds and pay it forward. To grow your own ginseng, you will never need that much, unless you are doing it to sell the roots. If your not. pass the rest around so others can reap the benefits for health. I thank you in advance.

the ginseng must be grown in a loamy, well drained spot. The ground cannot be hard as you harvest the root. Grow these separate from your other plants, as they do require special conditions in the soil. Mix sand with soil and add small pebbles to the mix and also some peat moss with those little styrofoam pellets for drainage. You will not have to do anything else once its in the ground so don’t say you won’t do it. I hear this a lot that it’s too much work, it’s not. Preparation is the key to success and I want you to succeed. So no procrastination here. Water as usual. Ginseng is a perennial, so it will come back. Throw some seeds down just in case from the flowers. Save, Save Save the rest.

How to harvest the Ginseng Root

Carefully lift plant with trowel or shovel and pull root out of the ground. You can dry it or cut it up fresh then dry it. I would cut it up while its fresh. The ginseng root when it’s dried need a strong cutter, as it’s very hard.  Peel off top with potato peeler, then chop in very small pieces and store in a jar. I use my kitchen aid. If you have one of those, great or one like it, now is the time to use it. If you need a good mixer that does many things, read my review on Kitchen Aids. The pieces need to be very small because you need all the essence of your hard work. and larger pieces are wasteful and will not steep as well in hot water as good as small small pieces. Dry out by putting on newspaper and wrapping them. Make sure to label the paper. This process will take 2 to 3 years. Be patient, it is worth the wait. The roots are best when left for 2 to 3 years, though you can harvest seeds yearly and stratify for next years planting, providing you have another area available to plant. You can also plant in the woods near your house if you are near a woodsy area. If not, the seeds can be sold on ebay, providing they are properly stratified. So sit back and wait, this is not a plant that will be ready for a few years. So enjoy the other 3 teas I explained about until your ginseng is ready to harvest.


If you are currently on cumadin or other blood thinners, do not use ginseng. Also, if you have a tendency for high blood pressure, do not use ginseng.

Drink the other three teas, they won’t interfere with anything. Ginseng properties have elements that interact with blood thinners and blood pressure medications.

Hopefully you will drink the other three mixes and by next year, you can add ginseng. Once all the teas are harvested and ready to be mixed. Here is my ratio.

one cup chamomile

one cup stinging nettle

one half cup ginseng

two cups green tea.

Put all ingredients in a large glass jar. To make your wonderful tea, use 2 tsp per cup in boiling water, let steep, then strain  Add a little honey for sweetness, no sugar. Add cream for smoothness.

WOW. You did it

. Bravo to you. Now, after a month of drinking one to two cups a day, email me and tell me what you think. You will feel better inside and out. I am so sure of it. You will be going back next year for more nettles, and the year after that. Keep drinking to better health. I promise, this tea will extend your life and not only that, it will extend your quality of life. Who wants to live to a ripe old age with health problems? Not me. I want to be active and enjoy my life. Come with me and let’s be healthy for a long, long time.

I hope you enjoyed this project. It definitely is one to try. I hope you will email me with questions if you have any. I will answer all of your questions. Please join my newsletter so I can keep you up to date on every project and words of inspiration, along with awesome reviews. Thank you for being you.

Have a Bountiful Day


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Author: kitty

My Son Kenny and I enjoy everything that is all natural. We enjoy nature , rescuing animals in need, advocating for the Homeless. We are getting back to basics and hope you will come with us and learn great ways to eat healthy, live peacefully, and enjoy life. Love all animals, it is the greatest love of all Help the Homeless, they all have a story to tell

12 thoughts on “Make your Own Tea”

  1. Hey Kitty,

    Amazing post you have! I had learned a lot about planting these teas. I love how you introduce ginseng plant and its many benefits. I’m also interested in planting it, I will find time and way on how I will plant it in my back yard. Very long to wait before harvesting ginseng, but I think I have that patience.
    About the teas, I will try your mix teas. By the way, I am taking medications on rheumatoid arthritis and I don’t have high blood pressure. I think there will be no problem for me to drink mix teas while taking my medication, what do you think?
    Thanks for this helpful post. Great job!


    1. Marcy,,,Nadolol which is a drug for high blood pressure has been the only drug interaction that I have found and that was with Green Tea. All the other ones I can only assume are safe. Ginseng also has some interactions with certain medications. I would say stick with the three that have no side effects at all. Chamomile, Stinging Nettle and Dandelion.

      I will never forget the smell of dried Chamomile as long as I live because it was permeated in the hall closet. All the packages that my Grandmother sent my mom were stored in there. She ignored her requests to drink it daily. My Grandmother claimed that if my mom would have drank a few cups of that tea daily that she would not have died from Cancer. It is a notion that I, myself dismissed until later years when my Grandmother lived to be 95, had no illnesses, wore no glasses and had all her teeth. She was active up until her death. Many factors here and a lesson learned for me. My Grandmother religiously drank these tea mixes daily. She was able to tend to her large garden which was on a hill until her death. Something to think about anyway. The three mixes that she drank daily were Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, and Dandelion Root, which by the way she had to climb a hill to harvest.

      I started researching her claims many years ago. All I can say is, How did she know? It’s true.

      Try to incorporate these teas in your life, It may save you and I firmly believe that. Dandelion has been shown to shrink tumors and obliterate cancer cells. Chamomile has been shown to kill cancer cells before they start and Stinging Nettle cures so many ailments. For your health and longevity try to drink these teas daily.

      I am also living proof that these teas have benefits. I am 62 and I feel great. I take no medication of any kind. So, I will continue to drink these teas for the rest of my life. If you can follow my plans of healthy eating and ways to relieve stress, I believe some of the medications you may be taken can eventually be phased out. I have seen it happen and I hope the best for you. Please read some of my other posts on plants, you will be amazed. There are weeds in your yard that can cure diseases too. Check those out..Thanks for stopping by. Always a pleasure. Any questions, feel free to ask…Kitty

  2. Kitty,

    I was impressed about the several health benefits of drinking tea.I want to make sure I understood this right: Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke? This is a huge benefit, and most people should be informed about it. My sister has been suffering from insomnia lately and I would like to know if there is a particular type of tea you will recommend for her? Thank you for a very informative post.

    1. Juan. I have found that drinking a cup of Chamomile tea before bed has many good effects for sleeping. I don’t mean buying tea with Chamomile in it. Grow it to get the best benefit. Some manufacturers claim to have this stuff in their teas only to find out it has a trace amount. To get the full effect it must be pure Chamomile. I hope this helps. I know that this tea is very relaxing by itself so give it a try. Also the other teas are great for health and many benefits. Use the German Chamomile and plant in your yard. It is a beautiful flower that packs a punch. It has many many benefits. Pick those flowers, dry them and drink them..Any questions please ask I will guide you every step of the way..To your Health…Kitty

  3. I never knew there was so much money in ginseng. Wow!

    I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the internet in recent times about all the health benefits of the various teas. I didn’t know there were so many. It’s even used in weight loss supplements quite regularly. I’ve heard a lot about its benefits with helping prevent cancer, as it’s so full of antioxidants.

    This was a long, but very detailed post filled with excellent information.

    1. Darren. Thank You for enjoying my post. Yes it is a very interesting subject. There are many more benefits than I explained in my posting about tea. It is something to consider for sure. I believe Grandma now. She was right. I just would love to be able to ask her how she knew all this. She came from Ukraine and brought all her wonderful knowledge with her. I am glad I took the time to listen, even if I didn’t believe her back years ago, I do now. I am hoping her knowledge can save many lives. With Social Media and people passing it on, we can reach millions now. These old remedies do work. So now you can get back to basics, read my other posts and learn to sustain your life the natural way, which is the best way.

      Yes, as far as Green Tea goes, it does have a side effect of weight loss…Wonderful.

      There is big money in Ginseng. If you have a spare acre and can fence it off and hire guards to patrol it, you can make close to 750.000 in one and a half acres of Ginseng. Or you can grow some along a fence in your yard and net a few thousand a year. My advice is do not tell anyone you are growing it. You may wake up one morning and find your ginseng gone. LOL I am sure that has happened before so keep your plants to yourself. Ginseng is very pretty and will make your landscaping gorgeous. You don’t need to tell anyone how you were able to buy that riding lawnmower with cash from your ginseng roots. Most people won’t even know what it is if they seen it.

      I was amazed at the price myself. It goes up a little every year. But if you do decide to grow a few plants, take care to prepare the soil and you must keep it happy to produce large roots. Research how to grow a little more and plant some. Let me know how it goes..Kitty

  4. Hello Kitty
    I so love your site. I am a gardening for health fanatic. I just started my own back yard vegetable garden, but was still missing some valuable info which I found in your site.
    I will be coming back from time to time. I certainly would like to take ou up on the Ginseng seed give away. I have never even seen a Ginseng tree.
    So Thank you in advance.

    1. HI Joakin. Thank you so very much for the comment. The ginseng is a very beautiful plant. It takes 3 years to harvest the root. I will send you seeds when they become available. I also will be having plenty of green tea seeds available for give away if you are interested in growing tea leaves. Green tea is also very expensive and I share all my seeds with everyone so join my newsletter and drop me an email so I put you on my seed list. Thank you so much for the kind comment….Kitty

      1. Joakin….I just wanted to add that if you find any green tea seeds or plants that say they are green tea, make sure these plants come from china. That is where I order mine direct from. If they do not say they are from China, then, in my opinion they are not green tea. As with the Chamomile, it has to be of the German variety.

  5. Hi! I love tea! I am a firm believer in drinking tea everyday will help ward off cancer cells! I try to drink it everyday and I try to do all I can to avoid cancer! So cool you know how to make tea, I might have to try it one day! Thanks for the info

    1. Thanks Brittany I hope you will try at least one of my teas in this project. Each one of them possess special healings. My all time favorite is the Chamomile. Don’t just drink a tea you purchase with it in it, grow some for your own teas. Get a german Chamomile plant or seeds and plant them with your flowers, they are very pretty plants and grow bushy but short. Start drinking at least one cup of Chamomile daily. It works
      Steer clear of fast foods and processed foods, like box mac n cheese. It’s not good. too much preservatives in there. Our bodies are not used to those and eventually will cause problems. But the tea, yes, everyday. To your health and please come back and visit….Kitty

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