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Sharing and Caring about animals and nature. The environment in which we live, work and breathe. every day either helps or hurts us. There comes at a time when we will have to take a step back and listen to the birds chirp, or the leaves rustle. Oh, look, there’s a squirrel, on his way home with his days take in his cheeks.

You Need to Stop and Smell the Proverbial Roses


Day by day, week by week, then year by year you get up and do the same thing, like a robot. Most people don’t even realize they are doing it. I mean, all the beauty of nature is just a blur. When was the last time you stopped to appreciate something for just being there?

If you realized that gardening, growing, harvesting is not only good for the heart and soul, it’s also good for your health for a multitude of reasons.

Sitting out in your yard and looking at the beauty you created is calming. It’s not just a hobby, it’s also a passion.


You can control what you grow, what you eat, and know that it is good for you.

Tea can be home grown. And the benefits of tea will amaze you.bountifulharvesting.com

I am hoping to enlighten, amaze, entertain, and teach you to enjoy living healthy. We can all do this together as a team. I will fill you with information on how to get healthy and many things to do for enjoyment and satisfaction of making most of your home needs yourself. We will explore many projects that are fun and easy, also many ways to save money on your weekly shopping trips.

Please enjoy this site I built for you.

I truly hope that you will find something interesting, some facts you didn’t know about, and some ways that you can incorporate a healthy lifestyle. I appreciate your visit. Together, we can change our thoughts and learn to live a longer and enjoyable life.

I Promise  bountifulharvesting.com

I will not flood this site with so many ads that it interferes with your ability to navigate and read my posts. While researching for this site, I come across so many sites that are so difficult to read because of the ads and the quest for email addresses. The pop-ups are maddening which makes it a very unenjoyable read. I will NEVER do that here. I want you to read the posts I publish for your good. Any item I review will only be for projects I post about. The other ads are for my favorite Charities and I hope you will be inspired to visit them. I also will be placing affiliate ads to support this site. Please visit them.  Nothing will be in the way of reading the posts, so please enjoy.

I am an animal lover and will donate 10% of all profits from this site to The Animal Rescue Site kittens with heart shaped markings

JUST A note to let you know that my SHOPPING menu tab is not yet set up. I will remove this when It is finished. It will be full of Luxurious Homemade Soaps and Lotions. Also, Candles will be added along with interesting stuff that will help your life for the better. Thank You for your patience.

UPDATE 7-20-2016

The site is back up and running. I switched hosts and I can’t tell you how hard it is to switch hosts. Being a person of little knowledge in the technical field made it very difficult. But, I am back and ready to start posting educational and informative information for you to utilize and enjoy.

I have to replace all the photos on this site. They didn’t make the trip successfully, so they all have to be put back in manually. That will take some time so please be patient  and I will have everything back to normal. Enjoy the posts and I look forward to seeing you again.

Have a Bountiful Day

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8 thoughts on “Home”

    1. Hey Barb, yea got lots of new posts coming out soon. Been doing the horticulture stuff. My garden is done now and Im putting my garden to bed. Been working too much really don’t have a lot of time but this site means so much to me I keep plugging in the info as Fast as I get it. It really helped that we were able to live in the times where everything was natural. I would love to see everyone who gets inspired by this site to have the same benefits as well. Lots of young people never experienced what good homemade food is because of the shift in society where the woman also works.
      Single parent households don’t have time. I understand that because I didn’t and still don’t have time.
      If it is important enough you will make time. I enjoyed a luscious summer of mater sammiches and kale salads all summer long. I also worked 48 hours a week. But it was important.
      I have made this site easy to understand. Everything is step by step instructions. One thing at a time, if they just try they will love the outcome and be inspired to do another thing until they are experts and can teach others. That is my goal.
      Love Ya Barb, Hope to see you sometime

    1. Ric, I hope you know how much I love you…. This was a job, was gonna get ahold of Tonya for help. Finally got it done. Ready to rock and roll now. Hope to see you soon. Seen your hunny and Kenneth last thurs. Maybe one day I’ll catch you home.

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