In The Beginning

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Who can benefit from learning about life-sustaining ways to get and stay Healthy?home page pic


Actually, all of us. Whether you’re a new mom or just starting out on your own or a family who wants to learn how to provide healthy alternatives to processed food. With all the media hype out there about GMO’s and fast food, it’s frighteningly true that we are slowly killing ourselves with the fast and easy ways to make it through breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Food and health can go hand in hand.

My Revelation started slow but steadily continued to haunt me every time I took a bite of fast food

So, I started to research. Being a devoted animal lover, I found myself making no concessions when it came to quality food and healthcare for my pets. I discovered ways to de-flea my animals using homemade recipes. I also found ways to debug my roses naturally without harmful chemicals. All of these, I will share with you. I will also look for the perfect list of healthy food and snacks.

My youngest son, Kenny took the first plunge, He is also an avid animal lover.

I really loved that he was so excited to join me in my efforts to save animals. So through the years we saved and rescued many.

It was one day I stopped at McDonald’s to grab a quick and cheap double burger from the dollar menu that it hit me. I sat down at the table to eat my feast as my son came in the room to comment on my choice of dinner. “You know, Mom, that every time you take a bite of that burger, you are eating 1000 cows.” What, What,What? That never occurred to me before. Now, I am looking at this burger, and I can’t take another bite.

I really loved that he was so excited to join me in my efforts to save animals. So through the years we saved and rescued many.

My son was always interested in how animals were treated at slaughter facilities. It was always him who told me what brands not to buy because of their known treatment of animals. It was him who told me please only buy cage free eggs because the chickens were humanely treated that way.It was my son who gave me enough information to pique my interest in this whole thing. I was an animal lover, yes, but my son took it further by gaining knowledge and reading and researching.

I am not saying to become a Vegetarian

What I want to tell you is there are ways to provide good food to your family. I think the concept of biting into 1000 cows is extreme. It does say however that in the process of food a lot of cows could end up in your fast food burger which is likely to lead to potential health risks. I also found out that all this meat is enhanced to taste flavorful and the additives and preservatives are more than your body can process. That leads to many problems. Obesity, Heart ailments, High Blood Pressure. And lastly, Disease.

Try to lower your consumption of Red Meat and Be Careful where you buy it

You can buy your meat from the grocer, that’s fine. A butcher may be better, but they also can be pricey. Restaurants are good to a point, but the one place to avoid at all costs is the Fast Food restaurants. Try to make a pledge to at least slow down your consumption of Fast food. The good thing about buying your own meat is especially in the ground up stuff, like hamburger, pork, basically anything ground is the fact that most likely it all came from one or two cows, not hundreds. That is a big plus. That alone, makes it so much better. Chicken is my favorite because it is so much better than red meat. Oh, I love my T-bone steak and Porterhouse, but now I limit that to once in a while. I eat mostly chicken and that’s only once or twice a week. Rice and vegetables are my staple now. But, that’s me. Everyone has their preference and I am not trying to change you, I only want to help you find better alternatives to processed food.

So, Now I want to tell you the whole reason for this Website

Awareness, one word. If you get anything from visiting me, I want to make you aware of what’s happening to your body by eating and continuing to live the lifestyle you are use to.

I am excited to share with you all the information I have learned. As I said in my About Me page, I was raised in the 50;s, before processed foods became available so I ate good food. Food that came straight out of home canned or frozen commodities. My mom made everything that I ate from scratch and I believe that is what gave me my healthy start. When processed foods became available it was easy to switch over to that way because it was simple and less time consuming. Now I am finding out that I am eating so unhealthy and feeding my kids with this stuff, I am now appalled at myself for allowing it to happen.

You can eat healthy and spend less time doing it than mom didthe way mom had to do it

Back in those days, mom stayed home and raised the family. Her only job was maintaining our home and feeding us. Nowadays, we all work for a living, I know I do. If your like me, your thinking you would never have time for this. But you do. It is so simple to get down to basics. I mapped it all out for you. There are ways to provide your family with good food all year long by following simple steps. Yes, You can. You can go small, or you can go big. You will find your limits on what you have time for. The change can come slow and easy, and the best part is, when you put food in your belly, you will feel soo sooo goood that you know it’s wholesome and good for you.

The best Place to Start is Your Local Farmer

I must tell you that most of the fruits and vegetables that you buy from your grocer is from out of state farmers. This process requires lots of chemicals. Food that is purchased from your local farmer or farmers market is fresh and clean of chemicals needed to keep that freshness. So, my advice is to try to buy from your local farmer or farmers market.

Given the proper times of the year, I will give you step by step instructions on how to can, or freeze fresh vegetables. My favorite is corn. We always have fun doing that. It can be done in one day and you can freeze enough to last an entire year for your family. You get other people involved and split the cost and the final result, you will accomplish this even faster.  I started with my Best friend, and my son. We had an assembly line going. I will let you know how the process goes when the time of year is right or sooner for southern readers. I believe they harvest twice in the south.

Green beans can be frozen and taste amazing all year long. Your family will thing you just picked it out of the garden.

So Here it is in a Nutshell……Awareness will motivate you.motivate now

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please leave me a comment and I will answer all of your questions on feeding your family healthy foods. I can also come up with ways for any excuses you may want to give. No time? As long as you have the desire, and the awareness of what you are feeding your family now as opposed to how much better their quality of food could be with minimal effort, I will have reached my goal for what this website has been intended for.

See You Soon!

Kitty Clark

Founder of Bountiful Harvesting


Author: kitty

My Son Kenny and I enjoy everything that is all natural. We enjoy nature , rescuing animals in need, advocating for the Homeless. We are getting back to basics and hope you will come with us and learn great ways to eat healthy, live peacefully, and enjoy life. Love all animals, it is the greatest love of all Help the Homeless, they all have a story to tell

4 thoughts on “In The Beginning”

  1. Like you, I have completely dropped fast food. I only select my meats from a local butcher or, failing that, a franchised meat store that sources locally. It’s not as expensive as people think. Anyway, hope to read up on future posts.

    1. Hi Foodwarrior. Thank you for the comment. I wanted to ask you if you have a preference as to how your meat was slaughtered. Do you care that it is done humanely? It’s your business if you do or you don’t, I just wanted to know if you are aware of a type of processing called Halak I am not even sure how to spell it. It is famous with the muslims and a practice of slaughter and doing it in the most humane way. I live in Detroit and near Hamtramck which is mostly arabic now. They have a practice and a procedure specifically geared toward people like me who are concerned about how animals are treated during this process. I really am excited about eating meat when I feel like it without the guilt. It is no more expensive and in my opinion, a lot healthier because from what I am learning so far, these animals are not injected or subjected to any enhancing.
      Just wanted to know if you know anything on the subject. Its eventually going to be incorporated on my site. I am a beginner in this subject. And I don’t mind eating meat that was killed in the name of Allah. A god is a god no matter what form it is described in. I appreciate the prayer to the animals for sacrificing their life for my health and well being. Forgive the grammer. I wrote this quick. you are my first critic. Thank You very much

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